Hairy Chests: Discuss


This past weekend, Man Of Steel dominated the box office, earning a handsome $128.7 million. But that wasn’t the only attractive aspect of the Superman franchise reboot. We now have on our hands arguably the most dashing superhero to date: Henry Cavill (above). And one thing our new hunk offers that his supernatural peers don't is an abundance of chest hair, noted in this hilarious conversation on NYMag's Vulture. The authors raise a valuable point—sure, teen-targeted TV shows may encourage many a “high school student” (read: pushing-30 actor) to remove any and all natural hair growth, but where are the grown-up examples of definitive masculinity? Surely Captain America didn’t halt his battles against the Nazis for a quick visit to the esthetician. So, why is Hollywood implying he did?

Maybe it’s a vaguely creepy attempt to encourage young girls’ admiration of (much) older actors or, conversely, older folks' enjoyment of an apparently prepubescent gentleman? Perhaps it’s just so we can more easily see the six-pack abs. Or, another possibility: the bigwigs in California are banding together to promote a new male beauty trend, and consequently, some form of gender equality! Waxes for all! But we doubt it…

What we do know for sure is that manscaping, whether of the chest, back, shoulders, or some nether-region adventure, is on the rise. Way back in December 2008, Diddy (always on the cutting edge) told Allure that real gentlemen should “return the favor.” We are now living in a world of (supposed) equal opportunity, so, keeping in that spirit, maybe men, too, should enjoy the opportunity to wax? Or should we just be showing the hirsute among us more love? We’re not sure where to stand on this one, so we're throwing it back at you all. Men avec chest hair: love or loathe? Thoughts?

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  • Tyler McCall

    As the girlfriend of a man who earned the nickname "The Bear" from his college roommates, I gotta say--LOVE!

    • Rachel Gilman


  • ritournelle

    Love! I'd rather have a man with a hairy chest than a man who waxes.

  • JJ

    Personally, I love a bit of chest hair, but what I love most of all is allowing people to make their own decisions about their bodies without fear of being shamed or judged. If it ain't your body then it ain't your business and that goes for everybody from women who choose to embrace their body to the men who get every bit of it waxed off.

    • Couteau

      That goes without saying.

      What a boring comment.

      • Daria

        And yours is a bitchy comment...

  • kls

    chest hair love. back hair or neck hair definitely loath.

  • Elaine

    I LOVE chest hair. Rawr!!!

  • Isabel

    Can't stand a guy who waxes or shaves his body in any way. Its basic biology that more body hair is masculine, and less body hair is feminine. Everyone is entitled to do whatever they choose with their body, but men, if your aim in waxing off body hair is to attract me, a straight female, attracted to masculinity, you are going in completely the wrong direction.

    • Anon

      Yeah okay, that might be true for the Caucasian fantasy that you buy into/the media promotes but different races have different amounts of body hair. An Asian male for example might not have as much (or any) body hair as say a female of another race, but that doesn't mean that he is any less masculine, or the female any less feminine.

      • Isabel

        I didn't say that to be masculine you suddenly had to grow body hair that isn't naturally on your body. Just don't shave off what you have. And please, don't try that "the Caucasian fantasy that you buy into," you have no idea what I "buy into." You make a good point, but you make it childishly.

  • Hannah

    Regular guy: NO
    Jon Hamm: that man can have back hair and half of the female population would still be aroused.

  • Heather P.

    I'm all for chest hair. As long as it's not a chest sweater (if I can't see any of your chest through it, it's worth maybe a little trim) it's all good for me. My husband thinks it's weird that I like chest hair, but I keep having to remind him that he's not a 16 year old boy, and I'm not into 16 year old boys. ;-)

    Henry Cavill can do no wrong in my opinion. Chest hair or no, I wouldn't exactly kick him out of bed. ;-)

  • Kristi Vance

    I love chest hair! To me it's what differentiates a boy from a man! Totally captured above, my first thought was who is the handsome MAN... where as the bare chests, to me, signal signs of boyhood. I'm sure it works both ways for girls...but I'm definitely a fan of the hairy chest!

