Michelle Williams is a Karma Chameleon


Why does Michelle Williams’ Willy Vanderperre-lensed AnOther Magazine cover feel so right on? Maybe it’s the collegiate sweatshirt and jeans topped with a veiled-hat/red-lip combo (which might be a nod to her role as Glenda the Good Witch in the upcoming Oz: The Great and Powerful). Or maybe it’s the hair-and-makeup magic of Gucci Westman and Jimmy Paul on the inside pages, where Williams channels everyone from an Upper East Side '50s socialite to Andy Warhol’s Candy Darling. That red lip is killer, and, naturally, we had to find out how to get it. Gucci explained via e-mail that she used Revlon’s Super Lustrous lipstick in Certainly Red and topped it off with a slick of Ultimate Suede lipstick in Couture "to make it more punchy [kiss-emoji’s here].”

As for Williams' various 'dos, Paul “definitely rolled up with a lot of bags of hair and a lot of assistants,” he told us on the phone this morning, noting that the peroxide-blond, pink-tinged wig was one he’d been “working on for awhile,” while the tighter-set dark wig reminded him of a young Isabella Rosselini. “Michelle has beautiful, beautiful hair and a very cute haircut,” he said, so for the shots where her natural hair was used, it didn't need much. “I use Bumble and Bumble’s Thickening Spray a lot, and I kind of overuse it," he added. "I really soaks the hair with it, and that enables the hair to have a tremendous amount of hold and flexibiltiy and changeability" for the subsequent blow-out and top-up with Bumble and Bumble Styling Creme. "That’s my secret weapon and those two products are sort of my recipe.”

For the more boy-ish look (hello overalls, want to enter our Gloffice poll?), Paul blew-out the hair to make it "a little straighter, a little bit River Phoneix or Kurt Cobain texture.” (Fun fact: Paul actually did River Phoneix’s hair once; feel free to join us in swooning in unison.) “To get this very healthy boy hair, I add a little touch of the cream, because I always think that boys probably don’t wash their hair every day, so you want to give it that day-old, dirty, natural look...you know, maybe they're just off a skateboard.”

As for Michelle’s transformative prowess in front of the camera, well, we knew she had it down when it came to filmmaking, but still photography is something else. “The amazing thing, the most extraordinary thing about the whole experience, really, is that it’s so rare to have an actress be willing to play around like that,” Paul told us. “That’s the big difference to me. When you’re working with a model, that’s their job, that’s what they do. And they come and they say, ‘Okay, I'm going to be a part of the team.’ But with an actress, you’re working with another element—all of a sudden it’s like there’s another force, another boss. They’re not quite a team player, usually—if that makes sense—and I am by no means trying to sound anti-actress, but if I’m working with an actress, it’s a very, very, very different day than when I’m working with a model. The amazing thing [with the AnOther shoot] was that Michelle was completely the opposite. She was absolutely willing to experiment and play and try a million different wigs and get into the characters and I think she sort of—not to speak for her, of course—but that she approached it like she was acting."

We don’t know about you, but we might be seriously falling for the Good Witch.

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  • Jessica Thornton

    LOVE this so much! Thanks for posting!!!!

  • Jen

    Wow, Gucci Westman did such an amazing job with this shoot- the makeup is so stunning. And Michelle Williams is such a lovely subject (mega girl crush)- she really is so versatile! Like her especially at both extremes of this shoot- looking polished and masculine in the overalls and then super vampy with the dramatic lips and eyes. Thanks for sharing! :)



  • Jaq Fonte

    That feather in the ear and two braids look?

    Verrrrry Wednesday Addams, if I might add.

    • Nicole

      Exactly my thoughts!

  • claribel

    I absolutely adore this girl!!

  • http://www.ofstrangersensibilities.com/ Joy Of Stranger Sensibilities

    I just saw this on another site and thought it was amazing. Thanks so much for breaking it down for me.

  • http://www.kmakesithappen.blogspot.ca/ Kassandra Fairhall

    she looks georg

  • Lust Covet Desire

    She is so good and lovely..


  • JC

    Errr...Sofia Coppola and Michelle Williams comparison? Let's not get carried away here. Sofia is in a league of her own.

    • Janine

      Ha ha! I love it. Not exactly but on the same wavelength. Maybe I was thinking of the Spike Jonze connection. :)

  • Bonnie Clyde

    Fantastic editorial!!

  • Sandra

    Love Michele as an actress, and as a person. Love her simplicity, and her intelligence. She is beautiful as well. I saw all of her movies, and I think she is amazing. By the way, she loves poetry, and collects poetry book. Very unusual among people nowadays. Yes, I really love Michele.

  • Kelli

    Really love these photos. Every single one is amazing. Michelle Williams has such talent and range- so intelligent, so down-to-earth, so real. She is so unlike the many hordes of plastic, over-stylized, overdone, over-everything starlets. Love that about her.

  • AMT

    Although I also like Michelle Williams and think the hair/makeup here is (mostly) fantastic, the Native American shot is insensitive, plain and simple. For more on that, here's a good resource: http://mycultureisnotatrend.tumblr.com/

  • Lola

    River 'Phoneix'? Really? Come on ITG...

  • www.recollectionvintage.com

    looove her in low-key denim! next time i head to the salon i must remember to ask for kurt cobain texture.....

  • http://twitter.com/MagDesigning Magazine Designing

    Great photography. Michelle is really a chameleon. Cover is nice also. Clean and simple, the photography speaks for it self.