From the Set: Wendy Rowe Bats For Lashes


The Shoot: Vogue Italia March 2013, photographed by Camilla Akrans

The Artist: Wendy Rowe

Mood/Inspiration: "The feeling was 'Sixties,' which is super easy to do with Moa [the model], since, with makeup, she looks so much like Jean Shrimpton. I made the makeup graphic, and did loads of lashes. Each photo was like an optical illusion."

Hero Product: "Single lashes. They're a great way to enhance your natural lash for a fuller look, without making them look overdone and false. I like ones by Shu Uemura or Elite."

Application Tips: "You can pop individual lashes in where your own lashes are sparse. Remember, you need to glue them to the root of your own lashes, on top of them. If you place them on the skin, you will see them. Always let the dot of glue dry on the individual lash for 30 seconds before applying it. For best results and the most natural blend, apply a light coat of mascara before applying the false lashes. Then apply your individual lashes, and once you have done this, apply another light coat of mascara to the lashes and  false lashes, as this helps them blend them together. To finish off, add a heavier coat of mascara to the natural lashes only, to create the same thickness. If you find this hard to do, there is an easier way: buy a full-strip lash, cut it into quarters, using the increased surface area to help apply it to the lash line, then just follow the same steps as before. You can put them on the outer corner, for a cat-like feel. To make the 'bend' seamless, apply a super-fine liner along the root of all lashes."

*[Ed. note: We made a pretty sweet individual lash how-to video with Jeanine Lobell and her daughter Esmé, which you can watch here.]

Photos courtesy of Moa Aberg and Wendy Rowe.

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  • Lindsey Schuyler

    omg The Tape!

  • Michelle

    Love the look! What is the lip color in photo 1 and 2? Obsessed! Gorgeous :)