Harry Brant


“I’ve had my own bathroom since [my brother] Peter left for college. He still comes and messes everything up when he’s home for the holidays—or actually almost every single weekend. So, it’s not really my own bathroom, but I like to consider it that.

I’m very particular with my skin—I don’t really take one person’s advice because everyone’s skin is different. So, someone can be like, ‘I swear by this,’ but maybe you’ve never had acne! People who’ve had cystic acne, I will typically take their advice on how to get it down. My mom [Stephanie Seymour] has been a big help—she knows a lot about what to do and she knows all the tricks. She’s always like, ‘Don’t touch it. Whatever you do, don’t touch it!’ My skin is so bad right now, like the worst it’s been in forever. I’m sixteen; I guess that’s what happens. [Laughs] I’m a freak about it. I use everything.

I do the Clarisonic every day. I love it because it makes me wash my face for two minutes—it makes you take the time instead of just quickly scrubbing. Whenever I get a new pimple, I'm like, ‘It’s because I’m not doing the Clarisonic enough!’ For breakouts, all of Dr. Orentreich’s products are fantastic. When I go to his office, my mom makes me buy her the overnight pimple treatment in huge bulk, and Kate Somerville has a similar thing, EradiKate, that works, too. You put it on and after one day—especially if you have cystic acne—it disappears. I first met Dr. Orentreich through my mom, who sees him. It’s nearly impossible to get an appointment, but I’m obsessed with what he makes, and you can only get the line at his office. I use his oil-free moisturizer because I just went on Claravis again, which is basically Accutane, and I’m not allowed to use moisturizers with oil in them.

In terms of scrubs, I go between Sisley’s Buff & Wash Facial Gel or Kate Somerville’s ExfoliKate. They’re both intense—with cleansers, I definitely do have a little bit of me that’s like, ‘If it’s not hurting, is it working?’ If it’s not stinging, nothing’s happening. [Laughs] At one point, I was exfoliating too much with this exfoliator that was made of, like, crushed rocks, and it messed up my skin so bad. But I got over that. Now, I wash my face in the shower—I take two showers a day, and I never stand in the shower; I’m too tired. I just put a towel on the floor and zone out—it’s relaxing. I’ve even brought my computer in and placed it on the bench in the shower, to listen to audio books. It’s far enough away so it doesn’t get wet. But one time, I did break my computer because it fell off, so I stopped bringing the whole thing in and now I have little speakers that connect, which are so loud that I can hear it in the shower... I spend so much time in my shower that I may or may not have recently Googled ‘waterproof pillow.’ [Laughs] What I found is not something you’d want to buy.

I’m super into a beauty ritual. Like, occasionally I’ll put on Clé de Peau Body Cream, Lubriderm, or Vaseline and Saran Wrap myself. Here’s what you do: you put it all over your arms, hands and feet, put on a pair of socks and then you wrap your arms and your elbows, and then…you go on a jog… [Laughs] Seriously, it just makes your skin so freaking soft, like you wouldn’t believe. The acne medication dries out my skin, so I’m always trying to put moisture back in.

My skin can go to shit so fast—if I’m not on top of it for a week, the downward spiral starts. But about a year ago, I worked really hard to get my skin to perfection, to the point where there wasn’t a blemish, and when that happened, I was like, ‘Oh my god, I don’t have to cover up acne or anything. Now I can have fun with all the beauty stuff that’s out there.’ So, I started to look into all the different things you can do with makeup and beauty products, and it became an obsession that’s kind of just festered since then. Pat McGrath played a really big part, as well. I went backstage with her at the Versace show a few seasons ago and I saw Karlie [Kloss]’s face with her makeup done perfectly and skin that was so dewy… Which got me into trying to achieve the whole dewy thing.

Actually, today is the best that I’ve been able to achieve that dewy look in, like, months. After washing my face and exfoliating and all of that, my routine only takes two seconds every morning—barely any time. I do it in the car on my way to school. I just use Amore Pacific Tinted Moisturizer—oh my god, it’s amazing. The key is you have to apply it with one of these Beauty Blender sponges. I never would have used one in a million years—I thought it would completely defeat the purpose of using your hands to heat the product up—but now I bring one in my backpack. [Laughs] I have a North Face. It’s very Connecticut. All I do is wet the sponge slightly and add some of the tinted moisturizer, and dab it on. It covers up anything you want. It won’t do the same thing as concealer would, but it just makes you more…even-toned and luminous, I think. I love luminous. But that’s only for school when I’m not putting on makeup; otherwise, I would never go out in just that. But wait, is tinted moisturizer ‘makeup’? I actually don’t even know; I’m starting to realize that it’s just diet foundation.

