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Nicoletta Santoro, International Fashion Director at Large, Vogue China


"Yes, I am good friends with [Rochas Creative Director] Marco [Zanini]. We are both Italian, and we have known each other a long time...but I didn't know I was the inspiration for the [Fall 2013 show] hair! What do I do to my hair? I wash it and let it dry, right out of the shower. This is the way I do it all the time; I have never wanted it straight. When I first moved to New York, I felt uncomfortable about having curly hair. I tried two times to straighten it and my husband [photographer Max Vadukul] and my kids were laughing at me. So, I failed. And I just stayed the way I am. For shampoo, I am very simple: I use all of Neutrogena’s products, and I also use the Phyto Plage After-Sun Moisturizing Styling Gel or Spray to protect my hair if I have been in the sun. And, well, obviously, I dye my hair. Only the roots, just because you need to keep some secrets! To keep it soft, I use the Phyto cream usually. In terms of my beauty, in general, I take care of myself but I don’t force the nature of things. I try to prevent instead of regret. [Laughs]"

—as told to ITG

Nicoletta Santoro photographed by Emily Weiss at the Rochas Fall 2013 show in Paris on February 27th, 2013.

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  • Rachel LC

    Love Phyto products. The Phytojoba shampoo has brought my hair back to life while I've been growing it out.

  • Jasmine

    she is very beautiful.

  • Jen

    She's lovely! A perfect example of how accepting yourself and your own unique look (instead of fighting it) makes you totally beautiful.


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