Paint it Black…Or Ombré


"More is more" seemed to be the M.O. at last night's Met Gala. In an attempt to interpret the punk theme, celebs from all walks of life (and levels of fame/infamy) obediently turned up in bedazzled mohawks, up-to-there eyeshadow, electrical-socket-shocked hair, and, when all else failed, safety pins and rips everywhere. But who can blame them? It is, after all, called the Costume Institute. You know, good on these peeps for going for it, and God bless 22-months-pregnant Kim Kardashian for making it up those red-carpeted steps in head-to-toe (to hand) Givenchy rosebuds.

So, fine, the fashion was mostly hit-or-miss. We were, however, pleasantly intrigued by some strategically bold hair reveals: raven-hued Karlie Kloss, towheaded Anne Hathaway (we never saw it coming!), and Nicole Richie channeling those punk ladies over at Advanced Style in her white-powdered updo. The raddest transformations came in the form of Grimes and Joan Smalls, who revamped the ombré trend with so much 'tude—and Grimes without a stitch of makeup on! In just the lining of her Chanel dress! But we digress. Not since Guido's cascading hues at Prada Fall/Winter 2012 have we seen such commitment to two-toned hair. Diane Kruger gave a well-deserved nod to Alex Wang's rust-tinted ponytails with a punch of pink at the end of hers, and Vogue contributor Katherine Bernard revved up her ghostly-blond bangs with a swath of magenta, courtesy of Sally Hershberger's Aura Friedman (better known to us as @AuraColorist).

You could say that any and all of this would best be left to the professionals, but ignoring a Do Not Try This At Home warning is very punk, no? So, we're thinking of heading out for the weekend with a temporary magenta flash from Rita Hazan's Pop Color, or committing to various lengths of blond with L'Oréal Paris's Wild Ombre Hair Color Kit (yeah, remember that?).

Photographed by Emily Weiss and Katherine Bernard.

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  • Lilly

    Holy Cow, Joan Smalls looks more beautiful than ever!

  • Diana

    soooo over ombre, it looks dirty!

  • Caitlin

    Oh I really hope Kim K. hasn't been pregnant for 22 monthes :)

  • kneelbeforetigers

    Oof, so much bad and so much lazy... the ghosts of CBGB are laughing mightily down below.

  • Birkie Birkster

    Loved the Mets but some dresses (and blondes with obvious roots) were unforgivable

    This guy probably does the most amazing ombres (especially on Asian hair) but forgive his tshirt choices

  • bacardi chaser

    Joan Smalls looks SO perfect!

  • Lana

    who woulda guessed

  • Sally

    Diana Kruger nailed it! The knotted ponytail! Love!

  • Elspbeth Hodgins

    The punkest aspect of any of the outfits was Grimes' bare face. So much love.


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