Garance Doré


My blog takes up a big chunk of my time, but that’s just a part of what we do in my studio. For example, I have a shoot in a few days and a shoot next week—commercial jobs, which aren’t for my blog. I’m always working on my next video, and I have to write my monthly column for French Vogue. It’s a lot of work, but I love working at home. My dream is to wear my PJs to work and have my apartment on one floor and my office just above it. I guess I don’t like the shock of having to get ready and go outside; I love to ease into my day.

I’m not a very healthy person, but I do start my day with coffee and oatmeal. It used to be a tartine—bread with butter and jam. Scott [Schuman, my boyfriend] would look at me eating that and say, ‘What?! I can’t believe you’re eating that!’ When I moved to America, I understood what he was saying, because in America, you can’t eat like that. I don’t know why. It’s funny how you end up getting obsessed with nutrition when you live here. So, now it is oatmeal and a little bit of fruit and maybe some peanut butter. My mornings used to be a celebration of life and now it’s like, ‘Ok…

The lighting in my bathroom isn’t great, which is why I have all of my stuff spread out all over the apartment. During fashion week, I'll gather everything I use on the windowsill in my guest room because it gets the most light. I have to have all of my products together there, and I also have my magnifying mirror. It’s scary to see yourself in, but I like it. I pluck my eyebrows in that mirror, everything. Actually, I learned very early to be careful with my brows because they’re very small—there is not a big number of them. [Laughs] I make a mistake, there’s a hole. I have to be very careful.

On my skin, I’ve been using Murad products for a few months—I went to a spa in LA and I fell in love with their products. In the morning, I use the Age-Diffusing Serum and the Perfecting Day Cream SPF 30. I feel like my skin is well-hydrated, which is really important. I have shiny skin—dry but shiny—and I have to moisturize it very well. Before, I’d used things things like mattifying lotions, but dermatologists told me to stop because my skin was suffering. I started to use Créaline instead of water to wash my face, the Murad stuff, and also their eye-contour cream, the Intensive Wrinkle Reducer for Eyes, even though I don’t really believe in that so much. It’s funny, when I was 15, I was much more conscious and I would always think I was getting wrinkles because of my smile. I could see where my wrinkles would be so I started using eye cream, but by 20, I already had them—it didn’t change anything. It’s just an expression thing; I’m not going to stop smiling.

I don’t think a cream can really fight a lot of stuff, but I use it to protect my skin a bit. I also never go in the sun. I come from Corsica, where it’s sunny everyday and I lived on the beach. And my father had a seafood restaurant, so basically we were at the beach every day, but at the first moment I became conscious of the sun, I started really protecting my skin—super early, like 11 or 12. A lot of women in Corsica and the south of France have very burnt skin, so you can see the toll it takes. And I was helped by the fact that I didn’t really love the beach culture; it was kind of boring. Now, in the summer I use the Clarins SPF 50 Sun Care Milk-Lotion Spray on my arms and legs—it’s always in my bag.

At night, I sometimes go with Neutrogena Makeup Remover Cleansing Towlettes—those are for desperation moments when I don’t want to go through the entire process of washing my face. My night cream is also Murad, the Age Balancing Night Cream. Then, every Sunday I do a sugar scrub—the Fresh Sugar Face Polish. I leave it on for as long as it takes me to shave my legs. [Laughs] I think the scrub is something I do out of habit…When I was young, my grandmother, who was Moroccan, would put me in the bath and she would make it very hot, and once I had soaked, she would come and scrub me down just with her hands and the dead skin would come off. It would feel so good because it was a massage and, at the same time, your skin is renewed.

In Morocco, baths are how a lot of women bond—they will go to the hammam together. I have to say, I don’t like hammam at all, but I love spas. I am addicted to massages. It’s one thing that I promised myself I would try to do once a week because I basically get high off massages. I usually go to the Caudalie spa [at the Plaza Hotel]. It’s great, but it’s so fancy. I have to find a more ‘everyday’ one. Even more than massage, though, I like facials a lot. I do the Vinosculpt facial at Caudalie before fashion week because it uses electricity and it's incredible. It’s a moment when I can totally let go and my brain goes into a certain mode, better than meditation. I see a lot of things and I have a lot of ideas. For one hour, I’m in another world; I totally get high. [Laughs] I get out of there and I’m energized, I have new ideas, new ideas of colors—it’s amazing. At home, I use the Weleda Citrus Refreshing Body Oil for massage, which is awesome. Scott gives me lots of massages. I am lucky! But I do it for him, too! Sharing and taking care is what makes a good couple.

