By Terry Hyaluronic Sheer Rouge Hydra-Balm


So, it’s officially—as of March 20th—Spring (!!!), and you know what that means (/Do you know what that means? Because it snowed in NYC yesterday, and hasn’t been above 40-something degrees in a week, so feel free to tell us what that means)? We’re ready for some kicky springtime beauty.

Terry de Gunzburg has that in spades with her new By Terry Hyaluronic Sheer Rouge Hydra Balms, glossy, meltingly good lipsticks in an array of rosy colors that aren't too out-there for the transitional season. They moisturize and smooth your lips, and include UV protection (cue: ‘Yessss!’ here) plus “new generation Hyaluronic Acid Lip+ filler spheres,” which aim to settle into lip lines and creases, adding plumpness, volume, and shine. While we're not certain that hyaluronic acid will have any lasting effect when applied topically (as opposed to injected into the lip, which is how it's commonly used by plastic surgeons right now), we still love the Hydra Balms: the texture is thinner and lighter than your average lipstick, but a single sweep still gives you the the same sort of color consistency. (FYI, Dare to Bare is a great, warm peony shade, close enough to nude but with a pinkish, rubbed luster). And, like the name indicates, they glide on like a balm as opposed to a sticky lip gloss, meaning your hair will not adhere itself to your lip, which—taking these windy days into consideration—is a plus and a half. Also: the colors are just pretty. Isn't that what Spring is all about? (It's been awhile, so we're kind of guessing here.)

By Terry Hyaluronic Sheer Rouge Hydra Balm in 'Dare to Bare,' photographed by Elizabeth Brockway.

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  • Shirin

    Oooooo! Glad I saw this! I'm looking for a colour like this for my brother's wedding. Going to high tail it to the shops this morning to try it out :)

  • Somebody from Somewhere
  • Lauren Ashley

    lovely - i'm really feeling the just bitten color pop for spring. This is a beautiful option.

  • Amysbeautyjournal

    This looks beautiful, it reminds me of the revlon lip butters! xxx

    Amy |

  • md

    hyaluronic acid absolutely has a topical effect - i definitely see a different when i use face moisturizers with it (e.g. vichy aqualia thermal) -- but they don't solve every problem and are definitely not as effective as injections!

  • cosmeholic

    I want to know the color that model used. I already bought 'dare to bare' but it was very different color with color of photo.

  • hellestorm

    I agree with cosmeholic. I bought dare to bare and it's not what's pictured. But I love the shade and the product is truly amazing!

  • Class Versus Sass

    The color she is wearing is not dare to bare, what is it ?

    • Souk Morocco

      it s baby bloom

      • Class Versus Sass



By Terry Hyaluronic Sheer Rouge-Hydra Balm Lipstick