Wayne Goss’ ‘How To: Know Your Eye Shape’


Leave it to a Brit, once again, to produce an excellent makeup video. This time, however, the how-to comes not in the form of an application tutorial, but rather a makeup artist (Wayne Goss) offering tips and tricks for different eye shapes. “What is my eye shape?” you may ask. “Am I standard? Or maybe wide-set. No, my eyes are slightly hooded. Ahhhh! I don’t know!” Don’t panic!! Sit back and listen to Mr. Goss' charming voice and mild self-deprecation as he helps us to understand what type of eye makeup will enhance the natural beauty of your particular eye/lid shape.

In case you don't have time to watch the whole vid, here's our cheat sheet:

Standard Eye: You are pretty much #winning (to borrow a term from the once-crazier Charlie Sheen). Go ahead and do whatever you want with those suckers, while the less fortunate among us figure out how to maximize our beauty/hide our insecurities…

Natural Hooded Eye: You, too, are a fairly lucky lady and can handle almost any type of eye-shadow application. That said, Goss recommends shimmer shadows as the best way to open up a hooded eye.

Aged Hooded Eye: Unlike the [younger] version of this shape, a more mature hooded eye won't do well with metallics, as they draw attention to sagging. Instead, opt for a matte-finish shadow.

Close-Set Eyes: Avoid dark colors near the inside of the eye—instead, focus on the outer corners, pulling the colors away from the nose.

Wide-Set Eyes: You have the eyes of the near-perfect Kate Moss. Congratulations. For this type of eye, do the exact opposite of the above, applying darker colors on the inner corners, and pulling everything inwards, toward the nose.

Downturned Eyes: In the case of so-called 'droopy eyes' (though that sounds somewhat mean, no?), Goss advises to end your eyeliner application a bit before the outer corner of your eye, so as to avoid highlighting the 'sad' nature of the shape.

Deep-Set Eyes: Unless you’re doing a smoky eye, avoid dark shadow on the lid as it pulls the eye back even further. Try a light shimmer shadow instead.

Prominent Eyes: If you want to add a bit of subtly to your large eyes, contouring and matte shadows are your friend.

And remember, at the end of the day, do whatever you like with your eye-makeup application. If you find that dark shadow on the outer corners of your wide-set eyes makes you look like the bee's knees, go for it. Who are we (and Wayne) to say any different.

Daria Werbowy photographed by Victor Demarchelier for Stylist Magazine April 2013.

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  • http://www.champagnerising.com/ heather adair

    errrr.......actually, I have hooded lids and tend to AVOID anything with shimmer because it tends to accentuate the hood.....unless it's right at the inner tear duct, shimmer maximizes the dimensions that I'd prefer to have recede......so, disagree with the charming mr Goss, in this case.....(that said: every eye is different.........and looks like he's a fan of the shimmer, period).

    • murt

      YEs exactly.... I think shimmer shadows on the hooded part of the eye - aging or not - accentuate any puffiness there.

    • http://www.scatterbraintures.com/ Scatterbraintures

      Although in the video, he seemed to have said that shimmer should be avoided and to stick with matte.

  • http://bacardichaser.blogspot.de/ bacardi chaser

    :D I have such round eyes, I definately Need some liner.


  • Claire L
  • Julia

    I'm obsessed with Wayne Goss! Awesome that you're featuring him

  • isaobeso

    He's excellent! I think I'm between standard and naturally hooded, but I follow you on the last note, I do whatever feels comfortable, sometimes I go so dark I look Goth, some days I illuminate to blind people, but most days I just don't wear eye makeup so...

    visit me at: http://www.peoplewearfashion.com

  • http://theminimalallure.com/ Jennifer Falanga

    Ugggghhhh love it! Didn't know I needed this information!

  • http://eastcoastglamm.wordpress.com/ Erin

    Wayne Gross is amazing! This video was very educational. I have prominent eyes. Thanks for featuring this video on your page!


  • Zoe Gruss

    Fantastic article, thank you for sharing this with your readers! The video is very informative and provides you with the necessary tips and tricks to best accentuate your eyes!

  • tallulah

    I believe on the video he advised to avoid using shimmer shadows on the hooded eye -- use matte instead to draw attention away from the hooded area. And highlight the tear duct area. Love his videos!

  • Ambyr

    Very cool. It's always nice to see different ways to do liner and shadow on different shapes.


  • C

    I have none of these eyes :(

  • Fionnúala

    Based on his video, pretty sure he's Australian...

  • Shara

    Aww I saw this video some time ago and I thought it was so sweet of him to say that about Asian eyes. Still, I personally don't like my eye shape because I can't wear like, minimal eye liner or shadow. I have to really slather them on to make them even show up when I open my eyes.

    I really appreciate him going all "Contrary to popular belief, you're lucky!" but it's like, come on Wayne.. Let's be real. You're not fooling anyone XD

  • chicmcmuffin

    Yeah, definitely Australian!

  • Neo Lulu

    Love his videos - watch every one of them :) They are short and to the point, at the same time he really cares and tries to help with his advises.


  • turtl3

    First of all, Asian eyes, almond eyes, and hooded eyes are completely different things. As you can tell with Asian eyes, which are called monolid eyes by the way, have little to no crease and hooded eyes have extra skin covering the crease. Almond eyes tend to have neutral creases and are common in caucasians, not asians.


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