Velvet, Pleather, Hair Clips, and Buffy (The Vampire Slayer)


This week marks a decade since we last saw Buffy, Willow, Xander, Angel (swoon), Spike (MEGA swoon), and the rest of the Buffy The Vampire Slayer gang battling blood suckers and their monster brethren in every single way imaginable. (The series ended its seven-year run on UPN in 2003. :-/)

Not only was Buffy a badass with a crossbow, she knew her way around a butterfly clip, too. Sure, Daenerys may win in the braid/twist department, but Buffy could work an updo, minidress, and choker while sitting in the local graveyard, waiting to stake newly sprung un-dead before heading right back to The Bronze. We watched as Buffy and Willow's late-'90s "big" hair got spiked and flat-ironed, their brown-pencil-lined lips giving way to lip gloss and frosted lids. It was an era before skinny jeans (we promise, such a time/place did exist) and ironic mustaches—the guys wore loose-fitting jeans, tight shirts, the occasional trenchcoat (sometimes in leather—hot), and gobs of gel (and lots of bleach, in Spike's case). We saw Willow blossom (ha, pun!) from a high-school geek wearing matronly jean skirts to a hot college co-ed sporting confidence, some magic skills, and a sassy 'do that left many a lady vying for her attention.

Side note: who didn’t (and doesn't) love Sarah Michelle Gellar and Freddie Prinze, Jr.? Way to win life, SMG.

This Memorial Day Weekend, consider taking some time to get (re)acquainted with Buffy The Vampire Slayer. All episodes are available to stream on Netflix, so you have no excuse. And in the meantime, check out the gang’s best looks.

P.S. If you get really obsessed (which we predict you will), try some Angel, the David-Boreanaz-fronted Buffy spinoff.

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  • Liz

    First Sabrina the teenage witch, now this! You guys are spoiling me. I was obsessed with this show, Buffy was such a babe! Angel too, of course.

  • Louise Ballantyne

    Oddly enough I had my hair cut a couple of weeks ago & gave the instruction to blow dry it 'bouncy' - the finished do was exactly like season 1 Buffy. Weirdly said hairdresser was probably too young to remember Buffy haha!

  • Clementine

    This is 100% the best thing you have ever posted. Buffy is my idol, in every aspect of life.

  • Jill

    Never watched Buffy (!) but got into Angel on the early morning syndication long after it was over. Fell in love with both Angel *and* Spike. Feeling nostalgic...

  • Lydia

    yes yes yes. best show ever. thank you for this. made my week.

  • CFH

    I was legit into Ringer.

    • bluesky557

      Me toooooooo. I'm so bummed it was cancelled. :(

  • icole

    Best. Show. Ever.

  • Bea

    Oh, I love this show so much but I have to disagree with you on the "MEGA swoon" for Spike. Yes, he was a babe but I'll ALWAYS prefer Angel even broody and sad eyes Angel.

  • babs

    My favourite TV show on my favourite blog!

    I love how much fun they had on this show with hair, make-up and nails in the earlier seasons. There's nothing like a pastel blue nail to symbolically demonstrate the trials of teenage romance.

  • Nazia

    Okay, so I'm not the only one who had a thing for Spike...

    • ITGElizabeth

      Nazia-- I'm right there with you!

    • morgan

      yes! Spikes gorgeous :)

  • AltE

    SMG is forever and always my hair muse.

  • Lola

    NILES for president!!

  • Lili

    Yay!! Wasn't it funny how Spike wasn't hot, then oh my god he was hot! Me and my best friend have spent ages trying to figure out how they did it - we think they changed his hair a bit

  • Hannah

    Great post. Watching Angel again recently, I was in love with Cordelia's early oughts boho trampy style (boho with low rise everyting and exposed midriff)... and then her style got absolutely horrendous as the show went on to the later seasons. But those first couple of seasons of Angel had such a classic style of that era for her.

  • Jessica Stensrud

    This is a fantastic post. Buffy 4 life.

  • mimi

    Please, let 90210 (the original, of course!) be the next subject!!!

  • Rasheeda Ali

    Um, am I the only one who swooned (and maybe continues to swoon...) over Giles? Buffy got me through high school, and ten years later, I watch reruns with just as much enthusiasm. Now with a new audience! My younger, very cool sister-in-law who had no idea Buffy was the shit.

    Thank you, ITG.

  • Melissa Alam

    Yes please!

  • clari

    LOVE this post!! You're so right!

  • LON
  • aaah

    OMG!! they're the OG vampires in my book. Tara (Amber Benson) is in this 1940s vampire/neo noir project I'm super pumped!! I'm always in need of velvet and vampires


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