Beyonce: Live in Paris!


Paris, April 26th, 2013

Dear ITG,

There's been a crazy atmosphere in Paris for the past few days. The law on equal marriage rights divided the whole city and a lot of people have been protesting against this law every day for two weeks. The most violent words were heard and we all needed something big to feel united together again. I can't tell you what the opinions of the people who came to see Beyonce last night were (though I can guess), but one thing's for sure: Mrs. Carter, in a royal-blue, sparkling jumpsuit, filled us with such a feel-good energy that we all felt different leaving the show. Karlie Kloss was dancing next to me, shimmying in a white tee-shirt, while Jean-Paul Gaultier was staring, mesmerized by this girl-power statement, in the back of the VIP corner. Even Alber Elbaz came and shook his head to the beat of "Love on Top." And then, all of the sudden, Beyonce flew from the main stage to sing right next to us! I mean "next" as in I-can-see-your-foundation next. I don't know how my neurons managed to gather themselves together to take a few pics while I could almost feel her hair on my head. But I did, and I thought I could share this unique moment with ITG readers. I hope you feel the power... (And see my Vine below!)

xo Lili

Lili Barbery-Coulon writes for M, the magazine of Le Monde, and has a blog called Ma Récréation.

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  • Restless Blonde

    Great pics! I can't wait for her concert in Warsaw on May 25th. I have the tickets!!! :)

  • Jacqueline Fonte

    That blue is so on trend and so beautifully shimmery underneath the lights, it actually hurts my eyes to look at it.

    • Letitia Elizabeth

      Was just going to say that Jacqueline! I was a little harsh with Beyonce on my blog yesterday, but even though I never EVER wear navy for fear I can't pull it off, if it was as sparkly and delightful as her jumpsuit, you bet I would ;)

  • Kathryn Lawrence

    do you know beyoncé personally and is that how you know that her beauty is only skin deep or are you just jealous jw

  • Lana

    Such negative words. To be honest, it doesn't effect Beyonce, but it makes you look quite silly. Beyonce has been an inspiration to so many women around the world. The amazing independent woman and mother she is matters. Her fake hair extensions and outfits for the show are exactly that, to put on a show. Do you think she dresses like this every day? Anyways, I feel sorry that you have to put down such a strong and inspirational woman. Thanks Mirabelle in Paris, shimmy shimmy.

    • Mirabelle

      My pleasure, Lana. You don't need to feel sorry for anyone. Just look after yourself and your loved ones. Maybe go outside and find some more classier examples of young women who are living their dream: wow! did you know they exist outside your computer screen...? And shimmy shimmy all the way... you know, you want to! Bisous.

  • Lana

    She is inspirational. I love her. Sigh.

  • BeverlyLeslie

    Resentment is my JAM!