RAMY’s OMG! Over-Mascara Glitter & Liner


In my mind, the perfect man will be a modern-day knight in shining armor with a twinkle in his eye. (Come on, New York, show him to me!) I would like to imagine that this yet-unseen being will desire a similar sparkle in my big(ish) green eyes. And while there is some sort of scientific explanation behind the so-called “twinkle”—something to do with your pupils dilating upon seeing the person that's currently stealing your affection—I figure it can't hurt to accentuate this involuntary optic action with makeup. And I've found the perfect product: Ramy’s new OMG! Over Mascara Glitter & Liner.

I tested out the glitter mascara/eyeliner combo this past weekend at The Great Googamooga, the ultimate in Brooklyn hipster and wannabe-hipster events (I will leave it up to your own opinion as to which category I inhabit). The three-day music/food extravaganza included shows by The Flaming Lips and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs and a crazy amount of snack stands, all situated in the middle of Prospect Park*. But my first step to enjoying the evening? Makeup application just inside the gates! After receiving a lecture from a security guard (who, apparently, does not share my affinity for twinkling eyes), I sat down in the grass and slicked on an oh-so-fashionable cat eye.

Glitter, once a favorite of 12 year-old me, is a substance that I now stay away from, as I think it falls somewhere between tacky and tweeny. That said, I've found if you embrace the not-so-chicness of a product (whether it be eyeliner, nail polish, shoes, a fanny pack, etc.), it becomes less lame and actually kind of cool. And for those of us who aren't confident using liquid liner, a sheer glitter gel is a great place to start; it makes the application process easy and basically mistake-free. But the best part of Ramy’s product? The duel-use wand: you no longer have to choose between glittered eyeliner and glittered mascara. How cool is that??!!! (Seriously though, why is this not more of a thing? I’m sure it has to do with the different formulae for liners vs. mascaras, but I’m begging you, product designers out there, please create this in a black, non-sparkle version.)

Anywho, I wore my eyeliner/mascara with pride last Friday and did not seem to get any, “Are you out of your mind?!” looks from anyone. However, a warning: though there may be an intentionally glittered area (the cat-eye line, in my case), you'll probably find yourself sparkling from more than just your eye after a few hours. Cheeks, nose, eyebrows... It is an occupational hazard that glitterati must accept. And while I didn't meet my prince that night, it probably had more to do with the gluttonous amount of food I consumed than the allure of my ocular area. But, #YOLO. Thumbs up for glitter mascara/liner!

P.S. I'm working on my smizing. I have a new respect for the ladies of ANTM.

*Not-so-fun fact: Prospect Park is home to fifty species of butterflies. Sure, you might be thinking, “That’s amazing! I want to go see the butterflies!” But that is where you and I differ. Butterflies are the worst, only falling behind spiders, wasps, and cicadas. I’m weird, what can I say.

—Elizabeth Brockway

Photos by David Sabshon.

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  • Kattttt

    Butterflies are hairy, winged larvae. They need to keep their distance and gain a sense of direction (away). The glitter is great!

  • Nikki

    Sephora makes a similar product with a lot of color options!


  • SV

    You have beautiful green eyes.

  • Medina

    Seems so fun! and ive loved glitter eyeliners for years. Though, I HATE AND FEAR butterflies. Thank you for telling me about them.


  • Guest

    I love glitter. I'm a bit addicted to Urban Decay eye shadows and would wear them constantly were it not for the glitter fall out. Does anyone know how to deal with that? If so, please share.
    I don't mind butterflies, but for some reason, moths terrorize me. As in run from the room screaming terror. I don't care for birds, either.


Ramy OMG! Glitter Mascara & Liner