How To Clean Your Face: Part 2

At long last, you've gained some insight into how to properly cleanse your face. But what about all that serum/lotion/cream you're using? Even though I love the old expression "slapping on some rouge" (so retro!), you probably shouldn't actually slap anything on your face. You should love your skin! No, really, love your skin: touch it, caress it. And if you're not sure how—well, you're not alone. Yes, some products come with diagrams or entire pamphlets about application, but we prefer watching Isabelle Bellis. Here she is, back in action, demonstrating various techniques (including "pianotage," the act of tapping one's fingers over the face as you would the keys of a baby grand) for applying products post-cleansing. We're particularly appreciative of the eye cream demo. You learn something new every day.

—Emily Weiss

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  • Angela_E

    I wish she was a bit more specific about the oil and creme applications. I apply an oil all over my face, followed by a creme moisturizer. I think she might have said something about mixing them, and now I'm wondering if it's better to mix the oil and creme moisturizer and apply them together at the same time. Anyone know?

  • sava

    I've been waiting all weekend to see this! I have been practicing how to 'swim'

  • Laura

    Love this! Thank you!

  • Heather P.

    I feel relaxed just watching this!

  • Mademoiselle nature


    Very nice video showing the benefits of face massage :-)
    well done!

  • jackie cohen

    gorgeous. As an aside, I always thought the "rule" for eye cream was to use the ring finger .....

  • Amaltee

    Could you please please do something about the ORDER in which products should be applied? First the serum, then the cream? But what if the serum is an oil? Will it block the cream's penetration? Am I keeping an honest product from doing its job by slapping it on (erm, lovingly tapping it on) in the wrong order?
    ITG help would be highly appreciated!

    • YY

      From what I've read (most about Asian skin philosophy) creams don't really penetrate one's skin. Their purpose is to "lock" the moisture and all the active ingredients of your serum (or a similar active product). So it's like a protective shield.

    • k8

      afaik the serum/oil goes before the cream, and instead of blocking the cream, they actually help pull the moisturizer deeper, like a toner does? idk that's what i've been told

    • equestrienne

      I believe products go from thinnest to thickest: oils, serums, then lotions or creams.

  • glowme

    Does anyone know where I can buy or get a facial with the Joelle Ciocco products in Singapore or Hong Kong? Also, what does Isabelle think of the clarisonic or the eve lom cleanser?

  • NeenaJ

    The gravity thing is neither here nor there for me but, she mentions lymph drainage and purifying and that's right on the money. Traditional Japanese methods made popular by the Tanaka facial massage or Suqqu's Gankin facial incorporate these elements. Also, I've been using waaaay too much product. Is that really all the moisturizer you're supposed to use?

    I hope ITG will feature more of Isabelle in the future. Softspoken, delicate and yet, a force of nature.

    • k8

      all of the brands i've worked for have recommended that amt of moisturizer, using the toner first and having it a little moist on your skin helps if you feel like you're having trouble getting a few dabs of product to reach all over your face c:

    • Jennifer

      About the force of of my favorite beauty stories comes from a facial I had with Isabelle. I left my bra and smalls on before climbing under the covering on the massage table, body self-consciousness prevailing over her instruction to undress. ("Fully?!") At some point during the hour-plus procedure she repeated, in her lovely, singsong-y chant involving all sorts of skin-related things, that there must be peace in the vagine, which I took to mean, obviously, my vagine; she may have even gently said 'you/your', can't recall. We two would prefer to see a bit of battle one of these days, soon, please, and bet our skin will agree on that...but on many other counts, her advice rings quite true.

      I, too, hope to see more of her here. These clips are just about my fave things on ITG to date.

  • Sylvie

    please make more videos with her!! her voice and her accent are so beautiful!

  • MsEaves

    Could Isabelle do a regular feature?? These videos are just the best. Soothing, informational, and beautiful.

    • Lara

      Seconded! Please do more features/videos with her. It is amazing, i have been having facials every couple of months for the past 16 years but noone actually tought me how to cleanse/moisturise properly. Thanks Isabelle! You rock!

    • S

      Yes yes yes

  • Kharina Sterner

    Total bliss watching this. I'm all relaxed.

  • luluinla

    I have to join the chorus of those complimenting her voice. It's incredibly soothing. Having a longer audio file of her speaking--about almost anything--would be a great start or close to the day. Perhaps there'll be an Into the Gloss podcast to fill this need? (Please.)

  • Kassie lee

    Great videow. I couldn't wait to see part two and ill def use these trick when I wash my face and apply all my seeums and lotions. Such great advice

  • equestrienne

    She is so lovely! I love watching skin care or makeup tutorials. It's so incredibly soothing to me, I'm not sure why. Has anyone used Joelle Ciocco products? What did you think? And are they available online somewhere?

    • Jennifer

      Tried three products, all felt heavy and made my sensitive skin break out. I'm having better luck with Chenot: two out of the four tried to date have not had the same effect--and I prefer the cleanser to the Tracie Martyn that that previously been my favorite.

      • equestrienne

        Thanks! Off to Google Chenot now.

