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You know, we do the very best that we can at bringing you the tips, tricks, and tools to master what's happening on runways and magazine covers, but sometimes you've gotta go directly to the source. And thankfully, some of the hair and beauty pros that we chase around backstage have taken matters into their own hands, by producing and manning their own personal blogs, rife with how-to's and behind-the-scenes snaps from their kind of incredible lives and careers. Good luck prying yourself away from these this weekend, because they're pretty fascinating (no YouTube armchair-expert "Hey guys!" here). We dare you not to learn anything. Below, our favorites:

Lisa Eldridge: Celeb makeup-artist Eldridge walks readers through looks she's created for magazine covers and advertising campaigns to those she crafts for the red carpet—on clients like Charlotte Gainsbourg, Cate Blanchett, Kiera Knightley, Emma Watson, Natalia Vodianova, and Yasmin Le Bon—via charming and informal video tutorials that make the most of her over-20 years of experience. "The whole YouTube makeup-advice thing was taking off," Eldridge says of her site's inception three years ago. "And I could see all these girls who weren't really professional makeup artists doing these videos from their bedrooms, and I thought, 'Wow, there's nobody doing it who's like me, who's made up lots of celebrities and done covers.' When I first did my [how-to] films, people were quite snippy about it within the industry, like, 'Oh god, why's she doing that, it's so naff.' A lot of people felt that professional artists should be above all of that, but I was just convinced that we could either get on board and represent the pros or sit back and let the people already doing it on YouTube become the people whom the general public will think are the top hair and makeup people." Needless to say, she knows what she's talking about: the site celebrated its three-year anniversary in February, and her YouTube channel recently surpassed the 40-million view mark. "I don't have advertisers, I don't have a staff—every post, tweet, Facebook post is me," Eldridge continues, "so it's a lot of work, but it's quite fun, too... The whole concept of 'Here's how to look like Kim Kardashian!' and things like that, it bores me to tears. The first video I ever did was 'Morning-After Makeup,' and I was genuinely really hungover, not in a good way, and I had a breakout and I thought, 'Well, I'd rather do that than something fake where I'm all made-up and sitting there pretending. I think women really relate to that." (Virtual high-five, Lisa Eldridge. Also, please come do our makeup like this.)

Wendy Rowe: The Burberry beauty guru very recently launched, part travel diary (Rowe splits time between London and New York and hits the road for fashion weeks as well as for editorial and commercial gigs), part backstage snippets, featuring the likes of Gisele and Anja Rubik ("I shoot on my little Super-8 and cut them together with cool music"). She also has exercise recommendations, beauty tips, and suped-up face charts. "I think people like the tips—like how some lipsticks will come off if you're going to kiss someone—and the face charts... I try to make them look as cool as I possibly can," Rowe says, "because face charts are ugly. I just do a little bit of, 'See what happens,' 'How to get the look,' things like that. I always want everyone to look good! Always."

Sam McKnight: The prolific Twitter/Instagram user (here's looking at you, @SamMcKnight1)'s website is mostly based around his portfolio—and what a portfolio. We're talking hair magic for VVogue(s), LOVE, CR Fashion Book, Chanel shows/campaigns and more. Last March, he launched a Get The Look section, replete with step-by-step photos and directions for mastering runway looks from Chanel, Mulberry, Balmain, Fendi, and more. "I started tweeting a couple of years ago and doing the whole Instagram thing, and I got such a good response from that, and I love it. [My site's] slowly growing; it's just a personal thing," McKnight says. Our thoughts? Bring out the recipes and garden tips, Sam! We know you've got 'em (but thank you for the how-to on Chanel's wrap-around braid from pre-fall, because we want to try it immediately).

Charlotte Tilbury: ITG and Tom Ford fave (and recent Postcard writer!) Tilbury's blog is a mish-mash of top trends from fashion weeks gone by and insight from her illustrious career. (Girl has a section devoted just to Kate Moss—the most recent entry being a how-to on the V cover she worked on with Ms. Moss and Rihanna—so, I mean, yeah.) There's also a whole slew of video tutorials—her very first being a video with none other than Lisa Eldridge, recreating a 2012 Vogue Paris cover!—that range from "How to Shape & Mantain the Perfect Brow" to "Beauty on a Budget" and "The Feline Flick: Cat Eye Makeup Tutorial." Any insight from Tilbury is worth its weight in gold, so we advise you to start clicking and get learning.

[1] The Victoria Beckham Look for, [2] Anja Rubik and Wendy Rowe from @wendyrowe, [3], [4] Cara Delevingne and Sam McKnight from @SamMcKnight1, [5] Sam McKnight, Cara Delevingne, and friend from @SamMcKnight1, [6], [7] Charlotte Tilbury at Mugler FW 2013 from @IntoTheGloss, [8], [9] "Meeting up with the ex-Chat and make-up therapy" from

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  • Marla Vender

    Wayne Goss is not a celeb artist, but his videos are often excellent and always charming.

