Dries Van Noten par Frédéric Malle

Dries Van Noten par Frédéric Malle

So yeah, cough, we may have just done the whole "it's what's inside that counts" thing, but how CHIC is the packaging for Dries Van Noten and Frédéric Malle's fragrance collaboration?! Forget the powdery-floral perfume (I mean, don't really, it's Frédéric Malle), we just want to carry the box around. Plus, have you seen Malle's elegant new website? They have a little questionnaire section to help select a signature scent. As if you needed any further proof that presentation counts.

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  • JC

    I thought this was Dries x Hermes x Byredo for a second there.

  • cw

    I wouldn't call it a 'powdery-floral', but a soft cozy sandalwood biscuit fragrance. Really lovely.