Winona Ryder Looks Just As Good As Ever


Winona, where have you hiding (besides, of course, in our Instagram feeds and tucked away in “Inspiration" folder on our desktops, not to mention sub-folders specifically dedicated to "Johnny + Winona Forever")?!?!

Though she popped up as Spock’s mother (R.I.P.) in J.J. Abrams' first Star Trek movie and in 2010's Black Swan, it seemed our Nineties sweetheart all but fell off the face of Hollywood (but never, ever our hearts)—all after Johnny Depp replaced his “Winona Forever” tattoo with the much-more-sensical “Wino Forever." Well, this isn't completely true, but, regardless, Winona's here again, appearing in not one, but two promising films in 2013; the first, The Iceman, is currently in theaters, and the second, Homefront, comes out this fall.

Ryder's publicity campaign (unofficially) launches with a gothic bang: the May cover of Interview magazine. The 41-year-old looks as young as ever—really, it's like she's barely aged since donning shoulder pads and a whole lot of hairspray as Veronica in Heathers. That said, she has certainly grown up, and she is styled rather vampy with her jet-black hair, bold brows, and pale skin, highlighted by seemingly minimal makeup except a cherry-red lip and a light eye.

Here's what we gleaned from the accompanying conversation: Ryder's just like the rest of us (albeit a very, very cool version), insecure about some things, a bit embarrassed about her past and her naiveté in her early years, but also proud of the person that she was and has become. Plus, she acknowledges her missteps (alluding to the whole shoplifting fiasco), and explains how she's grown from them. Winona, we are so down with you.

The original bitch is back. So, excuse us as we go watch Heathers...followed by Reality Bites, Beetlejuice, Edward Scissorhands, and her Oscar-nominated performance in Little Women—plus, that gives us a chance to fawn over a young Christian Bale as Laurie. Ahhh.

P.S. If you don't have a folder dedicated to Johnny and Winona, this recent BuzzFeed article demonstrating their late, great love should spark a new fondness and longing for their good years. We miss you. Maybe it’s time to reunite the love?

P.P.S. May we suggest The Wombats' “1996” as the perfect musical accompaniment to a stroll down Winona Lane:

To see the entire story (and you should!), subscribe to InterviewWinona Ryder photographed by Craig McDean for Interview magazine, May 2013. Hair by Anthony Turner. Makeup by Francelle.

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  • Sophie

    These images are so wonderfully Lynchian. Will always love Winona.

  • Aubrey Green

    Seriously, what's her secret? Top Shelf?

    • JJ

      A little thing called photoshop.

      • Aubrey Green

        ahahaha! True story - but, she still looks good.

    • ziggy2003

      It's her eyes and that sultry mysterious look. She would never look good as a blond though and looks better with short hair than long.

  • Mafalda

    Oh, I've loved Winona for over 20 years! One of the most beautiful women ever!

  • Keke

    Thank you for posting that song, I cannot stop listening to it! AH-asdfghjkl!

  • Kate South

    She is just gorgeous and so photogenic. She was the reason I began to appreciate my pale skin when I was younger.

  • renaphuah

    Winona forever!

  • Barbara_Barbsye

    Always beautiful, but she kind of misses that "halo" she used to have... I think it is difficult for her to translate her "gamine" look into her 40s.

    I got a theory: for some reason, some actresses look their best in their 20s, some of them in their 30s, or 40s, and so on. Imho Winona was at her best in her 20s. (Mmh, that just reminds me of the "Sick Boy's theory of life"
    Claire Danes "golden season" is beginning now , Helen Mirren's began after 60... But there are also exception, like Jane Birkin, who was, is and will be stunning at any age. So,what do you think, is this a total crap theory? Did I just watch Trainspotting too many times? :-)

  • Bonnie Clyde

    She looks stunning!!


  • Peet

    Looks like Tina Fey