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NY Fashion Week Lip Diary: The Conclusion


Well, guys, what a long, lovely (and occasionally strange) trip it’s been these past seven days of New York Fashion Week; forget rose-tinted glasses, we've been navigating the shows through various red lip hues from our friends at Giorgio Armani. And now, drumroll please, the results are in! Our faves rose to the (creamy, matte, featherlight) top of the heap. For Alessandra, it's a tie between #201’s velvety burgundy and #503's pop of warm fuschia; for Emily, the true-red eye-grabber of #400, and for Nick (our dark horse in the game), that'd be the punchy brick-toned #402. Above all, we'd like to think that what we've really learned is how truly clutch a bold lip is (Snowmaggedon be damned), and how utterly look-making a swipe of red can be in a pinch. Thankfully, to our relief and yours, that pinch is over (at least in New York): fashion week is taking off for London, Paris, and Milan, and we've got a surprise for you! Three surprises! Click the link below for a chance to win one of three full sets of the Armani Lip Maestro range (that means you get to mix and match to your heart's content). Be bold, be colorful, get lippy. We promise, you won't regret it. But if you still need that extra push, listen to Melissa Coker's sage advice, and "just do it!"

Click here to enter our Armani Lip Maestro giveaway!

This series is sponsored by Giorgio Armani.

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  • Lavang

    I love the matte shade in #500! The perfect soft rosé color.

  • Shirin

    YES!!! I loved the lip hues and was wondering how can I get my hands on it from Australia! Definitely entering the contest. Thanks so much ITG Team!! :)

    • Kattttt

      As far as I can tell, it is ONLY open to 'legal residents of the 50 U.S. & D.C.', as is (so annoyingly) often the case.

      • Ona_in_Barcelona


      • Shirin

        Noooooooooooo! :(

  • Jasmine

    If I won this, I would literally die.

  • Paulina

    I have to grab one of these perfect-shade Lip Maestros!!!


  • lyd

    nick looks great!!!!

  • Pixel_Queen

    I'll pass on the contest (the rules scare me a little) but I'm inspired. Since Armani and L'Oreal have the same parent company, I'm going to look for similar shades at a better price. Maybe one day I'll find my perfect orange, after all. In any case, I think this series is a great example of how blogs should do the dreaded sponsored posts. I didn't mind it at all!

  • Marina

    Sad for being an outsidder. Think armani should start selling his makes at Brasil asap

  • http://nikipaniki.com Niki Torres

    I love that velvety burgundy on Alessandra.


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