Charlotte Tilbury’s ‘The Perfect Brow’

Crafting the “perfect brow” is sort of the Mount Everest of beauty "basics"—many have fallen, or been otherwise foiled, in their attempt to reach the top (AKA the perfect arch). Some of us made mistakes in middle and high school, for which we are still paying. Should you pluck or wax? Or should you go caveman and wear them au naturel? Well, whatever your preference at the moment, it seems like the new trend, if you can call it that, is to replicate the 1950s-esque bold brow. Credit Cara Delevingne (she should be a paid spokeswoman for the thick brow), or even this month's Winona Ryder Interview cover, but we have become increasingly focused on our lower foreheads.

But what to do? Ask today's Top Shelf subject, Charlotte Tilbury. Just in the nick of time, the makeup-artist extraordinaire teamed up with Net-A-Porter to teach the brow-befuddled among us how to emulate Cara on a daily basis—consider it a less permanent homage to the 'It' model than a lion finger tattoo. Cheers!

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  • carla

    What make-up does she have on? Especially the eyes...

  • circafashion

    What products does she use?

    • shirin

      they're listed at the end of the vid

      • circafashion


      • magpie

        She didn't mention the brand of her clear eyebrow gel, so I'll plug my own favorite--Ardell Brow and Lash enhancer.

        Does a great job of keeping powdery eyebrow tints in place, and over time (I've found) has even helped me fill in brow areas that are naturally rather bald, like my ends. Also, crazy cheap.

  • Shara

    Yesss. If I can only put on one item of makeup, that will be my eyebrow pencil. It just makes you look so done, almost like a bold lipstick, but in a more subtle, unsung-hero way.

    Btw, not to complain or anything (really, because I love ITG) but can you guys have a more.. regular schedule for posts? I visit the site every day and I notice sometimes you'll have two or three posts within a few hours and then zero post the next day? :/ Again, really not complaining, just a suggestion :) *pleasedonthateme*

    • magpie

      True true true about the brows! Makes you so polished, so fast.

  • LGandaB

    I feel like in person- at conversation distance- the whole area she filled in under the arch would look really unnatural. I'm all for enhancing (filling in) the natural shape of my eyebrows with pencil and brow gel, but I don't want to look like someone with pencil on her face.

    • Kattttt

      I think that's true for most of the makeup Charlotte Tilbury does. All her looks are SO amazing at a distance, but I've noticed in her videos that the skin usually looks quite rough up close, the brows look powdery, etc.

  • elly

    the model reminds me so much of gwyneth paltrow!

  • Guest

    I'm not a fan of such overgrown brows, but I do agree that an eyebrow pencil is key. It would be among my "desert island three" with the other two being tweezers and a good sunblock.

  • giggledrugtrain

    I'm actually going to try this-I loved how it looked on the model, although I suspect it might be a bit much for everyday, the tips were a great starting point. I've never done the measuring thing and putting dots like that, so I think I will have to play around with that. I was also surprised to see how light the brow color was-I'm a dark brunette but I've never used a lighter shade as was used on the model, even though I'm about the same color.

  • Samantha Ashby

    ITG - Can you do a post on the best places to get your eyebrows done in
    NYC (and perhaps other major cities)? Would love to hear what you think.

  • Amy {Voguette}

    I guess I should feel lucky now because my eyebrows are naturally bold! X.

  • I<3Bey

    Since you are doing video tutorials these days can we please have a video how to do all of the amazing looks in queen bey's countdown video?

  • Behind the Mirror

    Smashbox Eyebrow Tech & Wet & Wild Ultimate Brow Kit work great!!! Recently posted tips for girls with little to no eyebrows. I would love you to check it! let me know your thoughts!

  • Sara

    Not a fan of these eyebrows. Too aggressive, and looking so unnatural.

    • Suze

      Unnatural? That's how my eyebrows grow naturally. I think filling in her thin eyebrows may be a bit much, but the look with real eyebrow hair, like on Miss Delavigne, is rather arresting and more natural than a thinly plucked brow.