I don’t know a lot of guys outside of fashion that wear makeup, but I know hundreds of girls who complain about guys that don’t. I’ve never met one girl who’s not like, ‘Why wouldn’t he just put on a little concealer?’ Like, if you have bad skin, why would you want to let it hang out? I don’t think it’s a big deal to wear makeup, especially in fashion; I don’t know one person who doesn’t wear something. For school, it’s just Amore Pacific and the Beauty Blender. But if I’m going out, I have a little foundation group, and I mix two of them: Armani Luminous Silk Foundation in #2 and #5. Pat McGrath developed those, I think. And if I’m on vacation and I can’t prevent my skin from getting tan—I can wear 100 SPF and I will still get dark—I have the Dolce & Gabbana The Foundation in Caramel #110. I also love their Creamy Foundation more than anything, but the jar is messy and you need to use a brush. At first, I didn’t know how to do it and I was literally caking it on—like, cake-ation station—but then I lost the jar. Oh well.

I just began to understand that you have to change your foundation with the seasons, because your skin changes color. I didn’t really get that concept and I remember I went to a Chanel dinner a few months ago and my friend showed me the pictures from the event the next day—and it literally looks like I put a mask of makeup on. I hadn’t gone out in three weeks, and I had been using the same foundation I’d been using during the summer. So, for like two weeks after that, I stocked up on different colors and finishes and just played with them—that’s when I got this range of shades. I also realized I was using a super-dry foundation, and I was like, ‘Why isn’t my face luminous anymore?’ I was really mad. [Laughs] It was not a good night.

I don’t wear blush as much anymore when I go out—I’m really into the bare look with just the perfect bronzer and a little contour. Lorac TANtalizer is good, but it’s really solid, so you have to be super careful when you apply it. And with any matte bronzer, I have to use some highlighter after because I am not finishing with a matte look; it’s not how I fly. Usually, I like to use an Hourglass brush for bronzer—I’m very cautious about being heavy-handed and it prevents me from doing that. For some reason, when I use angled brushes, I never really get it right... I’m not the smartest on brushes because I always use my hands. I didn’t realize you needed to use a brush for concealer until two months ago. If it’s a weekend, and I’m going out to lunch or to see people or something like that, it becomes much less about bronzers. I’ll use the Armani Light Master Makeup Primer and some Armani foundation—but you have to be good at blending, because natural daylight is no one’s friend. I also love Burberry Fresh Glow and MAC's Prep & Prime as highlighters, and I’ll mix those with foundation sometimes if I’m on vacation—it’s good ‘vacation makeup.’ Armani Fluid Sheer #2 is also great for the top of my cheekbones, for highlights.

Then, I always do nude eyeliner in the inside of my waterline. I like Dolce’s #9 eye pencil. A lot of them come off as clumpy but this one is absolutely insane—it’s so smooth and you can also use it in the inner corner and the crease above your eye to define the lid. Sometimes, I do it on the whole eyelid and then cover everything in concealer. It makes your eyes look much bigger…much bigger. And it also makes them look a lot more open and bright. I never do ‘guyliner.’ I don’t understand why people put black in their waterline—it makes my eyes look beady. I also curl the tips of my top and bottom eyelashes—I just turn the curler upside down. It took a while [to learn]. My eyes get super irritated from makeup, and I don’t want to put on mascara, so I just curl my lashes and then, after I’m done putting on makeup, I take these little pre-soaked Q-Tips—Andrea Eye Q’s Eye Makeup Correctors—and go over each lash to get the foundation off.

My bottom lashes are really long—I actually think they’re one of my favorite things on my face, my ‘Twiggy lashes.’ [Laughs] But they’re almost blond and don’t really show up unless I get them tinted. I don’t use mascara, though, because it can become very drag queen-y—I think using mascara is when you cross the line from man-makeup that’s good to man-makeup that’s womanly. That can also happen if you start playing around with shadows—or if you get a little too crazy with the Tom Ford Shade & Illuminate palette. I’m not going to lie: there are times when I have to start over because I end up looking like a drag queen. It’s because I love playing with makeup. It’s so fun for me, but I have to remind myself that I’m not doing my little sister’s makeup. And when I’m really done with everything, I do a mist with Vichy Thermal Water.

