Linnea Sennerholt, Sales Assistant


"I was born and raised in Stockholm, and now I’m a sales assistant at Acne. I’m not a natural redhead, unfortunately—I’m actually very blond. But I felt like, between my blond hair and pale skin, I was disappearing. The red gives me more character. My eyebrows are also blond, and really thin. I like their natural shape, and sometimes I think it’s nice to keep them bare, but when I want to exaggerate them, I use a brown eyebrow pencil from Face Stockholm.

Today, I lined my eyes with MAC Eye Kohl in Teddy on the top and bottom, then I filled in the top line with a black shadow from Too Faced to make a cat eye—I just wet a brush and paint on the shadow. I also added a glittery brown eye shadow from MAC. I just put on a light coat, for a bit of a gold shine, but you can also apply it very heavily to get a dark, dark brown. I’m very much into glitter and high-contrast at the moment. Glitter is amazing. I want it on everything.

My mascara is Diorshow Black Out Mascara in Rich Black. It’s very good for my lashes because it’s not too wet, it lasts, and it’s very, very dark."

—as told to ITG

Linnea Sennerholt photographed by Emily Weiss in Stockholm, Sweden on June 5, 2013.

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  • Nomadic D.

    Oh my god, that HAIR! Insanely gorgeous. Why isn't she telling us where she gets it done or what color it is? Makes me want to grow mine out and dye it back to red instantly.

    • EVA

      yes please! what's her hair colouring secret?

  • Reblow

    One of the few people I've seen who really carries up red hair!!

  • Nicky Zeeb

    Omg! She's gorgeous! Very jealous of that hair!!


  • Pri

    The hair and brows are striking but it WORKS. More features like this please Team ITG x

    • elle

      yea! Real working girls!

      • Annie

        YES! they used to do features on random street girls all the time. They were the best!

  • Ona_in_Barcelona

    Love that hair colour so, so, so much. She looks gorgeous.

    Not 100% sold on the very drawn-on eyebrows, though I love the colour contrast - wouldn't a tint work better, texture-wise?

    • magpie

      Exactly. Or, if you ask me, just a less delineated shape. Imho brows look best when it's not entirely obvious whether you've fussed with them--'are those just naturally so striking?' etc. Visibly drawn and filled--even when done in a sophisticated, edgy way--just seems like a lot. Keeping the pencil just a little within the edge of the hairs, not just beyond as here, gives exactly that effect.

    • MissWix

      A big exaggerated brow is tricky even for a makeup artist to pull off. "A" for effort, but yes, the edges are a little harsh and uneven. A little more time spent on the shape, really brushing the product through, and then running a clean Q tip around the edges to soften any "line" and she's be flawless. Brow wise. I mean, c'mon, she's flawless regardless. Bravo.

  • Guest

    Her hair is fabulous! I think the eyebrows drift a bit into caricature land, but I do understand that the photo is about drama. What nail polish is she wearing?

  • Celeste

    Love the near-fluorescent hair. It does look natural from the root! As for eyebrows, when I went red for almost a decade, MAC's browset in Girl Boy was the best thing ever for tinting them a believable russet tone in under 5 seconds. That being said, her brows have a neat Grimes-feel to them penciled in so strongly. Very current. :)

  • rococo

    that hair color is so fifth element milla jovovich. her skin is crazy pure and flawless - were you able to get any deets on her skincare/diet routine?

    • Bells

      And her foundation!

  • Michelle

    Wow her skin is flawless!

  • lyndesloovere
  • isaobeso

    WOW I want that hair desperately now! A great idea for an article would be to do a "how to die your hair red/orange at home"... I would probably go red just because of this and that tutorial (and because of Taylor Tomasi Hill).

    visit me at

  • Jennifer Monforton

    Wow, what a stunning beauty! Her hair is so striking.


  • mi

    sush a beautie! Her hair is amazing!

  • Neo Lulu

    The hair color is amazing, but demanding at the same time. Linnea needs to find makeup and clothes that work with that color. Right now the colors are very mismatched, and the white blouse makes her skin look dull.

    But, I love how the hair color brings the blue in her eyes!


  • T

    i suggest dying it with the same dye that you use for your hair. it works and stays longer and you do not have to deal with it for almost a month. i'm blond myself and dye my hair black and do the same with my eyebrows ... wink... no one can ever guess .....

    i mush say you are absolutely gorgeous ...... bravo!!!!

  • Emma Hager

    How do the Swedes do it?

  • Annie

    agree. would rather see well done, minimal makeup than this.


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