How To Look Good Pregnant


While none of us here at the Gloffice have ever had the pleasure of being pregnant, we have watched more or less every woman in New York City stroll around looking impossibly cool while carrying a human inside her belly (note: "belly" is not the scientifically accurate term). But recently what caught our attention was a certain pregnant celebrity whose offspring may just challenge Blue Ivy's seat on the Greatest Celebrity Baby Ever throne. Obviously we're talking about Kimye's unborn superstar.

Poor Kim has been ridiculed all over the tabloids, Internet, and late-night talkshows. The woman is growing a human from scratch! Give her a break! Sure, she may be struggling here and there with outfits that compliment her new shape, but props to her for not foregoing fashion while pregnant. And seeing her many ensembles made us think about which other lovely ladies have taken their new bodies in stride, making burgeoning bumps chic to a point of...dare we say jealousy? From the French fashion editors (see: Julia von Boehm, Mélanie Huynh, and Géraldine Saglio) who have embraced predominantly black, usually tight ensembles, to the monarchs who used  purses to shield their growing bumps (Grace Kelly, Hermès bag, cough), these ladies sure know how to dress their new bodies. Behold: the women we aspire to resemble if/when we find ourselves in their position. And, of course, let us know if we're missing anyone!

P.S. Who else is unreasonably excited for this baby's arrival? Just think about the beautiful music Kanye is going to write about his child. So great.

[1] Kim Kardashian, [2] Grace Kelly, [3] Gisele Bündchen, [4] Beyonce, [5] Natalia Vodianova, [6] Gwyneth Paltrow, [7] Julia von Boehm, [8] Sienna Miller, [9] Julia Restoin Roitfeld, [10] Geraldine Saglio, [11] Claudia Schiffer, [12] Jennifer Connelly, [13] Gwyneth Paltrow, [14] Miroslava Duma, [15] Claudia Schiffer, [16] Alessandra Ambrosio, [17] Anjelina Jolie, [18] Princess Diana, [19] Gisele Bündchen, [20] Halle Berry, [21] January Jones, [22] Mélanie Huynh, [23] Michelle Williams and Heath Ledger, [24] Jennifer Lopez, [25] Natalia Vodianova, [26] Gisele Bündchen, [27] Natalie Portman, [28] Penelope Cruz, [29] Sienna Miller, [30] Stella McCartney, [31] Anya Ziourova, [32] Kate Moss, [33] David and Victoria Beckham

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  • KMG

    While i agree with you that people are (almost) unreasonably critical of kim i'm not sure that I would put her in the same category as the other mommies pictured. They all make pregnancy look tres chic but they also wore clothes that were what i would say are more pregnancy friendly. I doubt that trying to stretch a leather pencil skirt over your growing belly is comfortable or even safe but what do i know...I've never grown a human from scratch.

    • Ada

      I don't think you're being very fair to her. The point is SHE IS growing another human and trying to get use to being a curvy woman carrying a child. She's learning how to dress, STILL keep her style, and be pregnant. She shouldn't feel obligated to totally change her style just because she's about to be a mother. She's a woman too and she has her own style and her own presence which is literally being changed very quickly. No one should be judging her so callously as to say she SHOULD do this or that. You won't see me rocking rachet sweat pants and sneakers just because I'm pregnant. I'm a woman who takes pride in her appearance and loves to primp and feel beautiful. And that will never change.
      P.S. You'd be surprised how safe it is for her to wear whatever she wants. There is a reason why the female stomach gets very hard when a baby is on board. Women work out when pregnant, they go from point A to point B. We are made to carry precious cargo but we are more than just incubators.

      • KMG

        I think you are reading too much into my comment...I am not at all judging Kim nor did I say what she should wear I just think she looks a bit uncomfortable. As far as I know no one ever said that "rachet sweatpants and sneakers" is what must be worn when pregnant, it is also not the only other option to a leather pencil skirt.

        Also, Kim is not the first curvy woman to be pregnant, most women where I am from and in my family are curvy and have managed to look perfectly fine when pregnant without looking uncomfortable.

