Black Comme des Garçons Eau de Toilette

Comme des Garçons Black

All fragrance freaks know that Comme des Garçons makes some of the most inventive, exciting scents out there. (Past Gloffice favorites include CDG2 Man, a spicy, woody concoctionfor guys and gals—that's perfect for sweater weather; Series 3 Incense in smoky-sweet Jaisalmerand the classic, lighter, and unisex juice 2.) Whichever you choose, what's awesome about Comme is that not only do you get an offbeat fragrance that we swear to you will elicit the most smell-related comments you've ever received, but you also get a gorgeous little objet to keep on your dresser (the bottles often take the form of oversized lima beans and test tubes).

The Japanese house's latest, Black (an extension of their Black concept stores), does not disappoint. Firstly, the transparent bottle is wrapped in a matte-black band of rubber and comes stuffed in a mini trash bag. This makes for fun unwrapping (see Vine below). Secondly, it smells so good—we detect licorice, allspice, and vetiver; the brand adds things like leather, black pepper, birch tar, and Somalian incense—that a certain pair of ITG-ers nearly came to fisticuffs when determining who got to take it out of the office. Bottom line: if you want to smell like a gentleman-punk making mulled cider, this is the eau for you.

Right now, it's only available in select Comme des Garçons boutiques, but it's going wide April 16. Consider this a P.S.A.

Photo by Elizabeth Brockway.

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    I like the sleek design and can't wait to try it. Your recommendations are always great! Btw, I just presented my own beauty favourites on my blog

  • Kathryn Lawrence

    i'm so excited.....the packaging reminds me of lush's gorilla perfumes but way better, can't wait to have this on my dresser/body/clothes/&etc!

  • Adeline

    I got to smell this on last Saturday and it is honestly the most amazing fragrance ever! It's sensual, dark and playful just like Comme des Garcons!

  • Gauri

    The bottle looks beautiful...would ♥ to try it one day..

    Great post