Cara Delevingne

Cara Delevingne, Stella McCartney FW 2013

It's been a seriously big year for Cara Delevingne. Scratch that: it still is a seriously big year for Cara Delevingne. She came seemingly out of nowhere a couple seasons ago, and now you can't scroll through a fashion week street-style slideshow in the world without hitting a pic of her comely crossed-eyes (stuck-out tongue, optional). This season, she's walked in what seems like maybe every show and out-walked every other model (if you feel like tallying, go for it), which is not to mention the Burberry, Chanel, H&M, Dominic Jones, DKNY, Zara, Pepe Jeans, My Crazy Scrunchie, and Blumarine campaigns she's got under her belt. Or, you know, her covers of LOVE,, Vogue UK, i-D, Russh, Jalouse, and  Vogue Italia Beauty. What we're trying to say is: girl's been busy. We caught up with the 20-year-old Brit (who BuzzFeed dubbed "the Jennifer Lawrence of models") backstage at Stella McCartney:

"I turned twenty in August. I’m old! [Laughs] I started modeling when I was nearly eighteen so I've been doing it for three years. I was modeling for at least a year or two before anything happened, before I started booking shows—I was doing Asos in London and Clark’s, little tiny jobs just to make a little money to go traveling and act and stuff. In general, I want to act and I want to do music; I don’t want to do this forever. Fuck no! [Laughs] I had a really small part in Anna Karenina. A lot of people said they were shocked when they saw me in it, and I love that.

I have the most fun at shows when I am able to just be myself, having fun, joking around, just being cheeky and myself. Usually, at shows I’m kind of acting and trying to be a certain type of woman that the designer wants. I’m actually better at being other people than myself, I think. I don’t know. Actually, that’s not true, the thing is when I’m doing this type of thing, I talk to people and the nervous energy just makes it so that I can’t stop speaking. It’s what I do in auditions; I get really scared and I just talk, talk, talk. It’s a nightmare. My friend calls me Chatty Cathy.

I literally sleep anywhere. At home in my bed, at the shows getting my makeup done, wherever. I sleep standing up. I’ve just developed narcolepsy now; it’s really weird. I definitely didn’t have it when I was younger—I always had insomnia—but now I can just kind of pass out. If I were sitting in this chair for longer, I would pass out right here. I’m so ready to go on holiday—I really want to go to the Dead Sea. But it’s been an amazing, amazing season and I’m so lucky to do the shows I’m doing. Everything is just really crazy: London was too much. Well, not too much, but so many shows. Four shows a day, and in-between all of that, getting mobbed by people... Fans are amazing, and London is where I’m from—and English kids, you know, just understand each other—so London is where I have the biggest base, I guess.

I think it’s the relationships that I’ve made [that have helped my career a lot]. Katie [Grand, editor in chief of LOVE] will hire me because we’re good friends; we work really well together. When I do shoots and when I do shows, you see me being crazy, you see me being fun, and everyone’s like, ‘How the hell can she model?’ but when I do it, I am very professional—I don’t really seem like the most professional person, but when I’m working I take it very seriously. It’s a job and it’s a part, a character. When I’m on set, I’m in that kind of mode. It’s different.

I’m tiny for runway! I’m 5’8” or 5’7”. I have no clue how I worked around it, to be honest. Still, it depends—a lot of people still tell me that I’m too short. It’s one of the biggest problems that I have to face, being too small. And whatever, they can decide that, but I don’t think height matters. I think it matters how you look in the clothes and how you pull them off."

—as told to ITG

Cara Delevingne photographed by Emily Weiss in Paris on March 4th, 2013.

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  • Oblivion

    she is beautiful!I remember her when she was a model of ASOS!!xxx

  • ClosetCravings

    She has some seriously gorgeous eyes and brows. I love that she's been dubbed "the Jennifer Lawrence of models" - that pretty much says it all.
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  • Isabel

    I can almost get it why you have to be size EU36, but I can't understand why models have to be tall, especially when the average size is 5'5". Like the clothes looks so much different on a normal person than on a tall. If a dress is to the knees on one who's 5'9" it's practically a maxi on me... And isn't models supposed give an image on how the clothes look like on a person? But yeah, that industry gives me just headache thinking about it... Love Cara, love that she's doing her thing and showing everyone wrong!

    • Ada

      I think there really should be an overhaul on the sort of models they have in general though. I am actually 5'9 - above the average height of a woman, and model height, however I am not a size two - I'm a size 8. I am very fit/healthy, but I have curves. I hardly see anyone on the runway who looks like me - racially or in terms of body type!The sooner they start showing models in various sizes (and make clothes according to the various shapes, colours, and sizes the better.

      • JC

        This whole 'models should have curves' argument/conversation is so tired. If you want to look at curves you can always look at the Lane Bryant models. That might be more your speed.

        • Jane S

          I think there's quite a difference between womanly curves (ie. Gisele, Crystal Renn) and plus-size. Your comment is rather nasty.

        • kneelbeforetigers

          What an ignorant and assy thing to say. Great, now the trolls have invaded ITG.

      • Isabel

        Honestly I don't think they will ever showcase models in various sizes, it's just too expensive. And I get that, it's cheaper to make everything in one size, but then again, can't that size be of the average person?

        Here in Sweden the size is 36, which isn't actually unhealthy, but most are around 38-40. Also the models who can walk the runway here can be as little as 170cm. Although, in rest of Europe the model size is 32-34 and height is much taller. But I wish like you, that there will come a time where models come in all shapes and sizes.

