Baby Pictures of Ryan Gosling


BREAKING NEWS: Ryan Gosling is hot.

Just kidding, that news is old (though not yet stale). The super hunk/babe/dreamboat/fox/catch or whatever-you-call-him has a new movie coming out on Friday from his Blue Valentine director Derek Cianfrance, co-starring his current lady love, Eva Mendes: The Place Beyond The PinesHe plays Luke, a motorcycle stunt driver (if we learned anything from Drive, it was that Ryan Gosling looks good behind the dangerous wheel of a moving vehicle) who begins robbing banks in order to support his baby and baby-mama. We're thinking the chances of Gosling looking like a bonafide hottie are overwhelmingly high, even despite his weird bleached-blond hair and bizarre almost-tear-drop face tattoo.

We're pausing this love fest to show you a brief  video throwback of Ryan giving us a tour of his hometown:

Now back to the post:

Though we were all ready to plunk down $15 for any excuse to watch our main squeeze, The Place Beyond the Pines now seems all the better since images of him holding a baby made it onto our computer screens [see slide 1]. And while we've all enjoyed the Ryan lists out there—whether it be 'Hey Girl,' 'Feminist Ryan Gosling,' the bevy of Buzzfeed articles, or the recent great Vulture slideshow demonstrating Ryan's affinity for carrying objects—we felt like there was a serious lack of baby pics on the 'net. So, without further ado, please enjoy our slideshow of Young Gosling, before he was breaking hearts on a global scale, instead sticking to those of The New Mickey Mouse Club crowd (see below video).

P.S. FUN FACT ALERT! Ryan became besties with fellow cast member Justin Timberlake (hence the several photos of them together), lived with him for a few months during filming, and even had Justin's mom as his legal guardian during filming, since Ryan's own mother had to return to Canada.

P.P.S. FUN FACT ALERT #2! Ryan was originally asked to be a member of Backstreet Boys. Though we are more than pleased with the BSBoys we know and love, it could have been nice to see Ryan popping, locking, and serenading us well into his twenties. But, "If you're a bird, I'm a bird!" in The Notebook (and the greatest 'Best Kiss' acceptance "speech" to ever happen) makes up for this loss.

P.P.P.S. Watch below as Ryan Gosling and his sister perform in a local talent show. Between these three videos, we think it is clear that Ryan needs to start a music career. Maybe he can call up his old pal JT and collaborate.

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  • thesixthbeatle

    Those videos are priceless!

  • Heather Smith

    (fangirl here -- he *did* have a musical career, briefly. Band named "Dead man's bones." Sort of a "Zombie concept album" done with Rachel McAdams' sister's boyfriend and -- sigh -- kids choirs. Think Arcade Fire meets elementary school talent show. catchy as all get out.......)

  • kate

    he already has a music career!'s_Bones

  • Style x Venus

    so cute! Very inspiring to see his work pay off.

  • Ada

    I've loved him ever since he was on Breaker High. YES he's come a long way and I never knew he'd be so hot today!

  • The Now

    The linen pajama suits in the second video are phenomenal!!

  • Maria

    Up next, baby pictures of Leo Dicaprio!

  • sorthed

    Ihh I like:)

  • Guest
  • Lucy Apted
  • Lera

    He looks just like my dad, of course I like him! :-)

  • Paulina

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