Take Me Out To The Ballgame


Well, we’re about a month into baseball season, and the only reason I know that is…because I looked it up on the Internet. That being said, I’ve been dressing up like I’m headed to Yankee Stadium for the past two weekends. It’s cool to look like a kid! Like a rough-and-tumble ten year old, sticking it to the man with a backwards snapback and pushed-up sleeves. Except you’re actually a totally grown-up babe in denim short-shorts and bronzer. See: Rihanna.

1. J. Crew's  Knitted Baseball Sweater: Ever since I hunted down the red and white "AMERICA" Isabel Marant jersey last summer (which, by the way, I totally still wear despite the fact that it is so three seasons ago), I've had a thing for slightly loose baseball tees. This one might actually be the most luxurious offering out there—which means it's also weekday-appropriate.

2. Converse's Hi All Star White Leather Sneakers: The most recent kicks to catch my eye are vaguely Margiela but with an Urban Outfitters price tag. I don't care if it's hot out: white (-on-white) leather rules. And if the whole $800 sneaker thing doesn't freak you out, check out these Giuseppe Zanotti metal-strap puppies. *Swoon*

3. Ginette_NY's Mini Straw Necklace: Why does "statement necklace" seem to always mean loud and huge? I would think it's something you'd wear every day, something delicate and simple enough to go with everything and you never have to take it off—like my smattering of Catbird rings— thus becoming your statement. You should be wearing it, it should not be wearing you.

4. Marc by Marc Jacobs's 3-D Foil-Effect iPhone 5 case: BRING ON THE BLING! And never again ask, "Where's my phone?"

5. Nef's Crownzer Cap: Ah, baseball hats. Where to start? Like denim shirts, the best ones of are usually found not in a store but in a friend/boyfriend/dad/brother's closet. They've also, thanks in large part to certain street-style stars/models like Hanne Gaby Odiele and Caroline Brasch Nielsen, become the new headband. It's all about the snapback, front and center, and this particular Nef one is baby blue. Think of it like eyeliner for your forehead.

—Emily Weiss

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Neff Crownzer Cap
J. Crew Knitted Baseball Sweater
Ginette_NY Mini Straw Necklace
Marc by Marc Jacobs
Marc by Marc Jacobs Foil Covered iPhone 5 Case
Converse Hi All Star White Leather