Saint Laurent Goes Grunge


The backstage might have been sealed off to press, but look what just landed in our inbox: exclusive front-row pics of last night's Saint Laurent show (from the brand's own photographer). Sure, the grunge-inspired collection is perfectly timed to all of the Nineties vibes floating around right now, but designer Hedi Slimane's aesthetic break with the house that Yves built will undoubtedly have its critics as well as champions. Take a look at the haute-grunge lineup. We say: pretty rad. Thoughts?

Images courtesy of Saint Laurent.

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  • FH

    Disappointed. Of course we'd need to ask Hedi what statement he was trying to make. Also, what goes down the runway always looks quite different from the pieces that we will eventually find in stores. I hope Hedi had a moment of heresy and that he will be back to beauty (that was not beautiful, sorry) very soon.

  • Guest

    I guess I'm the only one who liked it! Looks like something that can actually be worn on a more daily basis. I'd wear anything from the line!

  • Denisse

    Saw the show, and the color pictures tell a very different story from the ones here. Black and white makes it nicer than it actually is...I take back my liking of the line. Maybe styled differently it would look better.

  • Elize

    It seems all like a downwards step artistically with the brand. It is not even about luxury, being conservative,or lamenting over what once was. More so, it seems that before Hedi, the clothing was more progressive with shapes and attitudes. Yes, a new direction of aesthetics for the brand can bold and invigorating. Howevor, instead, this new aesthetic is a large move to the mainstream consumer : like the idealization of the 90's and of this ironic manufactured cool, like a disneyfication of rock stars. If brands that usually guide culture and taste in directions itself would not dare wander, the danger of the downward trickle from this kind of regurgitation of taste seems dismal.

  • sushil pandey

    Thanks for sharing

  • AKM

    so dreadful & cheap looking it hurts to even look at it. is he trying to redefine what luxury means in the 21st century? if so, see dries van noten s/s 2013 for grunge done right. this is just... yuck. I know that's not a very sophisticated statement but it sums up the mood.

  • Robin

    Saint Laurent and thrift store...I mean grunge...shouldn't be used in the same sentence. I mean really? Have they lost their branding compass?

    I hated grunge in the '80s and I hate it now.

  • NeenaJ

    Looks like Hedi for H&M.

  • Bonnie Clyde
  • kneelbeforetigers

    So excited for this H&M collaboration!!!

  • Lana Nasser

    I think all these reviews with the negative comments are dramatic. Hedi Slimane did a fantastic job at re-creating a certain look from the 90's that everyone knows and loves, but keeping the style more so chic! All the models look fabulous, and I truly appreciate when a designer can step outside of the box like that !!!

  • BeautyholicRomy

    I love this so much - most of these looks look like what a real girl walking down the street would be wearing these days! I LOVE the slinky dress with the skater skirt and deep V with the thin strap in the middle #swoon #majorsexappeal


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