For lips, I sometimes use the Givenchy Lip Liner #3 for some color. It’s a tiny bit darker than my natural lip color, but my lips are very fair. My brothers Dylan and Peter’s lips are blood red—blood red. It’s crazy. It depends for me. Sometimes mine get blood red when I exfoliate them, which I try to do every day. I have a special toothbrush I use, and I just put Vaseline on my lips and scrub, usually when I’m in the shower... When I’m alone, that’s when I experiment with makeup—I’ll just practice putting it on and then wash my face and do it over. Because I don’t want to have a big pancake face, where people are like, ‘Oh yeah, that’s makeup he’s wearing.’ The whole point is that it’s supposed to go on perfectly with your face. Personally, I think that men shouldn’t wear it if they can’t do it properly. Same thing goes for women—but I guess no girl is not going to wear makeup just because they can’t do it correctly.”

—as told to ITG

Harry Brant photographed by Emily Weiss in Greenwich, CT on December 2nd, 2012.

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  • claire

    Are you kidding me?! I am now obsessed with this dude!!

  • saz

    Fantastic! It's about time guys realised they can use as much make up as they want too, it's just all about keeping it natural. why should the boys be excluded from all the fun? i'm a girl and i like to do my make up really naturally, almost exactly the way harry has described his routine, there's no reason guys should feel they can't enjoy the luxury and fun of it all too if they want to! enough with the old gender stereotypes, can't we all just enjoy ourselves?

  • buthonestly

    Poor guy.. Such a lovely face and so much unnecessary worry and mess and too much product, too much routine. Honestly sounds a bit paranoid and obsessive. Harry, you are beautiful, just throw away all this crap and look at yourself, you don't need it. And I am a girl who wears makeup.

    • Sara

      Totally agree with you!

    • claire

      Well then, you might as well reprimand 99.99% of the female population lol

    • Max

      I don't know a teenager who isn't this paranoid and obsessive! I sure was.

  • ClosetCravings

    I always love reading what other people are using and lovin'. I swear by my Clarisonic and ExfoliKate is pretty awesome too. I sort of feel like a Scooby Doo villain when I'm wearing the green mask, but the results are awesome. Amore Pacific is a new love for me too. Simply amazing.
    Satisfy Your Cravings For Celebrity Style and All Things Stylish and Sweet

  • ITGNick

    My bad! 2012!!!

    • ITGAlessandra


  • NeenaJ

    This must be the best Top Shelf ever. I find myself at a crossroads where 1) I'm appalled that this kid has so much at 16 and 2) I want him to be my new best friend and we can hang out and do each other's makeup.

    In all seriousness, he has so much knowledge and passion - the potential is just brimming over. Good luck, Harry, in all your endeavors!

    • heatheradair

      right?!?! to have access to all of that armani -- ! he's got his routine down a lot better than I do.......let's all go hang out in his bathroom and do each other's makeup - !

    • http://twitter.com/Alouette_Jolly Ada

      You've explained my feelings exactly!

    • Lana Nasser

      OMG YESSS!!!!
      I would love to hang with him and exchange beauty secrets!!!!
      Love his routine and experimentation. He is lovely!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Roberta-Barros/100000578033756 Roberta Barros

    i don't know about makeup for guys... but OH YES for a skin routine for them!

  • Charlotte

    this is amazing! I love this guy's point of view on makeup. Love the variety of people you interview for the top shelf, ITG!

  • kathS

    Great read, GREAT eyeliner philosophy. Going to be buying that Dolce nude pencil. Thanks Harry!

  • fairytalesandcoffee

    I think this kid is great and I loved his top shelf -- this from an adult woman still suffering from hormonal acne and obsessed with dewy, luminous skin. However, I would never date a guy who wore full on makeup, let alone tinted moisturizer - concealer for spots as far as I would be cool with. Even having a skincare routine that's half as involved as mine would be too much. Basic grooming and a few extras, and perhaps a "secret" beauty routine hidden from my sight is good enough for me. I don't need TWO neurotic folks in the relationship...

    • trudy

      I don't think you're ready for love!

      Just kidding . . . sort of. But everybody has hidden flaws.

      • fairytalesandcoffee

        that maybe so, but then few are. I reserve the right to be half as superficial about certain things men are completely superficial about. Accepting a man with visible flaws and all is far more forgiving than the "walks in glowing moonlight" I am supposed to exemplify at all times regardless for men. foundation/lip liner/blush = dealbreaker.

