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Stone Fox Bride isn't your typical bridal boutique (their motto is "Fuck Weddings"). So it figures that owner Molly Guy's new line wouldn't be comprised of the princess gowns and mermaid silhouettes you see on TLC's Say Yes To The Dress. (Is anyone else strangely addicted to that show? Anyone?) In Molly's eyes, brides should be able to wear their dresses to say "I do" on a Saturday, dye 'em a different color on Sunday, and wear them out to dinner on Wednesday. She also recommends doing your own makeup ("Stila Convertible Color in Peony is your best friend") on the big day. She's cool like that. Anyway, for her first in-house collection, Molly went atypical all the way—and that extended to her lookbook. She enlisted fashion and art photographer Cass Bird to shoot, and friends like Jemima Kirke, Mandy Coon, and Pamela Love to model. Here's what she was thinking:

"Cass Bird is the ultimate Stone Fox —a beautiful, electrifying, creative force who has captured the zeitgeist with her raw, omnivorous eye for feminine truth and beauty. The models are all creative collaborators and friends of SFB—rad and complicated downtown powerhouses who embody both the darkness and light that makes up our crazy fair city of NYC. Pam [Love]’s a wild-hearted Navajo-inspired jewelry designer and Joan Didion aficionado. Jemima is a painter-turned-actress who believes that, in her past life, she was a child prostitute and junkie. (In real life she wears fancy cashmere sweaters and is a Brooklyn mother-of-two married to a nice Jewish lawyer.) Mandy [Coon] is a punk couture designer from Texas whose dyed-black hair and spiked bracelets belie her tender demeanor and gentle artistry. On the day of the shoot, we pulled in other models—our Sales Director Matt, Cass’ assistant Eric, our PA Mirella, and even Cass, herself. People laughed and cried and got naked and made out. It was a chaotic, spirited, out-of-control obscene celebration of good vibes and abundant beauty. Totally messy and amazing. Just like marriage. And love. We could think of no better way to kick off our first collection."

Now who's ready to say yes to the dress?

Images from the Stone Fox Bride lookbook shot by Cass Bird.

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  • maashmaash

    "Fuck weddings" but their dresses cost up to $5000? Hmmm

    They are really pretty though.

    • Leda

      I take "fuck weddings" to mean "fuck the wedding industry" really. Nothing wrong with spending a lot of money on a gorgeous dress, and it sure is nice to have options other than Vera and that stuffy lot.

  • lauren

    Not to harp on the negative, I love ITG, but can there be a NSFW warning on articles with nude photos? I'm definitely flagged at work after this and the coachella photos today.

  • Shawn Burke

    Fucking amazing! Fucking genius and it's about fucking time !

  • Jennifer Blakney

    Cute concept, but in my experience the people who usually say "fuck weddings" oppose the high price tags that come with anything that has "wedding" slapped on to it. This is usually because they're strapped for cash and/or oppose the idea of an opulent wedding as a status symbol. If these dresses were all under the $1000 mark (or, heaven forbid, even under $500) I could get down with Stone Fox Bride a bit more. They have provided me with inspiration to make my own when the time comes (the styles are quite simple), so, thanks for that!

    • molly

      hi jennifer! its molly from sfb. we also carry amazing vintage dresses that start at 500 and up... alot of them look super sexy with our fresh flower crowns. we love working with gals on a budget cuz it makes up super creative. come by!

      • Anon

        'A lot.'

        • Lischelt

          I think we all managed the translation of "a lot" from "alot" without the clarification.

          C'mon guys, let's keep ITG's comments section fun! Please?

      • Ruby

        I call bull. I went to your shop and there was maybe one piece around $500 and it was a vintage Indian dress that other shops sell for $150-250 max. This is overpriced hipster wannabe crap. "Fuck weddings" but we're still gonna f*ck you (and your wallet).

  • Holly

    Would love to see a Top Shelf on Jemima Kirke!

  • Babou

    My name is Babou and I am addicted to "Say yes to the dress"
    Tonight I am alone at home and am looking forward to indulging this guilty pleasure...

    Those dresses are nice, but they are a bit blah... and I am not sure about the editorial line of their pictures... weddings are about love, not about shocking people...

    And the Frida looks a lot like a Delphine Manivet dress you can see here:
    DM's seems to be made in a much nicer fabric that drapes beautifully

  • carrie

    I love SYTTD. I can't ever imagine myself spending more than $$$$ on a dress (well, yes I can, I just don't want to pay for the rest of the wedding) and I wish the styles of the women who come on the show varied a little more (can we get some fashion in there?), but it is fun to share that special moment with them and see women of all shapes, sizes, colors, and orientations have their moment.

  • Avalon

    perfect for overpriced hipster weddings

  • Guest

    Could be interesting, but the prefabricated "uniqueness" makes the idea feel less special. Plus the pictures and the description of the whole thing seem like attention-seeking, carefully crafted "coolness."

    Sorry to be a downer! Still love and am inspired by ITG.

  • Alyisha

    Vera Fucking Wang ditched the idea of the white dress and I yawned 1000 times. For me there is something cool, ironic, and traditional about this collection. I'm NOT A DISNEY PRINCESS, I'm a human being. This collection touched on that for me. It did not bore me - it inspired me. Sounds like you had a bad experience at art school.

    • Guest

      Hey Alyisha,

      I had a great experience at art school. Thanks for asking.

      I also had a terrific wedding a few years ago. I wore red. If "Vera Fucking Wang" had been an option for me at the time, I might have opted for one of the black dresses that she recently showed. I'm not a Disney Princess (whatever the hell THAT is,) either. We have something in common. Imagine!

      I'm glad you liked the dresses and the photos. I didn't care for either. What I do like, however, is the fact that ITG allows a range of opinions -- but very few personal attacks -- in their comment section. Have a great day!

  • murt

    The photos are fun and the dresses are cute, but the whole thing seems really conventional - and traditional in a way - when I guess they're trying to achieve the opposite.

    If I ever decided to get married though and wanted to have a western-style wedding I'd check out their selection.

  • lena

    I agree totally, and you're pretty hilarious BTW. Art school use of a same-sex kiss to be "innovative" is so 1990.

  • lana


  • Heather P.

    While I wouldn't have wear half of those dresses, I think it's cool that people are starting to think outside the box with wedding attire. I ended up buying a simple dress from Macy's, did my own makeup, and still wear the purple heels I rocked on my wedding day 2 years ago.

    For those of us without the budget or the desire to buy the "typical" wedding dress, I'm glad someone out there has our backs!

  • Lila

    there really is something simple and just carefree about these dresses. i'd wear one to my own wedding, definitely

  • A.C.

    Yes. I am addicted to Say Yes To The Dress.

  • Sara

    I got all excited when I first saw Jemima Kirke thinking this was a Top Shelf.

  • Natalia

    But oh my God Jemima's hair! How?!

  • Behind the Mirror

    I love that one of the couples in the lookbook is a gay couple. My best friend recently married the girl of her dreams here in New York... I put a post up about the beauty tricks used to celebrate... Would love you to check it out!