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We’re Hiring!

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Are you a kick-ass writer, bursting at the seams with ambition? Do you love beauty products? Are you awesome? Well, guess what: ITG is HIRING, and we want YOU (well, that's yet to be determined, but hopefully we want you).

We are growing and looking to fill 1-2 editorial positions ASAP. If you think you have what it takes (and are NYC-based), please email the following to editorial@intothegloss.com:

-Your résumé

-A short letter about yourself, and why you want to/should be the newest member of team ITG

-1 fully-formed post you would write for ITG, maybe with some pictures!

-3-5 story ideas/ITG ideas (could even be...what you'd like to see done differently)



Team ITG

P.S.: As much as we'd like to, we won't be able to respond to everyone, but know that we're reading.


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  • Nina

    OMG, this is ME, only that i'm not living anywhere near the states. damn it. oh you lucky NYC-people!

  • gina

    I'm Gina, and I agree with Nina (put that rhyme in yo' pipe)...I'm in NYC in spirit. Can't we just skype business meetings? I have a ton of airline points. C'mon...at least consider the less fortunate.

  • http://twitter.com/blakeknees Jennifer Blakney

    Le sigh. I would apply in a heartbeat, but alas I'm not NYC based. If you ever decide to add a little Canadian flavour (which would be maple bacon, obviously), let this Toronto lady know!

    • http://twitter.com/GiaLilibeth Gia Lilibeth

      Same! Toronto girls FTW. Why must all interesting jobs be NYC based - le sigh.

  • amelia

    wow, this is my dream job... if only i wasn't in Australia!! SOOO many ideas for this site run through my head daily, and i'm a journalism major... haha, oh well.

  • Ann

    Like all the other peeps in the comments, I wish you allowed applicants not in NYC!! Though I am not even in the States (will be in 6 months haha) - if you ever want beauty tips from Asia...

  • seilens

    DC-based is kinda, sorta close to being NYC-based, right?

  • mariana

    are you hiring interns?

  • Angelique Ferreira da Graça

    Fuck,I'm in Portugal,I'm not based in NYC. I'm everything you would need.Bacci! :-B

  • erikastalder

    see pstol dot com

  • Sara

    This photo is priceless! <3 Look at Michael and Nick! :)))

  • aegvogue

    good question. can we still submit applications?

    • ITGAlessandra

      Yes, you definitely can! x

      • PR

        has the position been filled?

      • Guest

        Hi, has the position been filled?

  • http://twitter.com/YaniraGarza23 Yanira Garza

    Congrats on growing and expanding. You are an inspiration to us all. I'm sure you will add other cities as you grow or simply stay put like other digitals. Either way, we still love you in Chicago! Keep it up.

  • Anonymous

    No, I don't live in NYC but I have another great idea for you (at least I think it is a great idea). Why not have a girl/guy-on-the-street makeover section every now and then? Just pick a deserving and willing passerby with time on their hands ...have some of the expert makeup artists and hairstylists that you are cozy with work on the guinea pig with an assemblage of products and colors and styles, and then photograph/video the whole thing for your reading public! Everyone loves a good makeover story. Even a good make-under story. And then all of us ITG followers can dream about one day getting picked by you and your staff for our very own happy ever after.

  • blankontheinside

    Ah just seeing this! Can I send an application today?

  • http://twitter.com/KimmieFG Kimberly

    I'm a student in the city... so full time isn't really an option for me. Would you all be interested in hiring some interns for part time work?

  • *

    Has the position been filled? Is there a way to follow-up?

  • Guest

    Has the position been filled at this time?

  • Yn

    Will we be hearing back anytime soon?

  • C.M

    I'm assuming the position has been filled :(. I'd love to know who you decided upon though!

  • leo

    is this still applicable?