Bed Head Queen for a Day Thickening Spray


Packaging, by all accounts, shouldn't matter—books by their covers, and all that—but there are exceptions to the rule (Tatcha's Gentle Rice Enzyme Polishing Powder, for example, comes in an elegant jar with a salt-box style dispenser, so that the product never gets wet inside the jar: brilliant). Plus, hairspray is hairspray, so the color and sheen and heft of the bottle shouldn't matter, right? But on the shelf and in the cart and in our hand, well, Bed Head/ TIGI's Superstar Queen For A Day just did not appeal. The bottle is large and unwieldy and sort of slopes in at the top like a linebacker’s neck with no shoulders, and it's a particular shade of pink-tinged violet likely popular among Demi Lovato's fan base. And fair enough, the bottle warns “YOU MUST HAVE A SENSE OF HUMOR TO USE OUR PRODUCTS,” (we do, we swear we do!) so maybe it’s a sort of self-fulfilling branding prophecy thing… And yet?

Maybe we want to “Feel like a queen, look like a Superstar [Registered Trademark Sign]!!” too!

Rising hairstyling star James Pecis told us it was one of his hero products for getting body at the crown of the head, pre-killer braids. His word means a lot. We decided to try it out, and sprayed a good cloud of it into towel-dried roots (thankfully it smelled less tween-bait-y than it looked, though there is a definite fruity fragrance), before blow-drying and doing our usual styling thing. And? A significant, immediate increase in both body and fullness, with no sticky, product-heavy results—which, we suppose, is both quasi-regal (here's to looking at you, ‘Waity Katie’) and appealing to “superstars,” and we’ve got to say, it’s nice to get a lift some days. File this under: Use Often (and maybe store inside your bathroom cabinet).

Photos by Elizabeth Brockway.

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  • Audrey

    Getting extra volums is great, but for the thick-haired among us, are there any products/tricks for reducing body?

    • Natalie Lane

      Paul Mitchell Awapuhi line is fantastic for straightening! but your best best is to see a stylist and have your hair properly texturized.. it will save you a ton of time, effort and product...

    • Kattttt

      Shampoo! The right one. I've just changed mine from one I loved, but can't get anymore, to one that is also good - but leaves me looking wonky and very, very haired at the top. My two previous ones that didn't do this (I have no luck w. accessibility) were completely sulphate free, the new one uses coco sulphate, so maybe that is the key? Be Save! Nourishing Shampoo is one - it is very good, but made by french incompetents (try finding it, you'll see - but if you can, try it!). Another very good one, as well as cheap, and accessible if you don't live where I live, is Logona Essential Care Shampoo, with Nettles. Both make my hair not look like a wig.


    Perfect! I've been obsessed with roller sets lately and I need something like this.

  • Gauri

    ITG, I ♥ this spay.

  • Kay

    Bed Head products are actually great, but the packaging is absolutely atrocious. Another Ah-mazing Bed Head product is the "Small Talk" thickening cream. It's honestly comparable to the much more expensive Living Proof thickening cream. I started using it in place of Bumble & Bumble texture. It's way more touchable and soft, less like glue, and it gives amazing body and texture. Needless to say, however, I keep it under the sick. The bottle is an obscene purple & green with CARTOONS on it.

    • Nina

      Uh, I'm intrigued now. If it's like B&b Texture but without the gluey crunch, then maybe I should try it out. Even though the Bed Head names and bottles REALLY turns me off. Does it work with air drying too?

      • Kay

        I've used the "small talk" cream for air drying and it adds a nice grip to hair. With blow drying I get a ton of touchable volume. I have shoulder-length fine layered hair and bangs, but I never use it on my bangs. Only turn off is the grape candy smell.

      • Sabrina

        There's also Garnier Surf Hair, it's a cream and it's amazing for that touchable texture. I cannot live w/o it!!

  • Lana Nasser

    I'm so antsy about using even MORE products in my hair. I'm worried I'll ruin it! But I have heard great things about this.

  • Local & Opulent

    I must try this! I am obsessed with trying to make my hair look thicker!

    A new post on ways to actually wear spring runway trends in real life is up on Local & Opulent.

  • Taryn Kelley

    Just used it for the first time today! Definitely see the difference on my thin, fine strands!

  • MJ

    Bed Head makes good products. The Urban Antidote line is AMAZING.

  • Avigail

    ITG, how does this compare to the Oribe texture spray you guys love? I would love to find a slightly more affordable alternative, but not compromise too much on the quality.

  • yachar


  • pytinpty

    I love Bedhead!!!!!!!


TIGI Bed Head Superstar Queen For A Day