Siddhartha’s Breath Spray


Remember Siddhartha? Diane Kendal's right-hand woman and occasional Proenza hair-muse? Well we'll be damned if we didn't catch her packing the best (smelling) idea backstage at Reed Krakoff: a bright little bottle of Spray de Ricqlès, France's answer to Binaca, nestled amongst the brushes and lipstick tubes. (Fun fact: the Ricqlès brand was founded in 1838 as a medicinal-beverage company, and they now make peppermint-flavored sodas with the slogan 'Le glouglou qui fait glagla,' which apparently means 'drinking it gives you the shivers.' Related: don't drink your breath spray.)

Useful when you're getting up in models' grills all day, Sid explained, "The bottle says 'Les idées fraîche en Spray!'" And while 1838 doesn't make it a particularly 'fresh' idea, we have to say, her breath smelled great. (Plus, it gave us flashbacks to the '90s breath-spray craze, and this terrifying video.) Also, it's sort of like how, when someone has really great breath, it automatically makes you self-conscious about your own? We were desperate to get our hands on some; it looks so much cooler in a purse than a pack of Trident—or Mentos, if you want to get really '90s with it.

"I just like how it looks so old-school," Sid said. "I got it at that discount pharmacy, CityPharma, in Paris... I just saw it and I thought, 'I have to have that in my makeup bag.'" A considerate and charming beauty wizard? We love you, Sid.

Pick up Spray de Ricqlès here.

Siddhartha Bekers photographed by Emily Weiss backstage at Reed Krakoff's Fall 2013 show on February 13th, 2013.

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  • CFH

    hers was my favorite ever "The Face." I went right out and bought and her nail polish and always, always get compliments on it.

  • gongy gongs

    I will try it!

    love, Gongy

  • Win

    More Sidd, please. She's adorable!

  • Miss Edgeley

    I am traumatised by that kissing video!

  • Deprise Brazel

    Oh my goodness that video. Also, I just popped some Altoids.