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NY Fashion Week Lip Diary: Day 3

Alessandra Codinha in Giorgio Armani Lip Maestro

Wait! Hold on: before you get all "are you wearing a sweatshirt during fashion week?" let me remind you, it's cold out there. Very cold. Snow seeping into my combat boots, swaddled-in-enough-layers-to-make-the-Michelin-man-feel-petite, shuffling through the half-frozen puddles on the street cold. Plus, it's Sunday. Sunday is my day for lying in bed and reading the paper and making lists of things to do next week while waiting until an appropriate hour to drink warm alcoholic beverages. And yet! Here we are. Not even the latest Snowmaggedon scare can hold down NYFW: I've got places to go (that'd be the Y3 show, produced by my genius friend Etienne Russo of Villa Eugenie, followed by an early-evening screening of a pal's new film, and a smattering of parties after that) people to see, models to peer at, backstages to navigate, you get the picture. The point being, it's a little hard to get it up for the street strutting scene, and so I'm doing my best to make the whole sweatshirt-and-blue-jeans combo look more pulled together than I feel. Praise be (hallelujah!) to Giorgio Armani for the vivid, game-changing Lip Maestro, which I've called upon today to deliver a serious wallop of deep wine/berry color (in #201). It's got that burgundy tint I was l-o-v-i-n-g on Daria back in September, and makes my casual look seem somewhat intentional (...right?). At least I know I've got the lower-half of my face sorted out.

—Alessandra Codinha

Alessandra, wearing Giorgio Armani Lip Maestro in #201 and a 194t sweatshirt, photographed in New York on February 10th, 2013. This series is sponsored by Giorgio Armani.

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  • http://lerablogs.blogspot.com/ Lera

    this is gorgeous - the lips, the eyes, the hair, and the sweatshirt. I like it a lot!

  • Pixel_Queen

    Holy crap you're gorgeous!!! Who CARES what you're wearing? With that face, it could be a bag from J C Penney's and no one would notice.

    • Isabel

      Alessandra, you remind me so much of Marnie from Girls

  • http://nomadic-d.blogspot.com/ Nomadic D.

    Looks to me like you've got your entire face sorted out. Scratch that, you've got the whole thing sorted out. I love your sweatshirt actually (is it sort of shrunken? Who makes it?), and I love the makeup and the casual pony tail. So chic without trying too hard!


    • ITGAlessandra

      Thank you!! That makes me feel better about the whole thing. The sweatshirt is sort of shrunken (or at the least quite fitted) and one of my favorite things probably ever: it's by 194T (http://www.194tclothing.com/). Check out their Spring 2012 lookbook, shot on ITG fave Ondria Hardin by my dear friend and total rockstar photog Jenna Elizabeth. xx

  • Sophie Brewster

    love it all, especially your hair! :)

  • http://twitter.com/Maisweetlove_DA Dilek Asanoska

    I like it. I always believe that with the right make-up/accessories even the most basic pieces can look chic. :)

  • Di Delgado

    Are you wearing the Lip Maestro alone? No gloss or lip pencil? The color is so beautiful and looks fantastic on you!

    • ITGAlessandra

      Yes! Just the lip maestro. (And thank you! I'm thinking about keeping it going for a few days at this rate...!) It goes on really perfectly smooth and glossy and you can blot it to keep it matte or just sort of wear it wet. It's kind of dreamy... x

  • http://www.facebook.com/sofia.valanci Sofia Valanci

    Looking beautiful Alessandra!!

  • fairytalesandcoffee

    there ain't nothing wrong with wearing a sweatshirt or hoody in this weather. I was out in koreatown for some pastries and we ended up closing up the shop and it was a whole new level of cold out there that I had only previously remembered experiencing in Montreal - it is no joke.

  • Lori Santos

    I came looking for you in a red lip. Gorgeous, as usual, Thanks for the payoff! Also, that sweatshirt is pretty great..

  • MariaDejanova

    Wow ! So so pretty :) And your hair looks also amazing !!

    xoxo Maria

    Visit my blog: http://dejiss.blogspot.com

  • Ona_in_Barcelona

    Wow, that colour REALLY suits you! Rachel Weisz wore this at the Golden Globes as a barely-there stain, it looked incredible. I'm starting to want this more and more!

  • StephNY

    What blush/eye would you reco for this kind of lip? You look minimal, but polished.

  • Sandra

    Beautiful Allesandra! I love beautiful, natural girls. The shade is perfect! Amazing!

  • Oblivion

    YOu are very beautiful!!


  • Samira

    what foundation are you wearing?

  • Aya

    Holy shit balls you're gorgeous.


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