I love the Byredo La Tulipe Body Lotion, for when I want to treat myself. Otherwise, I use Kiehl’s Creme de Corps for my body. It is the best one, and I have tried a lot of them. It just leaves a glow on your skin and it stays. And because it doesn’t have a strong scent, it’s good when you’re going to use perfume—the smells don’t layer on top of each other… I’m not really a big perfume person; I wear men’s perfumes mostly. Acqua di Colonia by Santa Maria Novella is really nice… It smells like my island, Corsica, which is where I grew up. I actually have another product called Donna È Rosée du Maquis that comes from Corsica, which is really the smell. “Rosée” is like rose water, like the mist that gets on flowers in the morning—that’s kind of what it does on your skin.”

Beauty-wise, I’m very low maintenance. I know what I want, and on an everyday basis I don’t really wear makeup. I don’t love putting makeup on myself. It’s not like, ‘Oooh, that’s fun. Let’s do it. It’s more of a chore, but when I have to, I can do it. And for me it’s all about a balance. Like, if I wear like a men’s shirt, I will always try to wear more makeup, maybe do a nice lip or something, because I think it gets sexy when there is contrast. I just use a little bit of By Terry Light Expert Perfecting Foundation in Honey Light. I don’t put it everywhere. I don’t think anyone puts it everywhere anymore, right? I think that’s over. When I was fourteen, my mom told me she was going to teach me how to put on foundation. She said, ‘You stretch it almost into your hair because you don’t want to have a mask. Everything, from your eyes to your lips, has to be covered.’ That’s how I learned to do it, but foundation has changed a lot, and it mixes into your skin so well now that you don’t have to put it all over. Then, I will put Une Skin-Echo Concealer under my eyes. It’s from Monoprix [in Paris].

If I want to look really good, I also use the YSL Touche Éclat on parts of my face and some Chanel blush, which I apply high on my cheek with my 'everything brush.' I call it that because I lose all my other ones. I put a little bit of Rimmel Scandaleyes Kohl eyeliner on the eyes, on the top and the bottom, just along the roots of the lashes—I just want to make my eyes pop. If I could do it better, I would do them a little bit smokier, but I don’t know how to do that. Then, Dolce & Gabbana Intenseyes Black Intensity mascara, if I can find it. For lips, maybe Dior Crème de Rose Lip Balm or Bobbi Brown Matte Lip Color in Pink Lily, which is a very nice color if think you’re dressed boring. I’m actually not very into lipstick anymore—I was for a moment, but not really right now. What I used to do when I had a very long night the night before and I was really tired is do a coral or pinky red lip, so that people don’t even look at your face, they look at your mouth. [Laughs] It’s like a decoy.

I recently cut my hair shorter. The water here in New York is very different than the water in Paris. When I lived in Paris, my hair was more wavy than curly, and here it’s like total curl. And the problem with curl is that it changes every two hours depending on the weather, how much you touch it… When you leave in the morning, you don’t know how it’s going to be four hours later. You have to let go or you have to have a hairband, and at some moment just go to the mirror and put it up. So many people would ask me why my hair was always up and it’s not that I hated my hair, but it just goes all over the place.

I knew that if I wanted to have short hair again, I’d have to do something like a keratin treatment to keep it more straight, but I was worried about the negative effects and also because I’d had one before and it turned out too straight. But I said, ‘Ok, let’s try again.’ I wanted to change; I wanted to look better—I felt horrible about myself. Now I feel a little bit better, but I still have a little ways to go. When I was ready to cut it, I thought that people would send me addresses of salons, but no one really knew where to get keratin, so we looked on the internet and found a place called The Drawing Room in SoHo. I did it and I’m really happy. I’m being really careful right now—I don’t wash my hair too often because I want to stretch [the treatment] as long as possible. The goal is to have it done like three times a year. I know some people say keratin is dangerous, but I don’t think it’s horrible to do once in a while."

—as told to ITG

Garance Dore photographed by Emily Weiss in New York City on April 19, 2013.

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  • beeswaxnoneofyour

    bread and butter and jam is wrong? now that's a crying shame.

    • Sara

      Exactly! There is NOTHING wrong with bread, butter and jam! Yummy! Do not listen to your boyfriend, Garance! He has obviously no idea what he is talking about! Anyway, great interview!

