Bobbi Brown’s ‘How-To: Classic Eye Makeup’

Bobbi Brown Classic Eyes

There's really nothing more aspirational in beauty than the “me, but better” approach to makeup. But, as we all know, it can take a lot to look this good. Well, isn’t it our lucky day, then, because the master of makeup simplicity (and industry titan) Bobbi Brown has segued from those at-home cosmetic tomes we devoured in grade school (Bobbi Brown Makeup Manual, Bobbi Brown Teenage Beautyto online tutorials.

In our favorite video, Bobbi tackles a classic eye “that always works.” This chic, simple, and clean lesson showcases the brand's hyper-natural aesthetics with demonstrations and offers up some trade tips that you really can’t screw up at home. And though it’s a company-produced tutorial, it steers refreshingly clear from product pushing. What a classy babe. Check out the video below and be prepared to dive down her less-is-more rabbit hole.

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  • nicolecontrol

    I am now obsessed with that gorgeous green makeup brush. Have to have it.

  • Tai

    I just realized, this is exactly how Kate Middleton does her eye makeup.

  • Ada

    I'm a fan of a natural face + bright lip. I don't think women need nearly as much makeup as they think they do!

  • Amber Callanan

    Such a helpful tutorial! I know how I'll be doing my eye make-up today.


  • Celina

    This is simple and beautiful. I like it! xx

  • k8

    i first learned to do my eye makeup at a bobbi brown counter c': her gel eyeliner is the bomb, it simply cannot be beat (which reminds me, i'm out of black ink........)

  • Lilly

    Exactly! I don't like that either...

  • Lilly

    This is one my favorite ways to do my own makeup. Bobbi Brown is such an excellent makeup artist, the result is absolutely flawless!

  • Kristina

    Bobbi can just do no wrong. This is such a gorgeous look.


  • deb

    How so?

  • Katherine

    This is a great makeup video, very simple and easy to do!


  • overanalyzer

    Damn I wish she would blend that bottom line. Every time I see it, it bugs me. Looks less pretty than she could be.

  • overanalyzer

    90% of Bobbi Brown eyeshadows don't apply well and have poor pigment... I'm always amazed that they are so popular. There are so many other brands that make far better eyeshadows - Urban Decay, Chanel, hell even Stila.

    • k8

      yeah tbh i prefer nars, but a lot of her other products are solid and ppl rly like her philosophy so that probably helps move them

    • murt

      I agree about the eyeshadows, but I find her foundations have great colours if you are South Asian (like I am)! I really like the tinted moisturizing balm, but I have very dry skin.

      • overanalyzer

        I agree, they are nice and yellow-based.

        • magpie

          Ditto on the concealer/concealer duo.

  • giggledrugtrain

    Not loving it, I's a little too classic for my taste-also, that shadow seemed kind of crepey. I loved the mascara tips, though, definitely going to give that a shot.

    • makemeupwillya

      well that's why it's the CLASSIC EYE MAKEUP isn't it. Come on, classic looks are the backbone of BB. if u want fancy colours just go to Shu Uemura or elsewhere

  • Hettie

    Does anyone know the name of the first eyeshadow applied? Is it Bone?

  • Lauren Ashley

    so classic - what a great tutorial!

  • katherine

    yikes! Dated!

  • Kasia

    Too much makeup for my taste. Too many products, too many layers. I think the model in the tutorial looked prettier with a bare face!


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