        I know I shouldn't take it personally, but sometimes I feel discriminated that because I'm not that size or that height I can't model for a big house like Chanel no matter how good I look in their clothes. Haha like there's no bigger problems in the world...

    • ZoeZoeZoe

      Designer samples are tailored differently than the clothes you buy in store, so the proportions (length, etc) of what you buy will be the same as what you see on the runway even if you're much shorter than models.

      Models are supposed to showcase the clothes in the most ideal way possible, it's not really about accurate representation.

      former model booker

      • Isabel

        Yes, I get that, but in the end it's supposed to sell to the people. It should relate to me and everyone else. I just don't see the logic and probably never will.

      • Ona_in_Barcelona

        It's funny how 'ideal' means 'like a coathanger', though. I personally find it kind of annoying how models are now soooo skinny that the clothes hang from most of them like rags. I'm not talking about using plus-size models or anything, but just going back to the bodies that the Supers had. Thin but with a little bit of muscle tone or bum or boobs or whatever.

  • Judith Geher

    " ... being too small ", I love her attitude - so good!!

  • Taryn Kelley

    Cool looking girl

  • Guest

    Very pretty girl. But she makes me want to reach for the tweezers...

  • Local & Opulent

    Cara - the brows and flawless skin are everything! She is a unique beauty and a cool girl!

    A new post is up on Local & Opulent: Paris is Always a Good Idea!

  • Aubrey Green

    I love her. She reminds me of my younger sister.

  • Rachel Tindall

    Awesome! Every time I come across another photo of her I tell my husband 'See! She's everywhere!' Love her!

    To Hell In A Handbag

  • kat

    do eyebrow implants exist? plugs for eyebrows? can you look into this, Emily? I'd be first in line, asking for The Cara Delevigne.

    • Jacqueline

      You can use Latisse "off label" for your eyebrows. It works!!!

      • kat

        will it darken the skin around my brows? I know that it's said to do that to your eyelids...

    • Dani

      Yes they exist! I have looked into it myself. Its in the 2k-5k range depending on how much hair is taken from the doner area! Make sure you choose your Dr wisely though...

  • Amy


  • edna

    where is her necklace from ?? so cool!

    • Charlotte

      Pretty sure its Jennifer Fisher!

  • Michelle

    Love Cara! Serious brow envy :)

  • CFH

    Who was she in Anna Karenina? I loved seeing Lady Mary in that.

  • Paulina

    She is not a classic beauty and it counts. I recommend a new collection of Polish brand Reserved where Cara takes part now: :) she looks just great here!

  • Jordan

    Great post! I definitely didn't know she was in Anna Karenina! She's been around for a few seasons, but I'm glad she's getting some well-deserved coverage. And size matters in fashion because if the clothes don't drape well on a figure, they're displayed poorly & then it's all for naught. That's why there's runway to display craftsmanship & RTW for everyday use. I'm fat & I still think this applies. This is why designing clothes is an art & this is also why designers can handpick specific models based on their faces/physique depending on the look they're going for in a particular season. I do think there's a wide variety of race/ethnicity displayed on the runways; perhaps some users in the comments below aren't looking in the right spots. And not every person of every ethnicity aspires to be a model. Many countries today who are otherwise considered firstworld nations impose strict cultural bans on their citizens that could impair people with such aspirations from reaching their dreams (ie China, Korea - although South Korea is an up-and-coming fashion capital in its own right - portions of Laos, and much of the Middle East). This post could go on, but I think I've made my point :)

    - Jordan

    • Sparklymcsparkles

      Where should people look for diversity on runway (which is not just 1-2 token non-white models)? I understand where you're coming from, but that statement is patently wrong.

      • Jordan

        Examples of successful non-white models (male & female) who currently represent a culturally diverse fashion scene & who have walked in shows for some of fashion's most respected/talented designers: Liu Wen, Amanda Nassali, Ming Xi, Fernando Cabral, Lee Hye Jung, Jourdan Dunn, Soo Joo Park, Francisco Lachowski, Alek Wek. The list could go on & on.

  • Blou

    I expected a beauty post! :( I saved this to read in bed... I think I could have read his on any other site and that's not why I come to itg

  • Linet

    I'm dying to get a topshelf of her!!!

  • Janine

    I meant to ask: Any chance of interviewing sister Poppy? I love her style. Thanks ITG!

  • Chi

    Please, please, please can you feature all members of South Korean groups 2NE1 and EXO? I'm really curious about their gorgeous skin! Add Lee Hi in. Thank you.

  • Tam Kozman

    Seriously, hope Cara gets a chance to see a sleep medicine professional; with effective treatment, quality of life for people with narcolepsy (if she has it) can *greatly* improve. Would love to see her be awake to enjoy her wonderful life! :-)

  • ann

    Beautiful Cara <3

  • Reality

    Modeling agencies tend to bluff heights, Cara is listed at nearly 5'9 1/2 by hers and she is actually 5'7 and change or so. Ave US woman is about 5'4, UK is 5'3 1/2. Maybe the people, or you, are doing the conversion from cm to inches incorrectly and not taking into account those measurements are "self-reported" heights, not measured heights as they are in the US and UK, since the ave height for women in those countries are not what you posted. I mean actual heights, not what people claim, always vary. The 5'10 and 6'0 is for men in those countries and may or may not be valid. To explain, in the US the ave male is just over 5'9 measured, self reported heights the ave is 5'11. Just trying to make a point.