    • VSW

      Clearly ya'll are not from New York.

    • Lyds

      I second that. Oatmeal is terrific, but so is good bread, real butter and jam.

    • FatShamingInternetTroll

      The irony of an American telling a French person they have a bad diet!

      • Miss Y.

        Have to add to this that American bread *does not* compare to European bread or French bread in any way. It's too sweet and soft and basically tastes too much like the plastic it's wrapped in. UGH!

  • sashi

    My two favorite blog sites colliding! Both have such positive overall attitudes, and always give a new perspective through all the different voices and cultures.
    Thanks a million

    • magpie

      So true! I thought i could not love Garance--or Top Shelf--any more, then this happens

    • Belle

      My thoughts exactly! I've been waiting for this forever!!

  • Emma Hager

    Garance is one of those few that have changed the face of blogging about this industry. I think her use of multi-media was a refreshing concept that only helped to jumpstart others to delve into similar projects. I love the "Top Shelf" pieces because they personalize figures that are so honored within the industry. I guess, at the end of the day, we're all just humans out to fend off UV rays (which is becoming increasingly harder in this ultra-industrialized world). Thanks!

  • claire

    OH my gahhh I've have been waiting forever for this top shelf!

  • theseventhsphinx

    Wonderful data. I am always curious to learn more little, exact details about Garance!

  • Girlsgirl

    I guess G likes a more polished 'matronly' look, her curly hair all over the place looked young(er) and carefree, that's what she was like in person. It's sad she wore it up so much of the time. And one probably has to look really 'pressed' to perfection to be taken seriously in NY. Too bad about those curls, girl!

  • Catherine

    Yessss, Garance is amazing :)

  • Alexis

    Her hair looks fab!!

  • Zoe Gruss

    What a great article! Garance Doré is an amazing illustrator and writer and she has such an ease when relaying information to others. This interview highlights a different side of her and the way she describes Corsica is magical.

  • mlle p

    I like Garance but I am not keen on Scott - great photos but he always looks so dour and then to learn he criticized toast with butter and jam? please.

    • freudianslippers

      yup, that would be the end of my relationship!

    • magpie

      I wouldn't come down so hard on him. She's being funny and self-deprecating about it, and anyone who's read her blog long enough knows she wouldn't change unless she wanted to herself. When you love someone sometimes it extends to taking responsibility for hard stuff, too, and if you feel strongly enough about nutrition, it's not devilish to try to get your loved ones on better habits. It's not like he called her fat. Who knows, maybe she has a family history of diabetes. Anyway, Garance has written about this often and the vast majority of the time it's her NYC girlfriends obsessing about diet, etc.

      That said, I definitely love myself some good buttered toast with jam, on occasion. Pretty sure she still knows it's okay to let loose once in a while.

      • Kristie


  • Azrakun Blue

    Garance is just such an inspiration: full of positive energy and zest for life...

    Her hair look amazing! But then yeah, i have same hesitations about keratin...

  • Guest

    I do not understand how you can move here from France, live, work, etc. What kind of visa do you need for that? Because you certainly can't up and move to France and do the same thing.

    • Caroline Mt

      of course you can do it! as long as you have a business or a job you can go to any country you want! for artists there is this visa called "special talent", i know friends (photographers) that are using it to work in America.
      by the way in term of immigration, france is well more opened than america.

      cheers from paris

      • Guest

        I lived in France for 11 years. Much of my time was spent at one prefecture or another, making sure my papers were in order. It was a never-ending cycle. Employers have to certify that you are the only one who can do your job, OR you have to show that you have enough money that you will not be a burden on society. Pas tres amusant.

        Cheers from the States

        • Bettina

          It's exactly the same thing in the US: you must certify that you are the only one who can do your job and that you are not stealing it from an American, or you have to have a LOT of money. And if you lose your job, you must go back to your country since your working visa is directly linked to your position in that specific company.

          • softy

            i used to for one of the top financial institutions in the world taking care of this stuff for some of their employees - trust me, it's not that difficult. a lot of loopholes.

  • Lera

    I am working from home. And every time I am thinking to change the job to get out of the house - the inconvenience of the morning rush (traffic, etc.) stresses me out, even to think about it. And my office is upstairs. :-)

  • Sophie

    I love Garance. Such an inspiring and funny lady, I adore her blog. :)

  • Alice

    pahaha I guess I shouldn't even mention my daily baguette with cream goat cheese.... these nutrition-centered people don't know what they're missing

  • Angelo

    Garance's site is amazing. She's kind of what I wish my spirit animal was...

