Jerry Hall and Georgia May Jagger


Georgia May Jagger: I like Tracie Martyn face products; I prefer more minimal skincare. When I was younger—when you’re going through that period of trying everything to try to make your skin better and it actually makes it worse—I learned that the best thing you can do is steam your face and use a warm flannel [washcloth] when you’re in the bath. And I still love baths, with lots of salts in them. I love to watch a movie in the bath. I'll just put my computer on a chair—it’s a whole set up. I try not to get it wet.

For makeup, I have a much more glamorous approach, which I got from my mother. They say less is more, but sometimes I’m a bit more-is-more.  And that came from my mom.

Jerry Hall: I like false eyelashes and red lipstick.

Georgia: I like minimal makeup, too, but I think red lipstick and big hair is a good way to go. In our family, that's always going to be there. [Laughs] I'm learning more and more how to do my own makeup—I pick up a lot on shoots. My mom’s incredible, though—she always does her own makeup. Back when she was modeling, they always used to have to do their own hair and makeup. That was part of the deal.

Jerry: I would try to copy what some of the good makeup artists had done on me in Paris. For example, I worked with Helmut Newton and he had this specific look he would go for, and he always used wonderful makeup artists and hair stylists. Now, I like black eyeliner and—

Georgia: Gold and bronze eye shadows, like the one I’m wearing now, RMS Solar Eye Shadow. Today, I tried to go very girly with some gold eye shadow, Rimmel Bronzer and some RMS Living Luminizer. I’m 21, so I’m still trying different stuff…

Jerry: She’s got safety pins in her ears!

Georgia: You won't let that go! But it’s gold! It’s a real earring. It’s not a real safety pin…although I did pierce my ear with a real safety pin when I was 14, but you didn’t see that at the time. It got horribly infected—my friend just sterilized the pin with a lighter.

Jerry: I change my eye shadow, but I never change my eyeliner. I use a wet powder from MAC, with a brush. I’ve been using it since it came out. And I recently started using the Rimmel red lipstick, which is very good. It’s very matte—I like a matte finish.

Georgia:  I’ve seen people put powder over the top to make their lipstick more matte, but I haven’t experimented with that yet. I don’t do 'shiny' usually... I don’t like the feeling of lip gloss, but I like the way it looks.

Jerry: She has amazing lips.

Georgia: Actually, I have to exfoliate my lips before I put on red lipstick because otherwise it will get into the corners and stuff. I make my own scrub with lip balm and raw sugar.

Jerry: Good idea!

Georgia: That’s one of my homemade, natural beauty tips. I switch my lip balm around all the time—I’m always buying different organic ones at Whole Foods. I also really like Live Live in the East Village [in New York]—I’m really into all of their creams there, and they make a great deodorant.

Jerry: Oh, and they have this Bee Yummy Honey Mask—it’s a miracle. If you have any red spots or a rash, it makes them go away in a day.

My routine is easy: I use the Simple Cleansing Face Wipes and I wash my face with the Sisley Foaming Cleanser. And then I use a flannel, get it warm and steam it up, and try to clean my skin really good. Then I put on really expensive cream, like La Prairie. It just transforms your skin. I like expensive beauty products: Crème de la Mer, La Prairie Concentre, and the Skin Caviar cream. I definitely believe in using the spoon that comes with the cream, because you don’t get your germs inside the pot! It’s all scientific.

Georgia: I heard you’re also supposed to keep your cream in the fridge to keep it fresh.

Jerry: I never keep it ‘round long enough to do that.

Georgia: She doesn’t do plastic surgery or chemical peels or things like that, so she can splurge on expensive creams.

Jerry: I think those things ruin your skin and open it up and let microbes get in. [Aging] is great—you just don’t give a shit anymore; it’s nice. That’s a bonus.

—as told to ITG

Jerry Hall, in a vintage Thierry Mugler dress, and Georgia May Jagger, in a Just Cavalli dress, photographed by Emily Weiss at the Sunglass Hut Mother's Day Tea Party in New York on May 2, 2013.

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  • S

    Are you kidddiiinggggggg????!!!! i mean..... is jerry hall even a real person? The most unbelievable ITG feature ever. Thanks!

  • BlackNyx

    I've been a little obsessed with images of Jerry Hall lately, so it's great to see this interview with her here! So Gorgeous!

  • Michelle

    Love this!

