Rodarte Fall 2013


Chloe Nørgaard (ONE Model Management): My hair? I just change it a lot. Right now it's like fire. I just have fun with it—it's like painting, but on your head. The yellow is Manic Panic, the orange is some weird brand, and the red is Beyond The Zone. I just go to the beauty supply store and pick the colors I like, I don't care about the brands. I did the Nicole Miller show, and then right after that, I got booked exclusively for this [Rodarte]. I think it was because of my hair—they were like, "We needed this! We needed your hair!" I guess it looks good with some of the lighter clothes. So, after today I'm not doing any more shows in New York, but then I'm off to London and Milan.

James Kaliardos (Nars): We're inspired by a beachy look. [Kate and Laura Mulleavy] wanted it to look like the girls had been on a humid, cold, grey beach. There's no wet skin or anything like that, it's just the Luminous Moisture Cream and this new Radiant Cream Foundation [available in the U.S. in August], some Sex Appeal blush, nothing on the eyelid, and we're brushing the brows up with the Brow Gel [new for fall 2013, also available in August]. It's just this sexy look, a cool look: you're on the beach and your makeup's maybe falling off and you look sort of good you know what I mean? We're putting the Single Eye Shadows in Coconut GroveBengali and Fez and dusting them towards the brow bone and the crease with a smudgy brush, being precise towards the top and then smudgy and smokey at the bottom. Then, we've used one of the new Eye Paints to dot beneath the eye, as if your mascara was falling down under your eye, because of the humidity.... And the lips are just this nude Matte Pencil, Belle De Jour. It's difficult to create a look that looks accidental, especially for a show, because you have to exaggerate it. If you love the way a girl looks with her makeup really like this, and if you tried it yourself, it could just look over-the-top.

Odile Gilbert (John Frieda): There's a certain muse in mind, a rock 'n roll princess: Kate Moss, of course. Of course, Kate Moss! The British, they're always edgy. We're using John Frieda Frizz-Ease Curl Reviver Mousse to get the texture of the hair because we want a cool wave. We wet the hair, apply the mousse, and then blow dry it and curl loosely. Then, we brush those out to make them loose and create two braids to encircle the back of the head, which connect with the little roses—those are made out of the models' own hair, and a straight braid comes down from that. And we finish with John Frieda Frizz-Ease Hairspray. Not everybody's getting the headband, the barbed-wire crown.

Tracylee (Sally Hansen): We're doing mixed-metal ombré French nail tips on a nude nail. The Rodarte sisters knew exactly what they wanted on the nails, and the metals came into play because of the the mixed metals in the accessories in the collection. I love mixing metals; I've been doing it forever. The Sally Hansen and Rodarte collection is coming out in September. I love Gold Roses, a rose-gold color, and there are some great shades called Platinum Star and Stocking Nude. There are some other ones that might also come out—a gold, a silver, a black—but we don't know just yet.

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  • hannah

    oh.. oh my god. chloe's hair is what dreams are made of. rodarte is blowing my mind, as usual. AMAZING shots!

    X H

  • C

    Gorgeous photos!

  • Lauren Ashley

    I love Rodarte - oh so romantic with a nice sharp edge.

  • Marta E

    So interesting to get to know the make up, their designs are amazing!



  • Amy Arisse

    didn't know dyed hair could look so good!

    xx Amy.

  • Bonnie Clyde
  • fairytalesandcoffee

    that hair totally is worth an exclusive. limeade yellow

  • Jen

    Love the braids and waves. So romantic! :)


  • Liz Malay

    So easy! Felt very romantic chic wearing it.


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