Philo-Fanatics R US

Phoebe Philo, Vogue March 2013, David Sims

AH! Phoebe Philo, who holds both the most special place at Céline and in our hearts (considering she manages to consistently whip up everything we want to wear, all the time, while simultaneously seeming to be the coolest woman ever) appears in the March's issue of Vogue for a rare interview. Looking every inch herself (with some help from our beloved James Pecis on hair, though we imagine he just pretty much ran a brush through it, if that) and perched on a faux-fur tiger couch in her office, all oversized white cashmere turtleneck and slouchy leather trousers and "battered" Nike Air Vortex sneakers. In the piece, Hamish Bowles calls her both "achingly cool," with "Garbo cheekbones and brows... ironic ghetto-chic nail art" and "the oracle and sphinx of fashion." Well, as if we needed more reasons to worship at the altar of Philo. Phoebe, we love you. Take us sneaker shopping?

In the meantime, we're really feeling these, these, these, these, and these. (See below.)

Phoebe Philo photographed by David Sims for Vogue March 2013.

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  • Victoria {Bougeotte}

    I just got mailed this Vogue Issue, and haven't started looking though it yet (a girl needs to do this at a special time in her day), can't wait to read the interview!

  • Jamie Myers

    Her sneakers are the Nike Air Vortex :)

  • Alexa

    Those sneakers! Need immediately (especially to pair with leather pants!)

  • andria

    Has anyone noticed that she looks so much like Daria, who stars in the Celine ads? Wonder if that's why they chose her.

    • Jamie Myers

      I actually think she looks like a cross between Daria and Gaia Repossi - it's the cheekbones.

  • ikillplants

    I almost had a heart attack--at first glance, I thought you guys had scored an interview with Phoebe Philo!! Any chance??? Or only in my dreams?


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