  • PradaStole

    I want to hear more about these gold safety pin earrings.

    • jackie cohen

      hi! there's a link above under "products"!

  • Lavang

    Jerry Hall is so glamorous. I love the part about the false eyelashes and red lipstick, and how she likes expensive creams. Both beautiful ladies!

  • Genevieve Casey


  • Elisa

    I almost died when i saw this! thank you thank you thank you and I'd love to hear even more from these two gorgeous ladies! Love georgia may!

  • Roberto

    I'm OBSESSED with the two of them. It's like Jerry has a little miniature Mick Jagger in a blonde wig to play with -- a miniature Mick Jagger in a blonde wig who also happens to be a top model. Sooo cute.

  • KathS

    face mask for sensitive skin, $22, JERRY HALL USES IT.... SOLD

  • Kasia

    Cool ladies. I love what Jerry Hall said about aging! So wise.

  • beautyidealist

    "[Aging] is great—you just don’t give a shit anymore; it’s nice. That’s a bonus." Love her.

  • mlle p

    Love these two - I wish Lizzy Jagger was there too! Also, Whole Foods - and other natural grocers - carry nice matte lipsticks by a company called Hemp.

  • Ada

    This is amazing! An ICON and her awesome daughter. What an excellent feature!.

  • Marsi

    Jerry Hall is a goddess, and she's so smart about aging. There was a documentary filmed last year that was on HBO -- can't remember the title of it but it was interviews with all those great, great models from the '70s and '80s, like Jerry and Paulina and Kim Alexis, and everything Jerry said was so wise and witty. She seems like such a fun person, and I just love her to pieces. What a fun interview!

    • Jacqueline Fonte

      I think it was About Face: Supermodels Now and Then.

      AMMMMAZING doc, and I totally agree with you, she always has something pithy or witty to say.

      More than anything, though, I love that she has stuck to a more golden blonde all these years. Seems nowadays everyone is rocking the ash-tones. And she still styles it just the same!

  • Meghan

    Years ago my friend and I, unemployed at the time, spent a lot of time watching "Kept" on VH1, in which Jerry had a Bachelor-style competition for a lucky young guy to be her kept companion for a year. It's shameful, but I looooved it. Memories!

    Georgia is unnaturally beautiful. Lucky girl.

  • nicolecontrol

    I lived right upstairs from Live Live for years and years. They have a lot of great stuff in there. Wish I could pop down for the Bee Yummy mask...

  • Cara

    I absolutely LOVE all their mentions on natural brands especially RMS and Bee Yummy! Brilliant post ITG!

  • MsHarpsichord

    I love that she's just like Aging? FUCK IT. Gimme my expensive creams but otherwise I don't have a shit to give.

  • Catherine

    Loooove this. It's my favorite feature in awhile.

  • Guest


    (If I looked like Jerry Hall, I wouldn't give a shit about aging, either. Unfortunately, I look like me and so I have to pay very strict attention. Oh, well...)

  • murt

    Wow - awesome post! Jerry Hall looks absolutely amazing so those expensive face creams must be working for her! And I love her hair colour - on anyone else I would think it looks too brassy, but on her, it looks fantastic.

  • Officetramp

    Love these ladies, thanks ITG! I def recommend powdering your lips to get a matte effect on red or dark lipstick, it stops it transferring too, i only started doing this since my son was born and was kissing him so much during the day his face would be covered in lipstick as i would not give it up (the lipstick or the kissing!). It feels a bit weird at first but you do get used to it and it also makes your lippie last a lot longer in general, no baby required!

  • Neena B.

    I just adore how this shows their mother/daughter relationship and Jerry's attitude to ageing - brilliant x

  • Ana

    They are both beautiful women :). My mother and I always had totally different skin care routines and makeup likes and dislikes. I think the daughter always takes the total opposite side of the mother.... I know I did. XoXo Ana

  • Restless Blonde

    Beautiful - mom and daughter <3

  • Vicki

    I love that she mentions RMS products!! I love them but you don't hear much about them. I started using them after developing excema on my face and they were one of the only things that didn't aggravate my skin. I also started using the VPEP Emu Oil face cream and lip balm, they are phenomenal as well!

    • murt

      yes I've been using the un-cover concealer - at first I wasn't sure about it, but after using it for awhile I really like it. Though I have dry skin - not sure if it would work on oily skin.


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