Oribe Côte d’Azur Hair Refresher

Oribe Cote d'Azur Hair Refresher

Oribe has done for hair what Febreze did for college dorm rooms. The hairdresser's new, pleasingly subtle "hair refresher" Côte d’Azure—so named for the gleaming French Riviera territory —holds the promise of neutralizing that not-totally-clean hair smell, cutting static, and imparting an invigorating, shampoo-y essence to your hair, rather than an elevator-clearing perfume. Say you’re hit up on GChat to swing by a can’t-miss meeting/party/dinner/date on the 3rd day of your very IRL hair-washing cycle? Don't worry about it. Lock and load the petite, purse-friendly gold bottle in your bag and spray yourself on the go.

We've passed the cannister around the Gloffice, ever so lightly spritzing our 'dos with the fruity-floral cocktail of edelweiss, watermelon, and lychee extracts (real ones), and let us tell you: any hair-stench is gone, in its place a lingering scent that's more standing-outside-of-a-really-bougie-salon than loitering-in-front-of-Bath-&-Body-Works. And you know what? We did feel refreshed, cared for, pampered—this stuff yells (whispers firmly?) “I take very good care of myself." Even if that is a little white lie. (And we’ll remind you, like we've reminded ourselves, that this spray is not a long-term alternative to actually cleansing.)

Photo by Elizabeth Brockway

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  • CFH

    but what if you're already wearing perfume?

  • Belle

    Is it like a dry shampoo or just "hair deodorant"? Can you expand on what it does for texture, shine, etc., if anything at all please?

    • ITGMackenzie

      Hi Belle,
      Great question! There is no dry shampoo in the product. You're right to call Côte d'Azur a hair deodorant. While it will cut down on static, almost imperceptibly boosting the moisture of your hair, it won't add to or diminish your current texture and shine. It's going to absorb odor and leave your hair smelling freshly shampooed with that delish Oribe signature scent.


  • Sara

    does it have dry shampoo in it?

  • Salihah M

    It looks really good!xo

  • http://www.vibrantbeautyblog.com/ Jennifer Monforton

    Wow, this sounds so incredibly handy! Especially for summer when hair gets to that not-to-fresh state quite quickly. Thanks for the review :)

  • Katie

    Read this on a particularly sticky summer day in NYC, immediately bought it on my way home from work (and to dinner/drinks with friends), and can't say I regret my purchase one bit! Smells fantastic, and lasts all day/night!

  • joanna

    Is this a product I can leave in the car? Will heat destroy it?


Oribe Cote d'Azur Hair Refresher