  • Rebecca

    I am so in love with these videos! So calming and helpful x

  • k8

    i want her to touch my face

  • Laura Crosby

    her voice makes everything she's saying sound like poetry

  • maiastras

    This is such a wonderful two-part series. Isabelle Bellis has the most wonderful skin. I actually like how you can see certain details of her face, like her mole and the fine lines around her eyes, which are seen as "imperfections" by photoshopping magazines, but these things further draw you into how luminous and gorgeous she is - in short, she is a real woman. I have a feeling that seeing her in person will just blow me away.

    Also, a request for the future: could we get the Bellis philosophy on exfoliation? I know that she does extractions, but in her she seems to be anti-peeling/microdermabrasion, and after watching the videos I cannot imagine her recommending gommage products.

    Thank you, ITG! This website is my beauty bible/magazine. I always look forward to the postings.

    • maiastras
      • Lilly

        Thanks for sharing that link, I went to read the article and it was very interesting!

    • Cat

      Yeah, I was also wondering about the exfoliating business....
      Lisa Eldridge, for example, says she would rather give up chocolate than be made to scrub her face with a grainy scrub, and swears by chemical exfoliation (AHAs). I personally like to alternate, but I can't imagine not doing it at all.

  • Uma

    She has the perfect personality for a facialist

  • nikki

    a list of products used in both videos would be nice, including the product she applied to her cheeks. thank you.

  • alyse c

    Wow, I love this!

    I always think of the Japanese and French as having the most beautiful skin and they both seem practice facial massage and lymphatic drainage. I think there might something to it, but it seemed confusing before Isabelle Bellis demonstrated it. I must try it!

  • lean bean

    piano touch hallelujah!!

  • katherine

    May we see her makeup/ other beauty routine she seems so lovely.

    • equestrienne

      Yes! I would love to know her daily make up routine, or if she wears any at all.

  • Y

    Gréât vidéo.
    Lové her bail polish ! Do you Know where it Côme from ?

  • equestrienne

    I can't stop watching this video. It's so mesmerizing and relaxing.

  • Tamira Alison

    God, her voice! So relaxing.

  • Barbara_Barbsye

    Please please please could you give us the names of the two products used? Pretty pretty please...?

  • Michelle

    Love this and her!! Her accent is divine, and so are her perfect lips!! Product list please:)

  • Julie

    Oh a fellow!
    Merci pour l'explication de l'effleurage et du pianotage Isabelle.

    I loved the final "Do that with love"

  • Anne-Sophie

    Do you know which Joëlle Ciocco's products Isabelle Bellis uses in this video ? Thanks,

  • Magali

    I use a Clarisonic and while I love it, I'm really tempted to stop using it for awhile and see what happens. Do any of these facialists use any type of skinbrush?

  • Chantelle

    Her voice is perfect. Does she have more videos out, because I would love to hear her voice to help me fall asleep. Boom.

  • Tracy Gray

    I'm in love...... Skin guru at work....she's one of the best....Next time I'm in New York I'm booking a facial!

  • Anne Cox

    I would love to hear more about her philosophy on skin and products - how she feels about different types of products/treatments and what she recommends with regards to nutrition and lifestyle.

  • Suzana

    The nailpolish I think is Essie Eternal Optimist.

  • Mfay

    we need a top shelf Emily!

  • Pemberley Jones

    I love this video and I love seeing people care for their skin. It is such a relaxing time to prepare for the day or for sleep. More skincare videos!! :)

  • Gar

    Emily, give us part 3 s'il vous plait!!!

  • Barbara_Barbsye

    Don't mean to be annoying but... I see i'm not the only one eager to know more about the products. Maybe in a few days we'll see a topshelf (as suggested above)?

  • Christina

    I'm sure she'll be reluctant to give away all her info but my goodness, please do something to make her a regular contributor. Or she could drop nuggets of advice every now and again on here. Loving her videos.

  • Mammie

    Skin is like silk... That has stayed with me all week! So helpful and agree that that voice is amazing!

  • Serena

    She has such a cute sense of humor!

    "You don't go naked in the street, correct? I don't!" "Because we have two cheeks."

  • S

    I think my skin started looking better even just by watching this video

  • rohinee

    I totally loved this post...the technique and the absolute delicate way she treats her skin. Plus the voice / accent is just wow!!

  • Katie

    More from Isabelle! These videos were great!

  • Oct

    I agree with you. As gorgeous as she is, It looks like she is pulling her skin, which might cause more wrinkles too. I do find this useful however. There are two ways I look at it:

    This method is more for "sculpting" while the Clarins patting method is more for daily application - on days you want to "sculpt" your face, you can use this and on days you simply want to "slap" on your moisturizer, you can use the Clarins patting method.

    • Mariam

      One of my favorite beauty bloggers, Huda Beauty, uploaded an Anastasia Achilleos facial massage. It's worth checking out because she explains what she is doing and is quite detailed:

  • eek

    these videos are ASMR heaven

  • L

    List the products she use please!

  • sam

    Please please please please please pretty please list the exact Joëlle Ciocco products that she used and thank you so much!