Behind JLaw’s Chop


As we were scrolling through Instagram Saturday night, we happened upon a shot of a newly shorn JLaw with her hairstylist-buddy, Mark Townsend. "WHAT?" we said to no one in particular. Has Jennifer been reading our site? Does Peeta know about this?

Naturally, we emailed Mark for details on his client's new cut. Here's what he had to say:

"Jennifer texted me that she needed a haircut and told me to bring a chainsaw. I laughed and assumed we would just cut an inch or two off the bottom but when I showed up she answered the door saying, 'I want to cut all my hair off!' Her hair did get quite damaged from all the coloring she had to do for different roles so she needed a good trim, But Jen wanted more than a trim. We looked at a few images to determine length and we started with a lob with long layers but Jen kept saying, 'I love it, let's go shorter!' So I cut her hair into a shoulder-length shag with tons of layers throughout, starting around her cheekbone. This cut is so versatile, she can wear it wavy for a fun, playful look or style it straight for a chic look, and she still has enough length to wear it up."

As for photo 3, Mark posted on Instagram: "Was I nervous cutting off Katniss's braid? HECK YEA I WAS! And here's the finger I cut 'cause my hands were shaking, lol." We feel his pain.

Photos courtesy of Mark Townsend.

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  • Ada

    He did an awesome job!

  • Heather Smith

    it's official: today is now My Hair Cutting day. lunchbreak errands: stock up on "product" to make the hair I'm slicing off look lovely and styled. get home, grab scissors: get rid of it all.
    Have had it long for a dozen years -- TIME TO CHANGE.

    • Heather Smith

      I actually followed through with it. Hacked it all off last night. It ended up less "Current Zara model" and more "Julianne Hough, post-Seacrest," but I'm embracing the short (even if my husband isn't.....quite....yet.)

      • Elaine R


  • Lauren Schab

    just chopped mine off-- 11 inches!


  • Michelle

    Love her hair! It almost makes me want to chop my hair off...almost. Until I remember that I'm now Jennifer and I won't look like this :)

  • eastvillagesiren

    This is the length I'm growing my hair out to (hopefully this length by June). Inspired by Emily's short cut, I lopped a lot off in February, but it just doesn't look as "cool" ; (

  • Heather P.

    I love this! I've been growing mine back out after chopping 10 inches off in the fall, but it's in dire need of some layers. I'm totally taking a pic of this in to the salon soon!

  • Katherine

    I'm loving her new hair. I understand JLaw's thought process -- a year ago I decided I needed a change and cut off all of my hair too. I had a love/hate relationship with it, but in the end (while I'm still growing my hair out) I'm glad I did it, because it was a change and got rid of all of my damaged hair. Good for you Jen!


  • TheProcrastinator

    I can feel this becoming the new Rachel.

  • Dani Fuentes

    I've been thinking about getting a bunch of my hair chopped off, but I'm so nervous about it because last time I did I looked so awkward when I decided to grow it back out.


    wow! when will it ever stop surprising me what a difference a cut makes. Had always thought she looked so common before, but shame on me. She's striking. Superb work!

  • Chantelle

    Okay, homegirl JLaw looks good in everything. But now I have the itchies to chop off my long [damaaageed - said in opera voice] hair. *le sigh* I'm too much of a chicken shit.

  • Erin Ortiz

    Love it! I recently chopped my hair off and it was such a good decision :)

  • Randi

    I chopped off my hair about a week ago. It's pretty fantastic.

  • Shirin

    I got my long, damaged, curly hair chopped to just below my ears in a cute bob about 4 months ago when I came back from Europe and had hair envy because everywhere I looked there were images of girls with long flowing hair. How I missed it! But I grew to love it and now I'm glad that I'm ahead of the trend and am enjoying the definition a shorter cut can give to your look :)

  • DivaDebbi

    Adore!!! The texture of my hair would work perfectly with this cut...Now I have to bolster the courage!


    After looking at this post, I'm considering cutting mine... She looks lovely with the new hair cut!

  • Linda

    I dont like it. It looks like an older persons haircut. I saw it straight and it has that Florence Henderson back. He should have gone shorter, more flirty.