  • Molly Young

    I love everything about this except the image of massaging Scott with body oil!

    • Sara Siguion-Reyna

      This is probably the greatest comment on ITG hahahahahha.

  • nicolecontrol

    Shout out to the keratin treatment! I love it, it has totally changed my life. The best part about it is that if you let it air dry, it will totally take on a lovely natural glossy wave that keeps on relaxing into a soft curl over time. The chemical aspect is not great, but I tell myself that since I don't color or use any other treatments, that it all evens out in the end.

  • Celeste

    I love her simplistic approach to makeup :) I don't understand how people can pile it on in the morning with accuracy either.

  • Alexandra

    This is such fun!! I love hearing about Garance's routine. It's so interesting hearing about her here, versus through her "voice" on the blog. She is such an inspiration, and it's fun to get this look behind the scenes!
    Thank you!

  • freudianslippers

    i am fangirling so hard over this right now.
    i LOVE how into celebrating life garance is (though it makes me really sad to hear that breakfast no longer does that for her!). it's an inspiration to me and a reminder to try to do everything with joy.

  • Emma

    I love her blog and am so happy to see her here!! Her illustrations and her voice on the blog are so lovely, original and unexpected... and I'm so crazy about her new short haircut! Makes me want to chop it all off too.

  • Margaret

    Her lamp is perfection! Any chance she can share where it's from?

  • Restless Blonde

    Great Top Shelf. What a funny woman :) I like her blog. And her approach to beauty also feels good to me.

  • sharoi

    looove her!

  • Vicki

    I love reading a Top Shelf where there is a mix of high and low end products. In a way it almost seems more "chic" to see a drugstore eyeliner or mascara thrown in with Chanel powder or something! I also thought it was a little sad when she said her mornings used to be a celebration of life but now aren't because of food! :(

  • Izzy Cole

    Garance is the best! I agree with the above poster, this is the combination of the two greatest blogs out there.

  • Katherine

    I absolutely love Garance, and I think she's most definitely a blogging icon. She's beautiful with a positive yet realistic outlook on life, and I think she is just spectacular.

  • FIrnheledien

    I was just on her blog and thinking that she totally deserves a top shelf! Great one. :)

  • Aliya

    I really love Garance. I look up to her a lot, & she seems so unassuming and down-to-earth. I'm a little sad though at how living in America seems to be affecting or taking away her French attitude towards diet and health. Of course, this is probably a over-estimation on my part, but I can just read how our obsession with "nutrition," diet, and our measurement of happiness with weight loss is starting to influence or affect her, and it's a negative influence.

    "I wanted to look better—I felt horrible about myself. Now I feel a little bit better, but I still have a little ways to go."

    I just wonder if she still felt this way when she lived in France.

  • k8

    totally off-topic but all this talk about facials and spas is remind me of all my skin problems, and i could use some pores have been so clogged recently and it's really bumming me out :c what do y'all do to get rid of bumpy, clogged, and overall blegh skin? should i be exfoliating more? is it my makeup/cleanser/moisturizer? (i use missha's perfect cover bb cream, josie maran's argan oil cleanser, lush's eau roma water toner, and lush's celestial moisturizer if that helps idk)

    • Elaine R

      I found when i was using an oil cleanser my pores got worse even though the overall appearance of my skin was radiant. so weird! now i don't wash with the oil cleanser and went with b. kamins vegetable cleanser (so gentle!), moisturize with rosehip seed oil (good for my dry skin, and dirt cheap), and then gently exfoliate once every two weeks (approx!) with baking soda. Obviously the same routines dont work for everyone, but I just thought I'd give you a second opinion. maybe swap out the josie maran for something else?

    • FF

      From personal experience, there IS such a thing as doing too much. I was addicted to "fixing my skin" and it wasn't until I started the Oil Cleansing Method (I highly recommend but it is not for everyone) that I learned to calm down and let it fix itself. All I could see in myself day after day was how clogged, blotchy, uneven, and generally blah my skin looked. Terrible feeling. I was using a gentle cleanser and moisturizer, then I started switching it up and adding masks a couple times a week. Didn't seem to help at all, tried to keep adding stuff in like exfoliators, etc.

