Lisa Eldridge’s ‘Baby Bardot Makeup Look’

Lisa Eldridge Baby Bardot

Lisa Eldridge has won us over yet again with another flawlessly executed makeup tutorial. This time, though, she's using a fresh-faced model rather than her own pretty mug to demonstrate her new spring look, inspired by a young Brigitte Bardot (and a recent Kate Winslet Bazaar cover she worked on). And while it is easy to get lost in Eldridge’s video collection—trust us, we have—this one stands out as a great idea for the season upon us—no, not spring (though, yes, that, too), but prom and wedding season!

Anyone who's gone through the over-hyped experience of prom can appreciate Lisa's pared-down look: no glitter eyeshadow, no lip gloss, no corkscrew sideburn curls. And for those of you with nuptials to attend this spring/summer, Eldridge has got the answer, and no Kardashian-level technical skills are required. Sure, the video is not aimed specifically at these events, but we here at ITG have decided that the “Baby Bardot” is the perfect un-statement statement. Just a simple, healthy face, perfect cat eye, lush lashes, and a rosy-nude lip. Plus, in the end, even if there is nothing super special coming up on your calendar, it never hurts to look like one of the original blonde bombshells (though we advise leaving the French accent at the door).

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  • Keke

    This woman can do no wrong. Flawless!

  • heather adair

    too funny -- I saw this and thought "whoa, amazing eyebrows!" :) I guess I sort of love the unstructured, full, "born-wish-em" brows......since I have tiny, wimpy, spindly ones........(but then that's my favorite part of beauty: everyone's different, with different stuff they love n' hate).

  • LillyAnn

    I love the eyebrows, I think the model is stunning.

    Yet again Lisa has done another brilliant tutorial - I love that she recreates the looks she has done on celebrities so we can try them out. Confidence boost in 10minutes!

  • Madeline

    Really? I think they're beautiful.

    • Guest

      To each her own, I suppose.

      I was born with brows like that, and, left to their own devices, they would still look that way. They are kind of the bane of my beauty existence, so I'm amazed to read that so many people love them. I'd be happy to share mine if such things were possible because the constant waxing and tweezing is definitely a bore.

      • Elaine R

        I'm with you. Mine naturally look that way as well. I still rock a full brow, but I cant handle the wispies in the middle because I am not a drop-dead gorge model! ha ha

  • bluesky557

    I normally love Lisa's tutorials, but this one didn't impress me. It's easy to look like Bardot if you have naturally big eyes, strong brows, and full lips. I'd love to have seen this tutorial on someone not as naturally blessed with those features.

    • Kattttt

      ...But it isn't a Bardot-look-a-like look? It's just a pretty, feminine makeup that, yes, shares some of the same features as the makeup worn by Brigitte Bardot. Kate Winslet looks nothing like Bardot, for example, in the makeup that inspired this one. The "Bardot" isn't the point, the makeup is.

      • bluesky557

        Yeah, but Lisa didn't do a tutorial on Kate, those pics were just thrown in the mix by the ITG editors. The extra photos in the slideshow aren't my point, the tutorial is.

        • Kattttt

          The look in the tutorial was based on the look she did on Kate in that image.

  • amanda perry

    Love this look! The eyeliner looks awesome!!

  • bacardi chaser

    she´s a Genius!

  • Meghan Kaminski

    Ha, they actually mention in the video how great her eyebrows are - she didn't put any powder or pencil in them, even. Different strokes.

  • Sara

    Wow, amazing!

  • Komal

    Love that makeup artists make this stuff so easy! Charlotte Tilbury makes sculpted cheekbones look so do-able as well

  • Carly_L

    Said it before and I'll say it again, please Top-Shelf Lisa! Two most favourite make-up/beauty gurus together at last.

  • Vanessa

    That was cool.

  • Lana Nasser

    I totally dig full brows a la Cara Delevigne, but even hers are a tad bit structured and fit on her face very well. I think they should clean up this chick's brows, very lightly, according to what her facial structure would suit the best.

  • Jennifer Monforton

    Saw this video when she posted it- what an incredible look! What better beauty inspiration is there than Brigitte? Elegant, sexy, and totally cool.

  • Nomadic D.

    Huh. Waterproof mascara applied with a little brush onto the upper waterline? Mind officially blown.

  • murt

    Great look but has a more '90s rather than '60s feel to me..... like a '90s take on '60s makeup. Same with the Kate Winslet cover - I guess that's what makes it a 'Modern' Bardot tutorial.


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