    • Anastasia

      Wayne is my absolutely favorite! I would totally recommend his videos to everyone, he is so great

  • Lauren P

    I watch Lisa's videos but I am going to check out the other blogs. I love how real Lisa is so if the others are anything like her, I'm sure I will soon be obsessed!

  • Emma

    I LOVE LISA ELDRIDGE. Her voice is so soothing and her accent is adorable. She also uses a good mix of premium brand and drugstore products. I learned how to wear a red lip thanks to Lisa!

  • Jen

    I subscribe to Lisa's channel and I've learned quite a bit from her. But I truly adore the Pixiwoo sisters (Nic & Sam Chapman) and was sooooo stoked to see Sam's brushes have a cameo on the new Taylor Swift music video 22

  • Jed

    I worship Lisa Eldridge! Have watched all her videos numerous times as I can't get enough of her. Thanks for recognizing her... perhaps a Top Shelf or Industry Professional post???

  • Julia Khorramchahi

    Thank God there was no mention of the Pixiwoo sisters. Those two started off right and now they've gone totally commercial. Give me Lisa or Charlotte any day.

  • Local & Opulent

    I am going to have to check out this Lisa Eldridge... I want to learn how to wear a red lip properly!

    A new post is up on Local & Opulent – I got my press credentials and am heading to World MasterCard Fashion Week in Toronto! Plus, some vintage photos from my last stint there!

  • Lischelt

    I literally just got started on Lisa this week and have been obsessed, I find watching her videos inspiring and almost therapeutic! She is lovely and unassuming for someone so talented and experienced - never stop posting, Lisa!

  • Alexandra

    Kay Montano also has a great website!

  • Meghan Kaminski

    I love love LOVE Lisa's website (see? I love it so much I just call her "Lisa"). That "Meeting up with the ex" tutorial you highlighted is one of my favorites, because she addresses how to look okay when you've been crying all night. I blow up like a thousand-dollar Japanese melon when I've been crying, and no one's shown me how to hide it quite like her.

  • Nomadic D.

    I went through a phase where I was totally addicted to Lisa Eldridge. Literally, I think I lost days of my life to those videos. No regrets though, they're super solid and I learned a lot. Had to ween myself off her site though, just too easy to get sucked in! May have to stop by and see what she's been up to now... just for a minute... I swear...

  • Fashionadcrowd

    ITG is a first daily read for everyone at Fad & featured on Now featuring top beauty blogs from

    @Lisa_Eldridge, @sammcknight1 and @CTilburyMakeup, thanks ITG

  • Oblong Polka Dots

    There are so many talented artists! Pat McGrath, Sam Fine, Wayne Goss, and the list goes on! I've learned so much from so many. Each artist has something special and unique to bring to the table. : )

  • Holly

    On top of her amazing talent, Lisa Eldridge seems like such a genuine and warm person. She's the kind of person you'd like to meet and just hang out with. :)

  • sr

    Great Post, you made me happy
    i love Lisa, she is great. Check also Kay Montano in Because Magazine

  • Joy Of Stranger Sensibilities

    Just discovered Tilbury's channel and it's really lovely. It's fun to see more and more professionals in these channels other than Lisa.

  • Ariel Feldman

    Lisa Eldridge is legitimately a modern day Mary Crawley. She is too chic and her videos are phenomenal. Love this post!!

  • Amanda

    Love Lisa and her videos! She's a genius. Would love to see more of her on ITG. Xx

  • renaphuah

    Lisa all the way... she is down to earth, passionate and has a normal person's skin (e.g not afraid to show off her skin even though she has breakouts). Thanks to her, I am not bothered if I have a spot because Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage does the trick of covering it.

  • Ada

    I LOOOVE Lisa Eldridge. She is my ultimate, my Queen, etc. She has so much vision, and so much heart. I appreciate how she ALWAYS says what will work for darker skin, and she's ALWAYS right. And it's her who really showed me that darker skin can/should wear rich bright colours on the lips. She's the first YT channel I check for every time I log in. :)

  • Ada

    And I adore Charlotte Tilbury! She's so talented and another one of my favourites. Thank you Gloss!

  • Baolu Lan

    Binge-watching Lisa Eldridge took up most of my winter 2012: no regrets. Nice to see ITG acknowledging some of my favorite beauty tutorial sites. As much as I love a detached "print" editorial voice on beauty products, I love to see the tools in action on a real person!

  • Nancy Molina


    Would LUV to see a Top Shelf on her!!!

  • lou

    have been watching these 3 mavericks for a long time now and really enjoy their blogs as they are so genuine esp lisa and sam. British beauty rules?!

  • Carly_L

    So so so glad you mentioned Lisa Eldridge here! Like many others have said, she is my queen, my guru..! Top shelf her soon pretty please?