Linda Evangelista’s Lived-in Boyish Crop


While on a brief jaunt to London last weekend, Emily swept through the Juergen Teller show at the ICA, lovably entitled "Woo!" (if you're in London, it's open until March 17th—go!), and was stopped in her tracks by a pair of portraits of Linda Evangelista in Teller's "Reading Room." With some minor sleuthing (or, you know, extensive Google-ing), we found out the shots are from Interview's November 1993 issue (DeNiro covered, and his demeanor for the interview was purportedly "sphinxlike," if you're wondering, which is reporter-speak for "difficult"). This is a cool fact, but mostly we're just loving that choppy, multi-toned, almost-mushroom-cut boyish hair that Jimmy Paul was telling us about yesterday. Evangelista is a serious glamazon, and there's something so...major about seeing her play rough-and-tumble in NYC's Thompson Square Park (we're guessing, but doesn't it look like it?). It's got our scissor fingers itching. Is that so wrong?

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  • Kittymakesup

    I had this haircut from aged 8-12 glad to know I was in fact channeling the Evangelista!

  • Janine

    There will never be another Linda Evangelista. I wish designers would start a "supermodel" trend again. Speak of gorgeous, aspirational.

  • Nomadic D.

    Cute! I've been itching for scissors ever since your spread on Langly Fox Hemmingway, and I just went and had it chopped. And my god, it is short! Not LInda short, but much much shorter than I was prepared to see. And bangs! I'm still getting used to it, but regardless of whether or not I like it in the end, there's something so thrilling about making a big change. And this does seem like the year of the haircut, doesn't it? You guys are such an endless source of inspiration for those of us who get the urge...

  • Lesley O.

    I love short hair on women! It's so chic - but having had it, a lot of work at times!

    My review on London Fashion Week is up on Local & Opulent.


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