Kel Hearts Clinique’s Shadow Tints


We think there's a thing called 'product love,' and it's not "oh, yeah I love this product I've been using for two years." It's falling in love with a product, and it happens to all of us. Some of us may remember our first time; for others, it was forgettable. But there's really nothing quite like that adrenaline-fueled, wide-eyed sensation—perhaps accompanied by a squeal of joy, a child-like wonder—when you try something new (a lipstick, a mascara, a bronzer) and are all about it. Discovery. Case in point? Kel Markey, the hot-to-trot Florida-born model who had a moment at the Gloffice recently. Here's the scene:

"These are cool," she semi-whispers, grazing her fingers across some pencils in a pile on the table. "These are new? Chubby sticks...hmm. That green is really pretty."

Okay, let's try it! Emily spends 1.5 minutes smudging it all around her eyes.

"Is my eyelid still super dry? That’s so weird. Just because it’s been cold, I guess."

Done. Kel looks up in the mirror.

"Oh, wow. Yeah, it looks like nothing..."

She untucks her hair from behind her ears, gives it a shake, and sits up a little straighter.

"I feel like, beautiful."

Her head goes side to side in examination.

"I kind of like it..."

Ooh, there it is! The widening of the eyes. The smile. 

"Oooh, fierce! I really like it. I’m usually such a non-eye shadow person.

We love playing matchmaker.

Kel Markey, wearing Clinique Chubby Stick Shadow Tint For Eyes in Mighty Moss, photographed by Emily Weiss in New York on February 6th, 2013.

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  • Cat

    I would have NEVER seen myself buying green eyeshadow, but I also fell in LOVE with the mighty moss chubby stick. When it comes to eyes, I always stick to brown/tan/golden neutrals, but on my last trip to the clinique counter I left with this, and the lavander eye chubbys. Such gloriously subtle yet hypnotizing colours.

  • Lucy Apted

    These chubby sticks are indreamaze!! Next to buy another one.

  • Charlotte

    Thank you for the tip! Which colour is Kel wearing? Thank you advance, Charlotte

  • Lauren P

    Looks like a beautiful eyeshadow. Falling in love with a product is quite amazing. There are a few products that I can't imagine not owning. I love how well you documented that falling in love with makeup moment.

  • shana

    What lip product is she wearing? Love it!

  • B.

    Check out the Laura Mercier Caviar Sticks! They blend well, but set nicely. It makes a nice sheer tint, but you can also layer for deeper color without it getting cake-y/crepe-y.

  • goodyay

    Curious if this might be "Whopping Willow" on her eyes, and not "Mighty Moss"? I've used "Mighty Moss" and it's super, dark green as opposed to the golden tint on her eyes, which is much more "whopping Willow". If it is indeed "Might Moss" - can you share what you might have blended it with to give it that hue?