Pictures of Rooney Mara Being a Badass


If there ever was a lady that could steal our hearts away from Kate Moss (KATE, WE LOVE YOU, FORGIVE US!), it would be Rooney Mara circa The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. Sure, pre-GWTDT Rooney was great, but add a whole lot of black and some bangs and, well, there's no beating her. She might not have been the original Lisbeth Salander, but, in our humble opinion, she's the best one. The bleached eyebrows? The (real) piercings? Her jet black hair? Her mohawk!??!?!?! Bad.ass.

On Monday night, Mara (along with co-chairs Lauren Santo Domingo, Riccardo Tisci, and host Beyoncé) will be welcoming hoards of fashion peeps and Hollywood trendies up the steps of the Metropolitan Museum to ring in the new Costume Institute exhibit, PUNK: Chaos to Couture. She's come a long way from Law & Order: SVU.

Sure, Mara as Lisbeth isn't exactly punk—more edgy, angry, Swedish tech-nerd, goth/rebel/awesomeness—but if we ever felt the desire to dress punk, her outfits in and around the release of GWTDT would be featured heavily on our inspiration board. Here, some of our favorite Mara moments, both in the film and press/award-show circuit.

[Please note her fantastic cropped bangs, impeccable makeup, and all of the sophisticated, edgy yet still delicate and feminine style choices. Also, we love that she's maintained a certain awkwardness on the red carpet—she's a fan of slightly bent elbows and lightly clasped fingers rather than the typical hand-on-hip pose. It's almost as if she's hiding something. WHAT ARE YOU HIDING, ROONEY?! Is it the secret to your perfect skin??]

Finally, here's a tune to put you in the Met Gala mood, courtesy of MxPx.

PUNK: Chaos to Couture opens May 9 and runs through August 14, 2013.

P.S. Please, please, please let The Girl Who Played with Fire come out  soon (though we are fearing it won't...). Daniel Craig, stop going all 007 and get back in the Swedish mindset!

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  • Holly

    The funny thing is that The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo completely changed her outlook as an actress forever. If you look at pictures of her before this particular film (when she had dirty blonde hair), she was pretty but not particularly striking. As soon as she shed the pounds, lost the eyebrows, and got that iconic haircut, though, she's utterly transformed. It makes you wonder what kind of person she really is.

    • voza

      She actually avoids smiling because it brings back the other Rooney Mara, the dirty blond hair one. She is not a person, she is an actress. I had a drama teacher who always said an actor is a fool always wanting to be other people than him. Is she really that good?

    • violetfemme

      Why bother debating 'what kind of person' she is? She is projecting an image that clearly a ton of people are buying into, which = movie ticket sales for her. I think she looks awesome, and that's all you are supposed to read into it. She's doing her job, selling her image.

      • Holly

        I wouldn't say I'm debating; it was just a passing thought going through my brain. Non-actor types, like myself, aren't able to reinvent themselves overnight, so it just made me wonder which image she prefers as a human being and not as an actor.

        • Stephanie

          ... this role I believe took her at least a year and a half of literally being in character... day in day out... every day. That story line is incredibly soul-shattering, she is an incredible actress (in my opinion) as she really allowed herself to get into that mindset of what had happened to Lisbeth, and her present attitude because of it. I do think its dangerous to embark on a kind of journey such as that though... to immerse yourself so that you almost believe that this was your past - that you ARE that person you're portraying. But it would be incredibly hard for it not to. I'd go easy on Rooney Mara, she's incredible for putting herself through what she did.

  • Dru

    That was the best film-to-red-carpet makeover I've ever seen, whoever decided to keep her somewhat in character with a wardrobe and red carpet style influenced by Lisbeth's edge is a genius.

  • Andrea

    OMG I love her so much! thanks so much for this post and yes..i hoooope so much that they all return to the set soon so we can see the rest of the trilogy!!

  • bluesky557

    Wow. She makes Victoria Beckham look like a barrel of laughs.

  • Katherine

    I love Rooney Mara, and I still think she's a badass. Although we aren't that alike, I totally appreciate her and her style.


  • Heather P.

    Her transformation is crazy, but in the best of ways. It really brought out how graceful and beautiful she really is, whereas before she looked very nondescript. Even now, as she's toned down the hair and stuff, she still seems to have kept a bit of the edginess, and I think that is great. :-)

  • Kristien

    Words don't describe how much I love this...I read the GWTDT trilogy last year, and became obsessed. Rooney as Lisbeth...perfection. I love her bad-ass style and attitude. I definitely added more than one piece of "punk" clothing to my wardrobe after seeing the film. Thanks for this post!

  • Cat

    Haven't you guys ever tried something (anything: an activity, a type of food, a look, a hairstyle) that you would have never done under "normal" circumstances and were surprised by how good it made you feel? I have no fucking idea what this role and the physical transformation it demanded has meant for Rooney Mara as a person. I can only try to understand it from my own personal experience. And I know that life has sometimes lead me, through extreme/unnatural circumstances, to find things in myself I didn't know I had, and that I have been happy to embrace.

    Of course we have no idea what is going on with her, so maybe my comment is completely irrelevant crap hahaha. Who knows. Just give me her Prabal Gurung dress.

  • renaphuah

    love Noomi! i prefer her than Rooney because she has the I give zero f*** even when he was having sex with Mikael

    • S

      Totally. Noomi is tops and so believable in that role. Rooney - not so much, she looks more like a poser hacker, she figured the clothes and looks out but not the personality.

  • sybar1te

    ha! at first i read the header as: Pictures of Rooney Mara Being a Dumbass.

  • Camellia

    I love. An iconic transformation that will only be appreciated more as time goes on.

  • Tizzy

    Hello, Rooney is an actress...and after this film she will change again and again. It is part of her job. She is like a breath of fresh air on the red carpet from all those boring Barbie Doll actresses dressed in Marchesa. Rooney rocks. Period.


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