Jenna Lyons, Could You Be Any Cooler?!


Jenna Lyons—often referred to as the coolest person ever, or, in other circles, the best thing to happen to fashion since Anna Wintour—covers Fast Company's May 2013 issue (in a white dress shirt and white bowtie!), with a feature by Danielle Sacks. Sure, we all know the story (or should—it’s amazing) of how Jenna came to J.Crew right out of Parsons and stayed until she reached the top, thanks in large part to a great relationship with J.Crew chairman and CEO Mickey Drexler. (“Not since Steve Jobs and Jonathan Ive at Apple has a creative pairing been as intriguing and fruitful as that of Drexler and Lyons,” Sacks writes.) But, since we all already knew this, the Fast Company article offers a few other great tidbits to this Cinderella-in-salmon-hued-Bermuda-shorts story:

- Lyons has a peach fur draped over her white leather Eames chair in her office [3,5]. We'd like one of each.
- She—at the time of the interview—was on a juice cleanse and hated it, much like we did: “I’m so hungry. I haven’t eaten in 10 days…”
- She, too, struggles with putting on tight pants.
- If you want to fit in with the J.Crew crew, try going sans socks—bare ankles are in.
- Lyons sometimes thinks of herself as a “glorified crossing guard.” Expect orange and yellow vests in the Fall 2013 catalogue.
- She was born with incontinentia pigmenti (a genetic disorder affecting skin, hair, teeth, nails, and the central nervous system), which required her to wear dentures as a kid.
- And the best part of the feature? This excerpt: “'Ask my ex-husband how perfect I am,’ [Lyons] jokes during one of our interviews… ‘You’re pretty candid,’ I tell her. ‘Maybe to a fault,’ she says. ‘I might take my teeth out.’”

Sure, it’s not new information, but Jenna Lyons, you are a goddess among women. And now excuse us as we go fill up a shopping cart on… (It's 25% off everything today!!!!!)

All photos by Yu Tsai from Fast Company May 2013 (Issue 175). Subscribe to see more.

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  • Lauren Schab

    adored this article-- she is insanely amazing! ps emily- love your hair. you inspired me to chop 11 inches off of mine.


  • mt

    Oh, Jenna IS the coolest! I just wish J. Crew's items were of better quality. I recently stopped shopping there because everything I buy from them just falls apart. The awesome neon yellow t-shirt I most recently bought frayed after ONE wash! It was on the neckline too; it was irreparable and un-returnable (since I had worn and washed it). I know J. Crew has to turn a profit, but the clothes should have more shelf life than stuff from H&M. In the meantime, while I'm not a customer of Jenna's, I'll keep on being her fan!

    • Marsi

      mt, you should write to customer service and include a photo, if you still have the shirt. I did that with something that got pinholes in it almost immediately, and though it was a PITA to send it back and wait for a credit from them, at least it alleviated my bitterness. Worth a try anyway. Agree with you about the suboptimal quality of late ....

    • Nina R.

      I adore J.Crew but occasionally I do run across an item that does not merit their label. Even if you've worn and washed something, if you keep your receipt, you can take it back to the store and they will give you a store credit if it's within 30 days. I have found they have fantastic customer service both in the stores and on-line.

      • mt

        thanks, ladies!

  • Janine

    ITG, you've again read my mind, again!

    I just bought this magazine last week because I'm obsessed with Jenna. She's got this great esthetic and business mind. Every JL fan should read this article. She's fluent on all levels, even regarding technology. There's a great video interview on from a year or 2 ago. I loved her statement that sort of said:

    "The best advice I've ever gotten was to never compare yourself to anyone else. It doesn't matter what anyone else is doing. It's really easy to compare yourself to someone else. It doesn't matter that someone else is making more money than you do. What's important is what you're doing...."

    How do they put together their catalogs? I'm always searching for information on the makeup, photographers, etc., but I can't find a thing. Just that they've used NARS Red Square lip pencil.

    Love ITG! Thank you!

    • Guest

      I, too, would LOVE to see the photographer(s) and make-up artists credited in J Crew's catalogs.

  • ErinScandalous

    Okay, so I'll admit, I didn't know anything about Jenna Lyons until I saw "J.Crew and The Man Who Dressed America". But after that, I was hooked on her awesome sauce. Thanks for the feature, I'll be picking up a copy!

  • Georgie

    I love that woman, she's just perfect. I need to get hold of the magazine!

  • Guest

    No, I don't think she could be any cooler. But every time I read about her, I stop and think about how much cooler I should be. If only...

  • anita

    Those peach furs (fake I hope) are amazing!! I want!
    I've never heard of her but I'm not American, maybe that has something to do with it? J Crew isn't available here.
    She does sound cool but I do have 2 nit-picky bugs with the article above:

    - "She—at the time of the interview—was on a juice cleanse and hated it, much like we did: “I’m so hungry. I haven’t eaten in 10 days…” - well why didn't she stop? if you're hungry, eat!
    - "She, too, struggles with putting on tight pants. - buy pants in the right size then. If they're tight, they're too small.

  • Olive

    No, she still wears dentures.

    Which makes her even more of a total badass.

    • S

      Total badass she is