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Unofficial Summer has arrived! School is out, it's 85 degrees in NYC, we've stocked up on summer whites, and as of Memorial Day, Citi Bike will be open for a 'preview week.' Today, would-be members received texts announcing that the bike-sharing app is finally available, so get out your iPhones and download away (it's also available through Google Play). Currently, the app displays hundreds of soon-to-be-activated cycle stations (all situated below 23rd Street in Manhattan and across Brooklyn), and a quick survey of the Citi Bike NYC website reveals stations planned for Manhattan south of 60th Street. We couldn't be more excited for the program, which is already popular in cities like London and Washington, DC. No more worrying about having your bike stolen! No more taking a wheel with you whenever you lock up! With Citi Bike, you subscribe and ride, like Zipcar, only you don't have to return it to the same station. The company offers daily, weekly, and annual memberships, so pick up a helmet and get ready to become a 'bike person'—we certainly will be.

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  • Heather P.

    Man, I wish I lived there! This sounds like so much fun, and far less hassle than my usual routine of hitching my bike up to the car, driving to a town that's safe to ride in, and hoping I don't pop a tire in the middle of the woods!

  • Fressine Duncan

    It's also been available in Paris for at least 5 years now (it's called Vélib) and other big cities in France. Enjoy!

  • Cass

    Hmm, but there are already zillions of stations north of 23rd that aren't included on this map! Do you mean its just these ones that are going to be a part of the preview week?

    • Cay

      Yeah, I'm confused too. I walk past the racks by Grand Central every day, and that's 42nd Street.

  • Lana

    This is so cool! I am so glad that the trend was brought over. I had seen it in Paris a while ago, and thought to myself "man, wouldn't that be great for New York!"