  • bluesky557

    Yes to chest hair! Adult mammals have body hair (including women). I don't really see what the big deal is. Now if we could get leg hair for women acceptable, I'd be stoked.

  • Haute Inhabit

    Totally apathetic to it.

    But once that shit hits the back it's time to take him to play a little laser tag.

  • Sarah

    I love chest hair!

  • sheena

    Love... somehow guys waxing or shaving body hair has always given me creeps. Though its still a preference but again I'll always stay away..

  • Nicole Smitamorn

    Love! Some is always better than none! Fun fact: My boyfriend's chest hair grows in a shape that vaguely resembles the batman symbol

  • Amanda GREY


  • Kaelani Loo

    An attractive man will be attractive regardless of whether or not he has chest hair. I love bearded men so hairiness comes with the territory, but I think everyone fantasizes about running their hands over a smooth, sculpturesque, six pack.

  • Andrew James

    I think for me there is a certain liimit i mean too much hair and its horrible i think my limit woud have to be Liam Payne haha hes just perfect!

  • Rachel

    I LOVE IT. For me, baldness (i.e. an obviously receding hairline and thinning/bald spot by the age of 30) is a physical attraction dealbreaker; I'm attracted to very hairy men, the head of hair being most important. I'm even a fan of the cheard - that's when a man is so hairy that his chest hair joins up with his beard.

  • Rajibydesign

    Umm, I like!! :)

  • Samantha Elisabeth

    I always thought it came from swimming for years (and subsequently seeing men of all ages with shaved EVERYTHING for races), but I seriously prefer it completely bare on the chest (probably the ab-muscle thing is a factor as well). I'd go so far as to include the armpit hair as well. And I do have to say if I'm waxing my eyebrows and shaving all over, I think my guy could return the favor as Diddy said. However, Henry Cavill is so attractive he can do whatever he wants in that department!

  • tootifrooti

    Henry Cavill. Wow...just WOW. Hairy men all the way!!

  • mlle p

    A bit of hair is ok (Henry Cavill) but not Yeti style and I think it's nice for a man to trim the lower level if it's a bit much.
    I recently saw a poster at H&M of a man with dark hairy legs and I must say it was a bit shocking! Most guys in ads are either light or no body hair in recent years.

  • Lera

    I love chest hair, arm hair, leg and even back hair on a man. But no facial hair please, no beard, mustache...or sideburns :-)

  • Natalie

    Henry Cavill level good, Alec Baldwin, not so much.

  • Anna

    I'm all for hairy men, mmm. But, ofcourse, if I love somebody, it doesn't matter if he's hairy or not.

    On a more political view, I think that shaving your entire body is strange - and very much a constructed cultural thing, closely knitted to the rise of mainstream porn in the eighties. And that I don't like. It's like the "problem" with cellulites, a constructed painpoint, born from a market trying to create and sell a problem almost every woman can relate to. And therefore creating a new market, where we're trying - and paying- to find the sollution to something that yesterday was nothing but suddenly is something to be ashamed for.

  • Emily

    I agree that I am not a fan of the Yeti hairiness but I love a little bit of chest hair. I love my boyfriends actually.

  • Sarah

    Men shouldn't look too groomed - it can offset the masculinity. Love.

  • Jillian Hobbs

    LOVE! It's honestly super creepy if a guy waxes or shaves... There's a rugged irresistibleness about hairy chests how can you not love?

  • witek3

    Love. I don't wax, I barely shave, so I can hardly encourage anyone to do so. Second point, my boy has hairy chest and it's sexy, in my humble opinion. And, last but definitely not least: SEAN CONNERY and his chest. I think that answers it all.

  • Elle

    I guess I forgive my teenbopper self when I said I hated chest hair. But I'd like to think I've entered womanhood and this lady likes men with chest hair. And facial hair. And leg hair. It's rugged. Also - I've got more than peach fuzz these days and it's nice to feel less hairy.