  • Lidy

    This must be the best Top Shelf ever!!! s2

  • http://www.thewayweliveonline.com/ Kristie

    Call me old fashioned, but I just feel uncomfortable when guys wear makeup and you can tell...the same with sculpted eyebrows. I suppose, however, they should be able to cover up imperfections just as women can. But, still...

  • Kattttt

    That amount of exfoliation (including the Clarisonic), coupled with Accutane, risks causing premature skin aging. I had a friend as a teenager who did this, and despite never touching a cigarette, she looked like a pack-a-day smoker after a couple of years. That is really throwing away the one benefit of greasy skin!
    But is he EVER good at achieving the luminous skin-thing - he looks great. Also the shoes. Pretty!

    • Joy

      I used Accutane 15 years ago (back when it made you depressed and suicidal and the top layers of your skin peeled off-I think they've reformulated since), I exfoliate tons and smoked for 10 years and I still get carded because they think I'm 20, not 30.

      • Katrrr

        Okay, I'll take your word for it :) I do know that people's skin react differently to that kind of stimulation. I should obviously keep my second-hand opinions to myself, but I was a bit freaked by what my friend ended up doing to her skin with her overzealous treatment. Clearly, he doesn't look like it has done him any harm.

  • Jennifer

    This is so great. Tinted moisturizer=diet foundation. Fantastic!!

  • http://www.ofstrangersensibilities.com/ Joy Of Stranger Sensibilities

    I love that he is so knowledgeable about makeup – guess that's what happens if your mom is Stephanie Seymour! He seems really well adjusted for his age. It's cool reading about him up close and personal here after the coverage on NYTimes a while ago.

  • beautyidealist

    I say.. do what makes you feel happiest, if Harry feels best with makeup then more power to him! Harry is still young and his opinions will evolve, so I'm sure a year or two from now he'll have a different perspective on what works for him.

    When I read his list of makeup products, I had a moment where I looked at my beauty cabinet and thought "this guy is my beauty twin" - same foundation, same products from Hourglass, Armani, & Burberry. I've also been trying the Dolce&Gabanna foundation and really like it, if Harry is reading this - you should also look into the Chantecaille foundation, it is better for acne prone skin (more gentle formula, lower in silicones & potential pore cloggers).

    As a fellow acne sufferer, and proud wearer of the Accutane batch - I think with skincare, the theory less is more definitely applies. I used to load my skin with salicylic acid, benzoyl peroxide (10%!!), tazorac, suffer treatments, and take antibiotics/Accutane but looking back, it all exacerbated the situation or at best provided temporary relief. I suggest you check out this line called YULI skincare, that was created by another fellow Accutane kid who uses healing, holistic ingredients to minimize underlying causes of acne. It really worked well for me.


  • http://twitter.com/magicmolly Molly Young

    SUCH a perfect specimen.

  • alice

    This is so good! So refreshing to have a top shelf with someone who actually doesn't have perfect skin... acne is the worst and I love how he's so aware of what he's doing. And he's just right about guys wearing makeup, why not?

  • juku

    I just learned everything I've always wanted to know about the "no-makeup" look! Thank you!

  • J

    Pleasantly surprised with what he had to say during this interview. From the sounds of it, Harry and I have the same acne troubles. I totally get what he said about taking skin advice from people who don't have acne, you people literally should just keep your opinions to yourselves b/c you have no idea what you are talking about. In addition, it's humiliating being "skin scolded" by someone who couldn't even begin to imagine the amount of products/pain/money you have to go through just to get decent looking skin.

    He might be proof to those who struggle with hormonal acne to keep with my routine (which is finally working/paying off), and go for that awesome dewy skin he is flaunting when the time is appropriate.

    He looks great! Awesome advice overall!

  • Kaelani

    I didn't read the name and so I didn't realize that this was a boy until the last paragraph....He's beautiful!

  • http://twitter.com/LocalAndOpulent Lesley O.

    16?!?!? well, that explains the smooth lovely skin! That, and all of his products!

    A new post, Designer shoes at Aldo prices is up on Local & Opulent.


