Prabal Gurung Fall 2013


Backstage at Prabal, we were feeling the ruddy, natural flushed cheeks and glowing eyes that Charlotte Tilbury had whipped up from a combo of MAC palettes and a Paint Stick (in Deep Brown, around the eye). Maybe it was just because our cheeks were flushed, our eyes were glowing (from the chill/wind/other photographers' flashbulbs), and that the hair Paul Hanlon was doing almost matched our own 'hat head.' The hairstylist created rough, disheveled buns with a few shakes of of Schwarzkopf Dust It Mattifying Powder and some Elastic hairspray, avoiding anything “fussy or glamorous” in favor of, well, “I don’t want to say dreadlocks,” Hanlon grinned, “but textured, weathered hair...It’s like she’s just kind of whacked her hair back in a band.” So, she’s got better things to do, essentially. “Yes, it should look like she’s been running, almost—very subtle,” he nodded, demonstrating how he'd sprayed and blow-dried the hair back, for a windswept effect. The result? A chic version of the just-back-from-the-gym bun.

Hanne Gaby photographed by Emily Weiss at St. John's Center in New York on February 9th, 2013.

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  • Janine Wanderlust

    Haby Gaby looks kinda old