C.O. Bigelow Coconut Body Lotion

COBigelow Coconut Body Lotion

Maybe I shouldn't, maybe it makes me smell like a teenage girl/pastry/both, but every morning after I get out of the shower, I slather myself with coconut body lotion. Whenever I wear it, I find myself smelling my arms all day—weird, but true.

It's kind of embarrassing to procure—I'm a 29 year-old dude, after all—but the cashiers at C.O. Bigelow, which makes my current favorite version, don't seem to think it's strange (they're on 6th avenue in Greenwich Village, a few doors down from a place called "Fantasy Party," so they probably see much more insane shit). Anyway, coconut lotion: I think there's an undeniable sensory connection between coconuts (and lotions, generally) and vacation and being tan. Beyond that, the sweet, toasted scent of [artificial] coconut, not to mention skin that smells sweet and toasted, just makes me feel good. While C.O. Bigelow's version is a bit thicker than the bottle(s) of Skin Trip I used in high school, it absorbs within a minute (this is very important in a body cream; nothing's worse than lotion sitting atop your skin), and the scent is subtle—like a joint at a Justin Bieber concert, it's there if you're really looking for it. More than anything, you smell clean, fresh, like a sorority girl in Cabo on the first day of spring break. Ahh.

—Nick Axelrod

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  • PradaStole

    Blehhhh Skin Trip.

  • bluesky557

    C.O. Bigelow lotion is the bomb. And they sell it at Bath & Body Works, which means it's pretty easy to come by.

  • maude

    "and the scent is subtle—like a joint at a Justin Bieber concert" ahahahah oh god ^^

  • VanessaV

    I love coconut! I'm currently using the Trader Joe's Coconut Body Butter... so good. I'm gonna have to try this one next.

  • Elise H

    Where did you get the beauty "closet" from? Great review, I like how you make no apologies for being a man addicted to coconut lotion! ;)

  • Sara

    Mmmm, I looove coconut! This body lotion sounds great.

  • http://www.vibrantbeautyblog.com/ Jennifer Monforton

    Ah, I love anything coconut-scented! So instantly reminiscent of summer!



  • http://wittywhimsicality.blogspot.com/ Darcy Day

    Coconut is my favorite lotion scent. It reminds me of summer and vacation :-) This brand sounds great. Great post!


  • Shirin

    Nick, you have a way with words! Loving it! My search for coconut lotion begins today!

  • Kate

    That Justin Bieber simile rivals anything Raymond Chandler came up with. This has gotta be the best coconut lotion review in history.

  • http://zeeblikesit.blogspot.com/ Nicky Zeeb

    Love this post! too funny! Love the smell of coconut. Mhmm...


  • Nina

    Great post, I LOVE everything coconutty too! I've bought B&b's Creme de Coco masque twice, even though I know it's too heavy for my hair, simply because it smells freakin' delicious. Ended up reselling it both times, but still I miss it, ha ha.

    • irisflower

      awww couldn't you just use the tiniest amount? dilute with water or regular conditioner to make it lighter? sounds too delicious to give up that easily!

  • http://enzaessentials.wordpress.com/ Kristina

    I've never tried any of the C.O. Bigelow lotion, but I am a major sucker for coconut. Maybe I'll have to try it!

    xx Kristina

  • Deb Johnson

    "like a joint at a Justin Bieber concert, it's there if you're really looking for it" . Great, great, great line. Lotion sounds sweet too.

  • Allison

    "the scent is subtle—like a joint at a Justin Bieber concert, it's there if you're really looking for it." This is great. Coconut is my favorite scent, definitely going to try this next time I need more lotion ^_^

  • pamb

    Bigelow's Lemon Body Cream is delicious, too!

  • Jean Marie

    This lotion is amazing! It
    smells awesome and moisturizes really well without being greasy. My skin
    feels so soft after using this.


  • StephR

    I love the smell of coconut it makes me feel like I am on vacation... however I am going thru a natural/organic phase and I am curious to see what the ingredient list is on the bad boy... worse case scenario my trader joes coconut oil will have to do

  • Jean Marie

    I love using this skin moisturizing lotion especially in the winter months. It keeps my body smooth with out having to reapply multiple times in a day.


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