Beyonce’s Havana Look

Beyonce Jay-Z in Havana, Cuba

Now, THIS is how you tour Old Havana. The braids, the ruby lip, the defined brows, the neon-pink nails. All for a casual stroll through Cuba's historic capital city.

Happy 5th Anniversary, Bey and Jay! And HAPPY FRIDAY, everyone!

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  • Janine

    I'm sorry to be Debby Downer, but the people of Cuba are treated so poorly. They live in such poverty. I would never travel there - how could they? I recently read an interview with William Levy. His life was a nightmare. I'm sorry to have to post this here...I love ITG to bits.

    • Paulina

      You should travel there. Just to let them earn on you!

    • Guest

      Go! Spend your money -- that is one way to help. It is utterly amazing. I met many wonderful and kind people there and I will go back one day.

      • D.A.

        Spend your money??? Excuse me, but do you think a penny of your money is benefitting the citizens of Cuba??? You are sadly misinformed.

        • Janine

          Exactly. And the comments that follow don't seem to realize this. See below. If people have to give away their clothes from a trip, do you think the citizens make any profit on tourism?

          I think people need to read some real history - past and present.

          I think glamorizing a trip to Cuba is...I'm sorry...bad taste.

          • anon

            It's also bad taste to simply patronize a company as poor and therefore, not worth traveling to.

          • Janine

            That is "not" what I said. My opinion pertains to how the government treats their people. People don't escape Cuba for nothing. If you're fine with how they're treated, travel there. But I will not. My goodness. I don't think anyone has read a history book or the news. (Last comment on this thread)

          • Jen

            Well sweetie obviously you have been watching too much American news. If you read any international critiques of the embargo, or look at the UN resolutions passed AGAINST THE US for upholding the embargo (most recently November 2012) then you would realize that the USA is a huge part of the problem. Oh and these resolutions are usually only voted against by the US and one or two other countries.

        • Guest

          I stand by my comment. The embargo does NOTHING for the people who are desperately in need of so much. Your political rhetoric is utterly wasted on me, so save it for someone else.

    • Lana Nasser

      yep, boosting the economy

      • Janine

        FYI: Tourism in Cuba is state owned.

        • Lana Nasser

          FYI: Tourism is never a bad thing. If anything they brought joy to many of the people. They experienced Cuba as any other foreigner would, and were very sweet to locals. I see nothing wrong.

    • Eat.Style.Play

      Seems kind of backward to not want to support the people there who have businesses. Things are changing for the better for the people of Cuba, increasing tourism might actually help them out and earn for themselves. Maybe you have to understand how that works out for the people there who are now allowed to own businesses without permission from the old government.

    • mermaidsdream

      I agree with you to some extent. The people I know who have traveled to Cuba have left everything they brought (their entire suitcases) there-- mostly because the people there need so much. If you go there, bring a bunch of extra toothpaste and toothbrushes (I forget what my friends have told me they need most apart from that) because that's what the people need.

      I know Beyonce is Beyonce and Jay Z is Jay Z but something rubs me the wrong way about them visiting the country but also wearing expensive designer clothes. But then again, it's not like they have stuff from Walmart or Kmart or whatever. It's just odd imagining that there are people living in abject poverty steps from where they are. But... they are people too and they should be allowed to travel where they want, at the end of the day.

      • Guest

        there are people living in abject poverty in new york...just so you know. jay z and beyonce likely pass more destitute people on a stroll along myrtle avenue than they would along the Malecon. i've been to cuba and there is poverty there but sadly no worse than some other caribbean islands. ever strolled through kingston? at least in cuba, the government can provide social services and there is no violent crime. cuba has its issues, no doubt about that, racism, homophobia but there is desperate poverty in the us.

  • Jane S

    Agree she looks awesome. But is she hiding another baby bump under those zebra stripes?

  • Lana Nasser

    Oh my, Beyonce once again blows it out of the water. She is such an inspiration!

  • Amanda(

    Love that look! It reminds me of the Scalamandre's famous zebra wallpaper for some reason...

  • Valentina Novo

    She looks amazing! The hair, the sunglasses, the earrings. perfection!

  • Paulina

    Lovely couple. And I miss Havana and Cuba so much. It was one of my favourite trips ever! Colour, people, great beaches, lots of Havana Club Rum ;) and live music everywhere :)


  • Elaine R

    I'm from Canada and I travel to Cuba on a regular basis for vacation. It is one of the most vibrant caring cultures I have ever experienced and their cities are full of history. One of their largest industries is tourism (thanks to the US ban), so by visiting historical sites and seeing Havana is actually contributing to their economy. For those commenters that are saying they would never travel to Cuba because the people live in such poverty, I hope you don't travel to Mexico, Dominican, or many other sun destinations because if you're going to be preachy, you should definitely be practicing.

    • A.C.

      Just because you choose to ignore the horrendous conditions these people live in does not entitle you to be "preachy" ,as you put it ,to those of us who feel that we should somehow take a stand. Oh, and Beyonce looks fab!

      • Elaine R

        People live in horrendous conditions all over the Carribean. It doesn't make it ok in any country. But you don't see any negative comments on other ITG articles because of child exploitation in SE Asia - that's what I meant about being preachy. I feel like the American population has been so inundated with propoganda that says that Cuba is more evil than any other country when it's simply not the case. Many tourist destinations have cultures that have horrendous human rights records, (again, IT'S NOT OK), but people only throw a stink when it's Cuba.

        • Jacqueline Lucia

          I agree, Elaine. I've visited Cuba. Sadly, Jay z and Beyonce would encounter more destitution walking through some NYC neighborhoods than they would walking along the Malecon in Havana. And there is desperate poverty on other Caribbean islands. At least the Cuban government provides social services and quality education and there is no violent crime there. Care for a stroll through Kingston anyone? Cuba has its issues -- racism, homophobia, crumbling architecture, among other strifes -- but let's hope that the relations between our countries will improve conditions for poor Cubans and not just wealthy expatriates.

      • Elaine R

        Also, one of the reasons why Cuba is lacking things like toothbrushes /toothpaste and medical supplies is largely because of the American embargo, not solely because of the Cuban government. If anyone is interested in doing some research on critiques of the Embargo, many of them state that this embargo against trade with Cuba has significantly increased the cost of basic necessities.

      • Kasia

        I agree with A.C. And about "contributing to their economy" - most of the money left by the tourists goes to Cuban government which owns a large part of the tourism infrastructure (and the rest is owned by foreign investors). We can be almost sure that an average Cuban will never see any of that money (because that's how things worked for example in the communist Poland in the 1980's). I would much prefer if that money could go directly to small Cuban enterpreneurs (like restaurant owners etc.)

  • Valeria Alvarez

    She looks amazing!!!!!! and Cuba is such a beautiful place to visit!

    <3 Val

  • Guest

    She is heartbreakingly beautiful. When will you do HER top shelf???

  • D.A.

    Anyone know where those sunglasses are from?

  • Bead

    As it has been said: head to toe Solange Knowles.

  • mhahn213

    I think she's been taking style tips from Solange ;)

    • Ada

      Working the natural hair/protective styling on her hair. That's alright, sisters are supposed to share hair tips!

  • Ada

    I LOVE her poetic justice tree braids but - for me - I always keep them in too long. The last time I wore - and removed them - in a timely fashion is when I was in Nigeria and my cousins helped me take them out! I just stick to wearing my hair cape natural, thick, and curly these days!

  • style is…

    She looks amazing. Really love that print

  • Aliya

    Does anyone know the brand she's wearing?


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