Sam McKnight’s “Fendi Fun FoxFur Fauxhawks!”


Sam McKnight seriously brought it at Fendi this morning. The master coiffure-ier (we're particularly fond of the "Get The Look" section of his website) shot us his personal iPhone pics hours after today's show, with a glimpse into his process. And in a season (so far) of not much besides '90s sleek and Kate Moss "festival hair," this may just be the most out-of-the-box creation yet...and quite possibly our favorite.

Dear ITG,

Fendi Fun Foxfur Fauwhawks! I did the single braid on top of the head to show Karl [Lagerfeld] at the fitting yesterday, he loved it, and gave me some fox fur pieces to play with. We pinned them to the top of the braid, giving a huge "Mohawk" silhouette. Then they were dyed multicoloured and sprayed with hairspray. 41 gorgeous girls, 3 hours, and 25 assistant was all it took!


Photographed by Sam McKnight backstage at the fall 2013 Fendi show in Milan on February 21st, 2012.

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  • Kassandra Fairhall

    very different

  • Jess

    Fur? I love you but not cool, ITG...


      Who's up for a knockoff challenge?!

    • Kind Choice

      Agreed. When you know how fur is made and where it comes from, it's really a lot less pretty.