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Maybe it’s the recent solar eclipse (according to Astrology Zone, I was meant to see “the big message” on Friday…), or maybe it’s just that tax season is finally over, but I’ve been working on getting a little more zen lately. And, sure, it’s nice to sit back and accept “the things I cannot change” but that’s easier said than done when your skin has been vacillating from dry to oily and back again since the autumnal equinox (for this, I can thank the radiator in my “quaint” pre-war apartment that JUST WON’T QUIT.  Landlords of New York, do you hear me?)

Over the past few months, I’ve amassed quite a collection of washes, lotions, and serums in hopes of taking back the reins on my epidermis. So when I came across a perfectly pink little tub of Aurelia’s Miracle Cleanser, I thought, you know what? Prove it. Go ahead: make my day.

The über-creamy concoction’s aromatic mix of chamomile, eucalyptus, and rosemary essential oils wafted northward—nasal-ward?—upon unscrewing the lid, and I felt my breathing sloowwww down. There’s something very Vicks-VapoRub-via-an-organic-farm-in-Nice about the smell that’s soothing in that ‘holistic’ way. (Upon closer inspection of the label, Aurelia is, in fact, a “bio-organic” line.) I gently rubbed the cream right on to my dry skin, on top of make up and all, with upward, circular motions. It already felt incredible—so gentle and not at all greasy (my skin is very reactive to oil). Then came the best part: the antibacterial muslin cloth. It’s really no wonder they wrap babies in muslin because this finely-woven swatch of organic bamboo felt like it was knit from the hairs of cherubs. I pressed the hot and damp cloth over my face for a mini steam before removing the cleanser. That wonder washcloth wiped away a day’s worth of buildup—makeup, grime, and dead skin cells—while apparently “stimulating circulation.” I felt smooth, hydrated, balanced, and overall unwound: a rebirth, if you will. "Eclipse season" promises its fair share of seismic shifts, and I'm still waiting on that big message, but at least Aurelia and I have got the cleansing thing under control.

—Mackenzie Wagoner

Photos by Elizabeth Brockway.

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  • Nina

    I was introduced to the whole muslin cloth thing by Eve Lom and even though I don't use her cleanser anymore (guess the mineral oil got too much for my sensitive oily skin) I still LOVE LOVE LOVE the cloth! I find it so comforting and relaxing.

  • georgeandbear

    I wonder how it compares to the Emma Hardie Moringa Cleanser. Hmmmmmm....

    • nicolecontrol

      I had the same question. I am an Emma Hardie devotee.

  • Jenny

    Wow. As it happens, I just ordered a tub of this from Net a Porter yesterday, and today it's featured on ITG! I've heard some GREAT things about this cleanser on European Skincare blogs, but when I last searched for it, I couldn't find even a single Stateside stockist. I was willing to shell out £12 for shipping when I Googled it yesterday and realised Net-a-Porter now carry this like. In general, I think Europe is streets ahead of America when it comes to 'natural' brands that actually work, possibly due to the plethora of regulations imposed by the EU which doesn't appear to be quite as beholden to corporate interests as the American government appears to be.

  • Kharina SternerJones

    Muslin smooshlin. I will stick to my flannel forever. Keep the heat for longer and is cheaper. Interesting cleanser though, will check it out. Does it contain Shea Butter? Am a little afraid of that stuff as it can make my face break out. ;)

  • Lazy Girl

    Im a no fuss no mess (did I say that right?--- I'm guessing no but you get the point) kinda gal and was wondering- can I use this without the muslin cloth? As in- can I apply et massage and hop into the shower and let water have its way with my face? or does it have to be meticulously removed with the cloth?

    • Lazy girl 2

      I agree- beauty gurus please help!

      • Lilly

        Hi ladies - you do not need to use the muslin cloth to remove it. This is not a balm cleanser, it's a light, fluffy cream. However, using a wash cloth or a cotton round would help to cleanse deeper, because of the gentle massaging action. It really depends on your skin type (whether is very sensitive or normal) and on how much makeup you use (you may want to double cleanse and use a cloth to massage your face if you use a lot of makeup). hope this helps, feel free to contact me if you have anymore questions.
        Lilly @GenuineGlow

    • Holly

      The muslin is usually necessary to get these balm-type cleansers off thoroughly. I've never tried this personally, but my bet is that with all the shea and cocoa butter, a shower wouldn't cut it.

    • freudianslippers

      shower won't cut it but meticulous is not necessary. you can rub it on, hop in the shower, let the steam do its work, and wipe it off with a face cloth. if that's still easy peasy enough for you, go forth! i recommend stark's grapefruit cleansing balm, p.s.

  • Spark Your Self

    Ooh this looks gorgeous! I've been using the Stark Grapefruit Cleanser which sounds quite similar... creamy and oily and delicious! x

  • Catherine

    I've tried both, and Liz Earle is significantly cheaper for a reason.

  • Geeta

    If you love EH Moringa Balm and the more natural versions, you should try So Pure Skincare Nourishing Balm Cleanser-

  • AA

    shame it has Shea Butter in it!

    • Elaine R

      Are you also allergic to shea butter?!?!? Have I found what seems like the only other person allergic to shea? Jesus that shit is in EVERYTHING now.

  • Aurélia Diotima Bode

    It' a skincare brand with my name.. It has to be good.

  • enemell

    I concur with Catherine, below. I really hate the Liz Earle cleanser.

  • Ella

    This stuff is amazing. In fact the whole Aurelia line is. I live in London and people have been raving about for a while. If you have oily or problematic skin it is a total godsend and will even out and calm your complexion in a matter of days. It also smells divine.

    • Lilly

      Totally agree with you Ella! I love it so so much! xx

  • Emma Larssen

    I've been using Eve Lom cleanser for a while and I love it. I wonder if this Aurelia cleanser is better than Eve Lom.

  • Leigh Harding

    Very jealous. Can't get this in South Africa yet. But in 2 months I'll pick up some when in LA - sounds like a divine product!





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