Ke$ha’s ‘Spring Breakers’ Moment


Setting aside however you might feel about Ke$ha and her particular brand of dirty pop, can we all appreciate a real commitment to a look, as evidenced by the pastel-hued, seemingly Riff Raff-inspired wardrobe and beauty in the singer's new "Crazy Kids" video? The ribbon-accented braids, layered bling, press-on nails (one of which has its own hoop earring!), and coordinating Pepto pink eye and lip might not be everyone's cup o' Jameson, but we were mighty impressed with the color story. And then you watch it again and pick up on the crystal eye tattoo on her palm, uncomfortable-looking grill, and that gold-lidded Veronica Lake moment at the end and you think, Good for you, Ke$ha. You do you...or, you do James Franco-in-Spring-Breakers...but whatever! Props on the execution.

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  • Marsi


  • merylfriedman

    Another fashion reference for this could be the British chav style.

  • mlle p

    Ha! When I saw "Riff Raff" I thought you were talking about the cartoon gangster dog from Underdog. Obviously not up to date on rappers here.

  • Noel

    Looks a bit more like Brooke Candy to me

  • Elizabeth Fleming

    Not sure if just horribly tacky or "artistic" due to being deliberately tacky.. not my cup of tea for sure..

  • Kaelani

    She has the courage to be a drunken buffoon, which makes her poetic.

  • cfh

    I don't think she's "doing her"

  • Darsi


  • bushwick mom

    whiiite ppl