Aesop Parsley Seed Anti-Oxidant Hydrator


Regardless of how you feel about this whole "matte" thing, nobody wants to be an oil slick. Plus, there’s nothing worse than a surplus of moisturizer beading up on your face, which becomes more of an issue as temperatures climb. Really, how gross does it feel to finish your whole moisturizing routine and leave the house, only to begin sweating out what you just put on? But! That’s no reason to skimp or skip out in the hydration department. (We love moisturizer. Moisturizer loves you. Protect your face!) Well, here comes Aesop’s Parsley Seed Anti-Oxidant Hydrator to the rescue. It's a milky, herbal/bergamot-scented fluid (infused with vitamin B, various botanicals, and essential oils) with an “is it even on?”-light texture that absorbs in a flash and lasts all day for a happy, pleasantly...hydrated glow (rather than sheen). Just the ticket?

Pick up the Parsley Seed Anti-Oxidant Hydrator here

Photos by Elizabeth Brockway.

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  • Sarah Abdelhalim

    Any idea where I can find Aesop products in Canada?

    • Laura

      You can always order it online and they ship to Canada

    • md

      in Toronto, Oliver Spencer

  • Marta E

    Need to try products from this brand!



  • clueless

    Can this replace my moisturizer? Do I spray this before or after makeup routine?

    • Tanya

      Yes, unless you have extremely dry skin. I do and I layer it on top of serums/gels. It is not a spray, it is a pump which dispenses a good amount of the liquid and definitely BEFORE makeup. It is a lightweight milky moisturizer that hydrates a lot and has antioxidant protection.

  • Jennifer Monforton

    Ah, this sounds heavenly! Perfect for my combo/oily, almost-30-year-old skin during the warmer months. (Actually, I will be 30 by the summertime, yikes!). Will have to check this one out :)


    • Tanya

      It would be great for your dry areas or at nighttime, but I think for the summer the Parsley Seed Anti-Oxidant Serum would be better for combination/oily skin - depending on the humidity of the climate you live in.

  • Somebody from Somewhere
  • Ruby Feneley

    This sounds a lot like their oil-free facial hydrating serum that i was using for a while. I really enjoyed the sensation but unfortunately i find a lot of the citrus elements in Aesop products irritate my sensitive skin and leave me with weird redness. I've since been using REN T-Zone Balancing Day Fluid which works well although doesnt absorb as fast.

    • Tanya

      It is a lot more hydrating that the oil-free serum, with a similar "weight." I have extremely sensitive acne-prone skin and I find it actually calming. The willowherb extract in it (from which aspirin and salicylic acid are made from) is actually calming and combats acne while hydrating the skin and giving antioxidant protection the whole line offers.

    • Tanya

      You possibly also benefit from the B Triple C Balancing Gel, from the Hydrate + range. It is a similar texture (aloe vera) as the Oil-free Facial Hydrating Serum, but it has stabilized Vit B and C for antioxidant protection and vitamin nourishment for the skin. Will not aggravate skin like some Vitamin C products do.

  • jess

    i went to buy this - the aesop consultant actually told me it causes pimples and is oily after a few hours - so i did not....tryed and few samples instead and yes it caused pimples and oilyness - NOT HAPPY grrr

    • Tanya

      I am an Aesop consultant and I have been using this product daily on my dry, acne-prone, sensitive skin since a week before the product came out with excellent results and no oilyness. The product is for all skin types except oily, in which case you can benefit more from the below Oil-Free Facial Hydrating Serum which is aloe vera based and much better for oily skin. I use underneath the Hydrator if my face feels 'hot' or irritated. The product DOES NOT make you break out or make you oily. If it did this to you it is likely because of a specific sensitivity or having oily skin, for which the product isn't apt. Extremely sensitive skin might also be the cause.

  • Lana Nasser

    ..So is this applied before makeup, sans moisturizer? Like Urban Decay's "All Nighter"? -Or is it a replacement for a moisturizer?

    • Tanya

      It is a replacement for a moisturizer. Depending on your skin type you could benefit from another layer underneath and depending on the climate/season.

  • Lana Nasser

    Also... is this a great product for oily skin? Breakouts?

    • Tanya

      Not for oily skin, but won't cause breakouts if you want to try it out to see if it works anyways. Stop by an Aesop store and ask for samples of it. It could work as a nighttime moisturizer. I have acne-prone skin and no breakouts at all.

      • Lana Nasser

        Thank you so much!!

  • Poodlestalkers

    I love aesop! Especially their Parsley Seed range, their oil cleanser is to die for!!! xxx

  • Lucy Apted

    Matte is the way forward.

  • ni ni

    Didn't really work for me

  • Amanda

    Is this good for pigmentation