Bumble and bumble Surf Shampoo & Conditioner

Bumble and bumble surf shampoo and conditioner

Well, look what we have here. Fortified with "a unique blend of body-enhancing minerals and softening sea botanicals," Bumble's new Surf Foam Wash Shampoo and Surf Creme Rinse Conditioner hit shelves on May 1 and will probably sell out immediately. (They're based on the formula for the brand's cult Surf Spray.)

We're taking ours home tonight—they literally JUST landed on our desk; consider this an FYI—and will report back. Stay tuned!

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  • http://twitter.com/laviejaime Jaime Lynn

    Oh I would love to try. The surf spray is great. Look forward to hearing your review!

    • Kaz

      Love the Surf Spray!

  • muj

    i heard the surf spray dries out hair? how can it be softening...?

  • Sara

    if Lush's Big shampoo is any indication, hair likes salt.

  • bluesky557

    I'd love a post that's a run-down of a bunch of shampoos, including good stuff for oily hair. I have super oily hair and no articles about hair care EVER address this issue. Fill the gap, ITG!

    • renaphuah

      Surf Spray works for my oily hair, gives some texture and volume too! x

    • Guest

      I second that!

  • http://glitterandgapske.blogspot.com/ Alyssa Gapske

    I have to know!

  • Ripley

    Surf Spray dries my hair like nobodies business

  • Kara

    this post just made my day. well, hair.

  • http://www.rachelphipps.com/ Rachel Phipps

    Excited. Problem is, I have class on Wednesday so I can't jump on it to Sephora. I feel online shopping is going to be the way forward.

  • Azrakun Blue

    B&B does great stuff. I am using their straightening conditioner and shampoo. btw.. whats the scoop on switching shampoo brands from time to time? A necessity?


  • hollygoeslightly22

    I bought the Surf Spray. It sat on a shelf. I tried using it on "towel dried" hair and it looked liked a mess. Where were the magical Gisele waves I envisioned??

    Finally, I brought the Surf Spray to my hair stylist and asked her, "Um, how the hell do I use this product?" She advised me to use the B&B Styling Creme on damp hair, let it air dry and/or blow dry the hair. Then, use hot rollers on the hair for about 5 minutes (spray with Elenett for hold) and use the B&B Surf Spray as a finishing spray. You have to shake it well and spray it from a distance - you're misting the hair - not coating it - and scrunch the curls. The result is loose, soft waves. It brushes out easily and the style will hold for a few days. Time consuming? Slightly, however, as mentioned, the style will hold for a few days, and, well, good hair takes some time.

  • Aimee

    I have yet to try a bumble&bumble product, but I would love to try these. My hair naturally starts doing a beach-y wave, albeit, it usually take a crazier direction, but it gets too frizzy left to its natural texture.

    xoxo Aimee


  • Susanb

    Please review this immediately! :) I can't wait to hear about it! I love the Surf Spray for adding texture and I also spray it at the roots and use it with my hair dryer in place of a dry shampoo because it adds more body.

  • Nina

    Love B&b, and Surf Spray's no exception. This sounds weird though... in a good and very exciting way. Please review this ASAP! I must be such a nerd since this is the biggest news for me today so far, ha ha. I imagine this duo could either be 1) extremely gunky and drying or 2) pretty amazing for fine, way too soft blah hair.

  • Restless Blonde

    I have never tried these products - Bumble & Buble - and need to find them somewhere on the Internet 'cause we don't have'em in Poland...


  • Bonnie Clyde

    Love the surf spray!!


  • Sarah Gee

    Bumble & Bumble. <3 I really need to purchase some more of their products!