  • Esty Amy

    For the love of all things skin, if you have acne (and my god especially cystic acne) - please do not use a rotating cleansing brush. It's way harsh (tai). This is the craziest marketing hype that ever hyped. Even the "gentle" acne-promoted brush is too aggressive if you've got pimples. You're scraping plastic bristles across your pustules, and spreading p. acnes bacteria across your face. You may think your skin feels great, but invisible bacteria are building condos. It's not good. Go see a derm, and use a professional OTC cleanser. There are great ones out there. OK rant over and I'm stepping off my salicylic acid soapbox. I just hate seeing people fall for this pet rock crap and ruining their future skin in the process. (For the record I loved the rest of this piece.)

    • Max

      But I had cystic acne and the Clarisonic fixed my skin.

      • Steph

        I didn't have any acne and it basically gave me a year's worth of absolute hell in the form of cystic acne after using it for about 2 months. Will never use it again

        • Sabrina

          omg that's scary! There's so much contradictory information and experiences w it that I want it so bad but I want to not want it either.

          • Steph

            Honestly, if what you're doing with your skincare routine works for you now, there is no need to add in clarisonic. Learnt that the hard way.

    • Ms. Minnow

      The Clarisonic doesn't rotate, it vibrates slightly and you are meant to gently move it around your face, not scrape. It's really all in how you use it.
      And it really works by helping to cleanse your skin better so your skin is better prepped for all the other goodies you put on your skin. My skin has been fixed by cleansing simply and well and then putting correctors on that just seep into my skin.

  • http://twitter.com/bellechantelle Chantelle

    This is so applicable to my skin. Thanks for interviewing Harry. Fantastic.

  • e

    so right!

  • moira

    i loved this post, but really surprised at some of the comments - people saying men shouldn't wear makeup, or saying that he's paranoid? no, he's a 16 year old with cystic acne. i've been there, and it can be really tough. cut the kid a break, he's gorgeous and has a good sense of humor.

    also - his bathroom is heavenly, and those shoes...

  • nando

    I think I have the market cornered on MANLY makeup. It goes a little something like this: oil, cream, then Hourglass Veil or La Mer SPF. Maybe a little touche eclat in the corners of my eyes, and THAT'S IT LADIES! What do you think?

  • Karina

    Loved this article! He is so much like me. Just because you love skincare and trying new products doesn't mean you're obsessed - at least not in a negative way. Some are obsessed with collecting shoes and finding the perfect pair, some with collecting skincare and finding the perfect moisturizer. It's fun for us!

  • http://www.amberpieces.com/ Baltic amber

    Nice skin you have take juice and fruit when you free and vegetable and water is important to make live to your skin Take care of it.

  • http://www.amberpieces.com/ Baltic amber

    This is really a good combination for you and you have a nice looking skin so be careful and take care of it all time.

  • pamb

    Now I've seen it all... a 16 year old boy who uses more cosmetics than a 47 year old woman! Talk about someone with too much time (and money) on their hands!

  • http://twitter.com/MayaMesuinu Maya Marlot

    Most beautiful bathroom so far! How stunning is the set up!

  • Victorialand

    Love this boy. He knows wtf he's doing for sure. He is NOT paranoid like some people here are saying. This brings me back to my acne-ridden days when i was about 20. I went through the same struggles. And I love discerning men who care to wear some makeup - my boyfriend does. Some brow powder and undereye concealer, why not? Kudos to Into The Gloss for this cute article. It's really cool to hear about makeup and skincare from a guy's perspective.

  • tasha

    What a doll. And the shoes! I wish I'd had half that good sense at 16.

  • themerck

    This is the best top shelf of the year ! I've purchase the amore pacific diet foundation, the D&G one, the armani primer and the kate somerville exfoliator already because of this boy.
    This kind of article is exactly the reason why ITG is my favorite beauty blog !

  • beeswaxnoneofyour

    I don't think you would say that if you had cystic acne. It's not the same as regular acne at all. You get massive lumps with no heads that can be extracted, it can take weeks for them to go down, and if you get them on places like your nose or chin, you can look like you are wearing a prosthetic. As someone who suffered, there are days where you cry (and I've never been much on vanity, I wear makeup as minimally as I can) and don't want to leave the house because you physically don't look the same because of the cystic disfigurement. The only thing that can bring it down fast is a trip to the Derm to get a cortisone injection, and even then the downside is it comes back (admittedly less so then originally) about a week later. I'd have killed for 'normal' acne as a teen. Also a lot of the time cystic acne can only be 'fixed' by Accutane, and that's no guarantee. It can come back - and there are loads of side effects to Accutane in pill form, and most Derms will prescibe it twice max due to the possible risks - some won't even do that. In my case age and hormones changing mellowed it to the point where my skin is very manageable and almost good most of the time with a topical version of Accutane (no side effects bar redness if I use too much) - but it took until my 30s to get there, and yes, that was with seeing dermatologists! So saying a person shouldn't have to hide anything, it's great in theory, but cystic acne sufferers know that walking around with basically huge and distorting lumps on your face is sometimes a lot to bear and it's easier to 'think' you're hiding it somewhat with concealer.