      And I just got to the point where my skin was deeply unhappy and I really decided it was time to give OCM a try. I was reluctant due to reading so many reviews which are 2/3 ecstatic and 1/3 hatefully negative. I also did not want to give up all my "skincare findings" (beautiful labels, nice products in nice packages). Again, its not for everyone, some people will tell you it wrecked havoc on their skin, I didn't have acne per se, just irritated/overall blah skin. But it did WONDERS for me. I have never had such a simple routine ever and my skin has never looked better. My relationship with finding the "perfect wonder product" is over.

  • Barbara_Barbsye

    G.D. was one of the first blog to catch my eye...great photos but not only...There's something MORE than that, it exudes art. About breakfast: please G., go back to your (healthy) french habits and enjoy that sacrosante Bread and Butter!After all, If they named an art festival after it, one can't be wrong! :-) (Scott, Shame-an!)

  • Théa Unknown

    I like Garance so much, best blogger woman :)


  • Dea

    I love Garance! She's an amazing woman, I think he looks great despite her "ways to go". xx

  • soraya

    I loved this interview, 2 of my favorites in the industry of blogging together. You are both amazing. xoxo

  • Maya Shaw

    Garance!!! Now we just need Solange, Jenna Lyons and Beyonce :D

  • Cassie Piasecki

    When Garance talks about what she used to in France and what she eats says a lot about our culture in the states. Women in Paris are lovely. They don't look like they "try" the way we do here. And, in many cases they do eat whatever and still manage to look lithe in their perfect jeans and heels. Why is it? Is it the chemicals in our food? Is it the fact that we don't walk everywhere? I can't wait to move there (someday) and find out!


    • Barbara_Barbsye

      You know, I was in Paris for a period and think that it comes down to three things: a) the food is Fresh. Everywhere, not only in the best restaurants. Even in the french version of fast foods. b) you walk a lot. I mean, a lot, and you won't even notice, even to change one line in the tube means stairs and stairs, up and down, more than in other cities. c) this might seem tot crazy, but all the beauty in the air and around you and the attitude towards life just make you more beautiful. It's crazy, i know, but after a while you actually start morphing into a more beautiful yourself, your gestures are softer, your posture leaner... god I want to move back there!!!!

  • rena

    love Garance's top shelf and I like how she is honest about her preferred breakfast x
    read my first beauty post here:

  • princessglee

    My mornings used to be a celebration of life and now it’s like, ‘Ok…’
    Gasp,that ain't right. Take your mornings back and have your bread, butter and jam.

  • Lana

    LOVE THIS LADY. However, yes, you need to put foundation all over if indeed you are using foundation, it is a completely different texture than skin can't mimic the skin's texture, but you can make the color.
    Other than that, I love her walking of speaking. She seems like an marvelous person to observe in terms of lifestyle and beauty routine.
    Massages and Facials get me high too. Sigh.

  • Jaq Fonte

    What?! No going to the hammam?! Blasphemy Garance! Lol, even if I don't want to be scrubbed, I go just to ogle the interiors. (I have not yet found a place in LA or NYC that is traditional, but if you're abroad and have the opportunity, just goooo!)

    Google hammams ITGers, and prepare to have your mind blowwwwn.

    • Semara Simu Shahin

      It's on my Spa Bucket List! To go to a hammam that is :D x

  • Ruth


    J'adore les cheveux! Maintenant, vous êtes magnifique. J'ai soixante-xxxxx ans mais j'aime beaucoup votre blog. Vous me faites sourire.....Merci!

  • Stacey Nishimoto

    She has to be a Taurus

  • Shari

    Loved reading this interview G! :)

  • hclsaltaicd

    I think when she says "America" what she really means is the fashion scene in Manhattan. I love Garance and her blog, but I guess the rest of the US is much different... and does eat bread + jam :)
    I'm from Europe, too, so I can very much relate to her. She's such an inspiration.

  • mamavalveeta03

    LOVE Garance!

  • Tizzy

    At least in Paris, we can eat bread and goat cheese and wash it down with red wine and not feel guilty about it. I think Americans have a real love/ hate relationship with food. But the real problem is that the FDA has ok's so many dangerous chemicals and pesticides that the food has become unhealthy. Yes, there are tons of pesticides too in France but at least the GMO's are labeled.
    I actually think Scott is pretty cool too. You got to be careful not to judge print so much. I am sure Garance would not stay with SCott if he was so critical and mean! SHe did move across the Atlantic to be with him...


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