  • Dayna

    Are you trying to make us cry with that shot of Heath and Michelle? Because it's working.

    • Lana Nasser

      Indeed. :'(

    • Ada

      Right? :( May he continue to rest in peace. :/

  • disqus_itHAmWZZgE

    I don't forget Miranda Kerr. I think she looked really good while she was pregnant.

  • bluesky557

    Ah. So the answer to looking good while pregnant is to be someone who is paid for looking good.

  • Bonnie Clyde

    Love them!!


  • Muj

    what about sofia coppola and charlotte gainsbourg? they both looked pretty great pregnant

    • mermaidsdream

      Good God, from the front she doesn't even look pregnant.

  • Demetrius


  • julia

    Gwyneth looks incredible in all these. Also thought Kristen Bell was the cutest darn pregnant lady out there.

  • julia

    Can you do one on pregnancy beauty and skincare too?!

  • CHB

    How can you forget Kate Middleton!

  • Laura

    Nice post and pics! Btw. Julia von boehm is german, not french (not that it matters much..) tx

  • Couteau

    Most of them err on the side of looking or trying to look sexy, like they're unprepared to let go of sex appeal for a few months.

    Sky high heels, for instance, look perilous.

    • Miss Y.

      Indeed. Julia Von Boehm's nipples = too much information. I did not want to see that. (the rest of the outfit is hideous as well btw)

    • partondolly

      Er, sorry, but why is "letting go of sex appeal for a few months" necessary? You state that like it's a rule. Are pregnancy and sex appeal mutually exclusive? That's sort of what you're implying, but every woman -- and her sense of personal style throughout various stages of her life -- is different, and should be able to express themselves without that sort of judgment.

  • Paty


    I'm posting looks from L.A. and accessories:

  • The Model Burnbook

    Concealing baby bump with $10,000 handbag, well played Grace.

  • Bridge

    Nicole richie was beautiful pregnant too!

  • Kassie lee

    lovely post, I have a daughter and well I was pregnant with her I wore the worst clothing every it was so hard to look stylin well being pregnant

  • Miss Y.

    I actually thought that Kourtney Kardashian looked absolutely fab on the show during her last pregnancy. Sure, she probably gets the clothes for free but who cares. She was so radiant and gorgeous, and the clothes were colourful...

  • Guest

    Kim Kardashian? Right. Make sex tape. Promote trash TV. Get married for a few weeks. Get pregnant by someone who is not your husband. Stretch leather skirt over your bulging frame. Stay vapid. Yes. That's the woman I want my daughters to emulate!

    • Shannah

      "Get pregnant by someone who is not your husband". Please, this is 2013 not 1913. Check your ignorance girl. Enough of the negativity - it's not a good look on you.

    • ZombieDogs

      You sound so completely judgmental and rude. Why not try supporting your fellow woman? Good for Kim, she seems happy. I hope my daughters will choose whichever path makes them happy and content in life.

  • Hailey

    People are ridiculing Kim Kardashian because she's choosing close to HIDE her pregnant belly! All the other women look fabulous because they're embracing it!

  • Jill

    Grace Kelly was NOT pregnant in the photo you featured, which was taken January 5, 1956, the day she and Prince Rainier announced their engagement. Also, according to H. Kristina Haugland, author of Grace Kelly Style, it is a complete myth that Grace was ever featured on the cover of a magazine trying to hide her baby bump using her Hermes bag (or any other bag). I just interviewed her for a feature on my blog on this very subject. I hope to post it this week. Stop by and read it!

  • suzanne

    Pregnancy is usually a drag. Trust me, I've had two kids. I felt like I was going to puke every minute, had terrible headaches, fatigue and swelling at the end. If any woman, even those who love fashion are expected to or even applauded for staying fashionable, we have reached a new low as human beings. How about supporting women during pregnancy and not having such unrealistic expectations. RELAX. Embrace comfort. Do what you gotta do and screw those who care about how you look. I'm so glad I'm NOT a celebrity.

  • Sasha

    Kate Middleton?


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