    • thesixthbeatle

      I do have acne! I have had it since I was 13 for 20 years. And yes I wear concealer too. But my point was that people shouldnt feel they HAVE to cover it up. And the way the post above was written was as if we all should. It should be the individual's choice.

  • Sara

    audrey gelman for top shelf please!!

  • http://twitter.com/ahooves Allie

    Can we get over the "but he's a boy!" comments. Gender is a social construct, let him do what he wants to do.

  • http://www.andrewjamesblog.com/ Andrew James

    hes kind of cute! haha ...i feel bad saying that haha xx


  • Elaine R

    .... some of us girls do!

  • Elaine R

    This is one of my fave top shelf posts ever! Harry seems like a great guy. I date a guy who I had to beg to let me help with his unibrow (he was shaving it... ouch) and would never touch foundation, but I would totally date a guy who wore makeup. How is this any different that a girl doing makeup? I honestly don't get some of the negative posts here. This is a f****ing beauty site. Get over yourselves and deal with the fact that BOTH genders like to look good and that not everyone is blessed with fantastic skin.

  • http://www.facebook.com/lyz.mancini Lyz Mancini

    Who is this kid, he is amazing. Very Wes Anderson.

  • Alison Bell

    Best top shelf in a long time. I love how ITG is all about beauty in its myriad different forms as opposed to some non-existent quest for perfection. Plus this kid seems hilarious, and very clued-up.

  • Kelsey Gallant

    So I have concluded that Harry Brant is the male version of me and we should be best friends. I am so happy that Into The Gloss had a teenager on their Top Shelf. Being a 17 year old reader of this blog its refreshing to see teen acne addressed and some more effective (and dare I say luxe) solutions to a not so luxe situation.

    Also can I just say that I'm glad I'm not the only person who was looking for a way to recreate the dewy skin look, sans the oil and heavy moisturizers. My solution to it was Laura Mercier's oil free tinted moisturizer with a touch of highlighter on my cheekbones but I definetely have my eye on the Amore Pacific tinted moisturizer now.

  • America Cavaliere

    The best of them all!
    "Tinted moisturizer is diet foundation" killed it!!
    LOVE Harry Brant

  • niki

    He's adorable. He should remember, his mother is in fashion, his father is in publishing. He's not in fashion-he's a 16 year old school boy. He should lose a little brattiness. Wearing makeup- why not. Gun control is an issue- men wearing making is not.

    • Anais

      If you feel that way, why are you on a beauty site then?

  • Gaby

    I cannot stress enough how AMAZING the AmorePacific Tinted Moisturizer mentioned in this Top Shelf is. Frankly I can't believe it took this long to get a mention of it on ITG in the first place. Sephora was giving out deluxe samples of it in a variety of shades last spring and I didn't try it until summer, but WOW! Every time I used this product the girls at work would comment on how well rested, moisturized, and especially pretty I looked. Just incredible and completely worth the price. Laura Mercier is a second best, any of the formulas (oil-free is smooth and fabulous).

  • http://www.facebook.com/jimmy.rattanasouk Jimmy Rattanasouk

    BTSE! I wished I had a friend like this in high school. Someone slightly neurotic about the insecurities but still confident and waaaay cool! His comments really reflect our confusing ideas about perfection, health, and growing into self-discovery.

  • Danielle Idan

    As a woman that delt with cystic acne in her teens, I was all too familiar with the long nights and early mornings (Not to mention the tedious rituals) all to boost my confidence. Unfortunately for me, I did not have the luxury or skill to experiment with so many products until I was older. I love how confident he seems, how honest he comes off and most of all being so passionate about something at such a young age (even if it may be a little Taboo in some cultures.) You rock, you'll make it big, kid.

  • Gigi

    This kid is fuckin fabulous

  • Megan

    I would like for more men to be like you, Harry. Beautiful!!

  • valkyrja

    He has more money lying in that bathroom in the form of creams and lotions and potions than I do in... I dunno... my closet! :P wow!

  • julie

    lol @ his life


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